What is a steam locomotive in sex

What is a steam locomotive in sex.

A steam locomotive in sex is a form of group intercourse in which in a passive partner the back is an active one, and in this one in turn, another. The number of active partners can be different, penetration is both genital and genital-anal. Standing or lying on the side is performed. That’s what a train is in sex.

The very name of the posture occurred by analogy with the real train, the only difference is that not the leading tractor drags the entire process, but rather a closing carriage.

The fact is that the first in an intimate steam locomotive is really passive in every sense. He is an exclusively receiving party that does not perform any action.

What is a train in sex WMW

The most traditional and usual form of this pose is practiced in pairs that decided to diversify their sex life by inviting a girl playing the role of a third. There are many options for performing, it all depends on the orientation of the man.

If he is heterosexual, then a strapon will be required, with which one girl will enter the second. And it is already a man in it. Girls can change among themselves.

If he is a bisexual, then you can’t do without a strap -on, but the man is located between girls who can also change in this variation. From a passive, the first girl can turn into an active move back.

What is a train in sex MWM

If instead of a girl the couple decided to invite a guy, then the train is also available to them too. And here again everything depends on the orientation of men.

One absolutely definitely should allow anal sex in his direction. It is located first, a girl with a strap -on, and behind her is already a second man.

If both guys are not against the experiment or are bisexuals, then more variations. It can be a MMZh, MWM or zhmm steam locomotive. If your husband wants to try with a man, then it is worth discussing the idea with this, unusual pose.

Other options

In lesbian group sex, a steam locomotive will require at least two strapons and then ZHZH will become affordable for implementation. In MMM strapons are not needed, the main desire.

But it is surprising that these are not all available formats. The fact is that the number of partners in the steam locomotive is not limited by anyone.

There should not be three participants. Everything is possible with five and six lovers of unusual intercourse.

Disadvantages of a steam locomotive in sex

It is worth noting that this pose is not too popular. Even in pairs regularly practicing threesome, they often choose double penetration than a steam locomotive.

First, to achieve orgasm to all participants is almost impossible. Someone one will finish faster than the rest and become a weak link. Someone will remain the last in the barely working mechanism and they will simply forget about his pleasure.

Secondly, someone will initially not fit into the beat. This is not so simple, because you need not only to keep a given rhythm, but also not to fall into a dispensary with other participants.

In this regard, it is easier for all, it is simply the receiving party without obligations to the rest.  But the second and third should somehow find a single melody

Well, thirdly in this position, everyone has different liability and degree of satisfaction. The first is exclusively accepts, the latter exclusively issues.

The one who in the middle receives everything and at once. Either to constantly change roles, or to agree for a long time and decide who is suitable for which place is suitable.

There is a pose and it is usually used as an experiment. There are hardly lovers who practice it on an ongoing basis and see in it something special. Interesting, exciting, unusual, but definitely not cool.

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