What is a hard irrumation in sex

What is a hard irrumation in sex.

Hard Iromation in sex is one of the forms of satisfaction of a man by contact with his genital organ. Mostly carried out by the mouth of a partner. Principle – active shocks with a member in a woman’s oral cavity, a kind of hard blowjob in which a man himself plays an active role.

Hard touches with your lover’s body are acceptable. Purpose – male dominance and orgasm. But let’s try to figure out in more detail what irrumation is and how to do it correctly.

What is irremacy? Translation

Translated from Latin, irrumation – achieving sexual pleasure by irritation of the penis with an mouth or body. It is considered a variety of oral sex, but this is not entirely.

A man is able to experience an orgasm with active shocks, for example, between the legs, arms or chest of a partner. But the greatest peak of pleasure is achieved precisely with oral satisfaction.

In Latin, there are words of Rumma, which translates as a nipple. It is assumed that the literal translation of the word irrumation sounds like sucking.

However, in practice, there are not so many sucking movements during this action, as a rule, these are precisely shocks.

Moreover, irrumation in the BDSM implies the use of not only the mouth of the receiving partner, but also the vagina, as well as the anus. Wherever there are harsh shocks with a member in the body of a partner, we use the word irrumation.

Irrumation without penetration

One of the forms of safe sex, since the member does not penetrate the vagina of a woman, which prevents the risk of infection with STD. In this case, you can get the sensations more pleasant.

Contact with the female body is preferred. A man makes active shocks the genitals on the body of a partner. Especially acute sensations in the movements of the penis between the buttocks and the chest.

Another option for irrumation without penetration is the contact of a member with female lips. A man actively caresses a woman’s lips, but does not introduce the penis into the mouth.

Important! When irrumation without internal penetration, it is recommended to use a lubricant to avoid rubbing a member.

Hard Irumation with penetration

Hard irremacy with internal penetration lies in the aggressive jerking movements of the penis in the mouth and sip of a partner, or vagina and anus.

This form of sex allows a man to completely control the process, since only he dominates, determines at his discretion the power of frictions and the duration of the act.

Hard Irumation with internal penetration – one of the forms of BDSM, hard sex. The partner is obliged to obey, without the ability to resist. A kind of violent act that many men are eager to try.

Advice! For full dominance of a man, it is recommended to tie the hands of a partner. A woman will become inactive, obliged to endure, obey and limp accept a partner member. Handcuffs for sex are ideal, which will deprive the hands of mobility and do not cause injuries.


Iromation is mistaken for ordinary oral sex. Difference – hard shocks of a penis in the mouth that a man performs.

With oral sex, the main initiative is behind a woman who brings a man to orgasm with soft, affectionate movements of his mouth and tongue.

Iromation with internal penetration can be made more rude, tough and painful for a partner (compared to classic oral caresses).

The bottom line is not only a member is deeply included in a woman. The partner introduces testicles. The peak of dominance is to make a woman take the whole scrotum in her mouth. This practice is also called “tea bag”.

Another difference from classical oral sex is the pose. It can be performed in any position of lovers. During irrumation, a woman should lie on her back with her head overturning.

In this position, a man is more comfortable to make hard frictions. In addition, such a pose allows the member to enter the member as deep as possible.

You can use a different position when a girl is kneeling in front of a man, he committing frictions holds her partner’s head and controls her attempts to deviate.

It is important that the girl does not use her hands. To limit mobility, you can use handcuffs for sex or a special rope for binding.

What is this practice attracts to men

Iromation – the complete dominance of a man over a woman. During classical sexual intercourse, the partner is not able to completely subjugate his partner.

Iromation allows a man to assert himself, feel the main. Iromation is considered one of the forms of BDSM – humiliation and absolute power.

Important! Before irriation with internal penetration, it is necessary to obtain a partner’s consent to sexual torture.

It is recommended to use a special spray for a deep blowjob, which will allow you to make deeper shocks in the mouth of a partner, and in turn she, in turn, reduce vomiting reflexes and focus on the pleasure of a man.

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