What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual

What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual.

What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual

Hearing the word “kamasutra”, everyone has their own ideas in the head, but one way or another they are all connected with sex. Interesting poses for intimacy, which, rather resemble acrobatic exercises, help to diversify the relationship of partners. From their fulfillment you can get unrealistic pleasure for both a man and a woman.

Surely everyone has heard that the “Kamasutra” is called the Bible of Love. Created long before our era, written on Sanskrit during ancient India. Who leafed through the modern images described in this book, knows that there are only 64 of them. Each of the presented poses has no double. All positions of the treatise are unique, they do not have repeated images and instructions. A book that sensually describes the emotional kama helps today to find their purpose in relations with a partner.

What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual

Undoubtedly, wanting to find the most interesting poses for sex, you should look at the Kamasutra. Any position described in it can cause unearthly bliss, allowing to stimulate many erogenous areas of the body. Among the enormous variety of body positions, the implementation of most of which does not need special physical form of partners, there are those who fell in love with modern guys and girls.

The rider has become a long time in various variations, but the most effective for a woman achieved quick orgasm, a pose with such a technique of execution is considered:

  1. A man should sit on a chair without relying on his elbows. Partner’s legs on the floor.
  2. A woman sitting on top of her back to her face, starting with unhurried frictions “Up and down”. Thanks to such an interesting pose that is present in many photos, in the duration of sex there will be no equal to the man – the “rider” slows down the onset of ejaculation.
  3. The prelude in this position can be very long and sophisticated. The female rider remains the main one, the man is the driven.

The advantage of this pose is that the partner can partially hide the true state of affairs with his figure from a man. Sagging stomach and sides will be able to hide, turning his back.

The most unusual and convenient pose for deep penetration

The many top 5 most interesting poses for sex necessarily include a “spoons” pose in their list. The technique of performing this position is unusually simple. Sexual action occurs in the position of lying on the side, the man is located behind. It is advisable for the girl to bend her legs in her knees. The position is ideal for “lazy” sex, when on weekends in the morning I don’t really want to get up from under a warm blanket. To achieve orgasm in this position is quite problematic to both partners. Meanwhile, the position is ideal for enjoying the process itself.

An equally interesting pose during sex, but suitable exclusively for slender young girls, is a “swing”. All the charms of a partner’s figures are visually accessible to a man in her, she is the following:

  1. The guy sits down, stretching his legs in front.
  2. The lady sits down on top and overturning as much as possible back, practically laying on her partner’s feet.
  3. To achieve stability, the girl is better to lean on her arms.
  4. Friction is made by the guy, slowly lifting and lowering his legs.

What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual

This position is not suitable for excessive people, because it requires sufficient flexibility from the young lady. Gymnasts and dancers will cope with the task perfectly, and girls without physical preparation will not hurt to warm up before sexual intercourse.

One of the most beloved and cool poses for sex is “Doggi-Steel”: its interesting name is familiar to absolutely everyone. To fulfill the position is simple: the woman becomes in the knee-elbow position, the man is attached from behind and begins to make careful, progressive frictions. The leading performer here is the representative of the stronger sex. Despite the simplicity and depth of penetration, women should remember that you need to have sex in this position on a soft surface. If the passion was taken by surprise right on the floor, it is better to choose another pose. After the Doggi-Stayl, knees and elbows can hurt.

Pose for extraordinary bright sex and instant orgasm

Among the unusual, but from that no less interesting poses for sex, it is worth noting the Propeller. To perform this position, decent physical preparation and endurance of a man will be required. Technically performing the Propeller is not difficult: the girl should lie on the stomach, rising in her arms. At this time, the partner wraps her over her legs.

To enhance the sensations and make the penetration of the penis deeper, you should tightly wrap the guy by the waist with his feet. The main role belongs to the guy. He performs all movements, controlling the speed of the process and the angle of penetration. The advantage of this universal position, suitable for both vaginal and anal contact, is the achievement of a woman of quick orgasm.

Many partners cannot decide to try the famous and, of course, the most interesting pose for sex 69. More suitable position for bilateral oral contact will not be possible to find. The man lies on his back, the girl fits on him in such a way as to caress his cock, and he is her clitoris. So partners give each other simultaneous pleasure.

Today, many interesting poses for sex are popular today. Guess what positions we are talking about, it is possible according to the technique of execution. For example, when a woman turns her back to the partner and bends the body at a right angle, and he actively begins progressive frictions from the back, such a pose is called the “wolf”. By the way, it is often considered a variety of “doggie-old”. But unlike the above, the “wolf” is suitable for quick sex outside the house. You can fulfill the position in the bathroom or other small visit.

What pose for sex from the most interesting and unusual

Turn on imagination and try new interesting poses for sex should both man and woman. A variety of intimate life is a guarantee of stable and happy relationships in a couple.

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