What is he – perfect sex? The opinion of real people | Personal experience

What is he – perfect sex? The opinion of real people.

What is he – perfect sex? The opinion of real people | Personal experience
There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to make sex better, or how to become an ideal lover or mistress. But it is one thing when something was written by a journalist and quite another if a living person says about it based on his personal experience. We gathered the opinion of several people about ideal, in their opinion, sex.

Intimate environment

For good sex you need Correct mood. In the morning breakfast to bed, kisses, gentle words. It is also necessary to make sure that no one and nothing distracts from the process itself.

Nikolai, 34 years old:

“My wife and I have two children, you yourself understand that there is no question about being for a long time. But we found a way out: sometimes on the weekend we give young animals to grandparents and devote these days only to each other. We have breakfast right in bed. We have been trying to do things since last evening, so that nothing else distracts from each other. Only making love and communication … For us it is perfect!”


Sex is quickly It is difficult to call something special. Another thing is if partners bring each other for a long time to passion, caress, examine erogenous zones. That is, the process of intercourse itself is important, but the preparation.

Tanya, 24 years old:

“I just love when the guy and I kiss for a long time and excite each other. This can happen very tenderly and more passionately, it all depends on our mood. I really like to stroke his broad shoulders, I like it when he whispers in my ear all tenderness. I feel like the heroine of the film – everything is so beautiful and sensual.”


You can’t be a hypocrite in sex. It is important to be open for experiments, try New ways of excitement, games. Do not hesitate to say if something doesn’t like something or, conversely, brings pleasure.What is he – perfect sex? The opinion of real people | Personal experience
Konstantin, 28 years old:

“I am perfect for me, when the girl is not shy about anything and is ready to try something new. My mistress loves her body very much and always glad to demonstrate it to me. Can even dance striptease. Sometimes we play role -playing games, even extreme sex tried. But, at the same time, she can always say if something does not like, and I do not have to portray a psychic who reads thoughts.”

The perfect time

It is habitual to believe that evening and night is a time for love pleasures, in fact it is not. Scientists proved that the most The best time to do sex – This is an early morning, when the level of female hormones is the highest, which makes the sensations much brighter. The man also completely rested at this time and full of strength.

Ekaterina, 37 years old:

“My spouse and I really love to have sex in the morning. Often there is often no strength in the evening, we still work both, we get tired. Even a special desire and no. But in the morning we break off. True, you have to get up earlier in order to have time and attach, and get ready for work, but it’s worth it. After such an awakening, a good mood for the whole day is secured. And I have long noticed that it was in the morning that I feel much stronger.”

Sex toys

In the modern world, now few people will surprise vibrator in the box under the bed. The sex industry does not stand still, every year it is ready to offer new, improved gadgets. So why not take this opportunity?What is he – perfect sex? The opinion of real people | Personal experience
Olya, 41 years:

“At the time of my youth, it was very difficult to buy a vibrator, and why it was a young girl, as I thought. But with age she began to understand that sex becomes monotonous and boring. And the sensitivity was a little dulled. Looking for new sensations, I turned to sex-tovars. Never regretted. I already have a whole collection of all sorts of necessary things that help make sex unforgettable.”

Right person

Still, the most important thing in relations between sexual partners is attraction. Both at the physical level and on the spiritual. A person in love perceives intimacy much more acute than if he simply had sympathy. With loved ones every time Sex will be perfect.

Maxim, 24 years old:

“I love her smell, I like how she moves, how she looks at me. I guess I’m just in love and it’s great. She even angers charmingly, so funny wrinkles her nose at the same time. Every time we make love, it is love, to name the language does not rotate, I just in the seventh heaven with happiness.”

How many people, so many opinions. From perfect sex, everyone is waiting for something of their own, special. The main thing is to find mutual understanding and compromise. Sex is not a routine, but just one of the ways to show your feelings, and to make it better, sometimes you need to work on yourself. Otherwise, if you do not enjoy simple joys, will it be bored to live?

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