Why do you need a pillow for sex, and how to use it?

Why do you need a pillow for sex, and how to use it?.

Why do you need a pillow for sex, and how to use it?

Most of the sexual poses can be done better by putting a roller under the body. It will change the angle of penetration, the number of pleasant sensations will increase. You can use a regular pillow for sleeping, but the use of a special device will be more convenient.

Why are ordinary pillows not suitable

Using a conventional sleep pillow has 5 nuances that reduce its convenience for use in sex:

  1. There is no sufficient hardness. It is not convenient to use as a support, there is no way to sit as I would like. Sometimes, to realize the plan, a large number of pillows are needed.
  2. Has no desired height. Raising the pelvis 30-50 cm above the level of the bed with ordinary pillows is hard. They are remembered under the weight of the body, and the height becomes smaller.
  3. Shifting in the process. The simple pillow will not be possible to fix it so that it does not move on the surface. The use of several pillows will also not give a result – They will be separated.
  4. There are no special mounts. It is impossible to tie a partner to a regular pillow, and most special accessories have fasteners to embody the most passionate fantasies.
  5. It is difficult to clean. Change bedding if different discharge (sweat, sperm) came to it during sex, easily easily. Cleaning the pillow, its drying, will take a lot of time and time.

The best solution will be a special pillow for sex. It will help adjust the height, the level of inclination. And your favorite poses will bring many new and vivid sensations

Why do you need a pillow for sex, and how to use it?

Advantages of pillows for sex

Today’s accessories for love experiments are very diverse. Pillows for sex are found in different shapes, the most popular among them in the form of a triangle and roller. What pluses are there in their use?

  • Does not change its shape. The surface does not fall with a large weight (100-150 kg), so you do not need to look for compromises when choosing the desired stimulation.
  • Waterproof fabric, easy to care. Usually on the pillow of 2 covers: one inside is waterproof, outside – ordinary. They are easily removed, can be washed in a typewriter. The use of additional pillowcases is not necessary.
  • Velvety coating. The surface of the pillow is made of high -quality material, which will give a pleasant sensation of the most sensitive skin. A very important point – The fabric does not slip.

Why do you need a pillow for sex, and how to use it?

How to use a love pillow

Each couple uses accessories for sex as they like. But basically they are diluted by their favorite poses to improve them. How can you use a triangular pillow?

Classical pose. The pillow is located under the buttocks of the partner. Changing the angle of inclination occurs by turning the accessory, it can be increased or reduced. It is more convenient for a man to make movements, the crotch is more accessible for penetration. In this case, stimulating the walls of the vagina occurs, which brings more pleasant sensations.

  • Oral sex. The pillow helps to enjoy the process longer, since the neck does not flow. You can arrange a pillow as it is convenient for both – under the head or torso.
  • Woman on Top. In this position, the pillow should be placed under the back of the man who sits on the floor. He can press a woman to himself, caress her body. This contributes to a more complete contact.
  • The man is behind. The pillow is placed under the hips of a woman, so she lies on her stomach, and does not stand the knees. Such a pose will bring new feelings due to widely divorced legs.

Almost any poses can be diversified using a pillow for sex as a supplement. With its help, new sensations will appear, and the load on the body will decrease.

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