When your girlfriend is bad in sex ..

When your girlfriend is bad in sex …

When your girlfriend is bad in sex ..

Oh, these women! They are able to be offended by the most innocent words even when the guy did not want to offend anyone in his thoughts. But what to do if the partner is really imperfect in sex? How to say about it so as not to provoke quarrels? And what measures to take to rectify the situation?

If a girl bite during a blowjob

She stands in front of you on her knees and caresses your «fighter». You are excited and ready to plunge into a new sexual adventure, but try to take all measures, if only the partner did not start making a blowjob, because you know that her sharp teeth will go through your cock like blades of a razor.

Say «Follow your teeth!» or «My dignity is so large that it does not fit in your mouth» – This is the right path to resentment. Don’t say anything. Just ask your partner to grab your barrel with two palms so that only the head remains open. In this position, the chance that you will be hooked with your teeth in the process is minimal.

Spare option – it is a blowjob into a game. Take whipped cream or edible lubricant and ask your partner to lick the sweet coating from your member with the condition that you will tell her what and how to do – lick, suck, move more slowly, etc.D.

When your girlfriend is bad in sex ..

If a girl – «log»

You try your best to give her pleasure, and she just lies, occasionally squeezing out meals «Aaaa». At the same time, the partner claims that in sex everything suits her, and that she does not want to change anything.

If your girlfriend is in bed – lazy person, then act as follows: turn on the rhythmic music louder, which you like to have sex. During intercourse in the missionary position, without leaving the partner, hug her tightly and turn over on your back. The girl will be from above;make frictions, and then ask the partner to move to the pose of the rider. And in this pose she will have to move!

However, the stiffness of your girlfriend in sex can be due not only to her laziness or natural shyness, but also by psychological problems or inexperience in love. In this case, your partner needs to learn to feel his female attractiveness. You can help the girl in this by writing her for training «Expand your sexuality» on which she will be taught to be seductive and talk about various faces of intimate life.

If the girl is hairy

She loves naturalness in everything – Her breasts and buttocks are very appetizing and without silicone. But in an intimate place, she has not just a natural hairline, but real jungle, to break through which you can hardly. How to make a girl remove vegetation?

Just promise her cunnilingus if she makes her pussy perfectly smooth. Just certainly keep your promise! And if you are not yet ready to demonstrate your skill in oral affection, urgently sign up for training «The taste of love»!

You can also give the girl erotic linen, preferably translucent or very open. Your partner herself will see that in frank thongs she does not look very aesthetically pleasing (and not sexy at all!) due to excess hair, and will remove vegetation on its own initiative.

If the girl smells unpleasant

It seems that she herself does not notice anything, but to say that she is damped from her later, like a man after the gym is inconvenient. But this smell does not allow you to completely focus on sex and have fun…

In this case, invite the girl before sex to accept joint water procedures. Offer to wash each other: so you will be sure that you have not missed a single sweaty or dirty site on its body. Try to use not ordinary soap, but a shower gel with aphrodisiacs. You will not even notice how washing will go to the prelude, and then – In hot sex in the bathroom.

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