Types of sex you don’t even know about | Practices

Types of sex you don’t even know about.

Types of sex you don’t even know about | Practices
Some people are convinced that intimacy is an ordinary and monotonous action, and sometimes boring and fresh. This is not true. Sex is multifaceted, bright and amazing. For a variety of intimate relationships, an incredible number of poses, erotic toys, places for intimacy were invented. And there are many types of sex that you do not know about. You will be surprised to learn how much new and curious, it is fraught with this occupation. Perhaps something will interest you, give you the opportunity to replenish your erotic piggy bank, will make it possible to surprise your partner with pleasant impressions.

Sex without penetration

Imagine, but similar in intimate relationships is possible. This is called para thank. He can give incredible sensations and pleasure more than a full -fledged act. In addition, such proximity is convenient, I really want to eat, but there is no suitable place for caresses. Intimate relationships without penetration refers:

  • Oral sex.
  • Masturbation.
  • Petting.

They can be practiced at the same time or every time trying a new variety of parasexes.

Manual sex

This is the satisfaction of the erotic needs of a man with the help of a girl. Many guys like to diversify close relationships with a woman with such caresses. A partner to give pleasure to delicate hands is very simple. The main thing is to understand what movements, pace, and pressure force deliver maximum bliss to a man. Manual pleasure is not only a type of sex, but also a healing procedure. Penis massage occurs, blood begins to circulate well, its sensitivity increases. Now they even conduct master classes, teach how to do the massage of a member, efficiently and skillfully.Types of sex you don’t even know about | Practices

Intrafemoral sex

One of the varieties of vaginal intercourse. The penis rubs between tightly closed female hips. This type of sex can be done not only in front, but also while being behind. Sensations and impressions of intimacy are delightful. Sometimes a man can smoothly go to labiamazhoric sex, that is, he begins to rub a member between the big labia of the partner. The main thing is not to enter into a full -fledged sexual vaginal sexual intercourse. These are already completely different sensations.

Mammological sex

A great alternative to standard. There is a penis between the female breasts, which moves in a certain intensity. Lush forms of young ladies are suitable for pleasure, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. The man will be in indescribable delight.

Gluteal sex

This type of intimacy implies the movement of a member between the girl’s buttocks. This has nothing to do with anal sex, but it is a great opportunity to prepare for these unusual relations. Additional lubrication will not be superfluous.

Interpedal sex

Very unusual intimate relationships. In this case, the penis is located between the feet of a woman. Partners must agree who will take on an active role. The girl can make movements with her feet or a man – a basin. Unusual proximity will diversify relationships.

Auricular sex

A member is placed behind the ear of the partner and frictions are leisurely performed. In this case, you can still wrap your hair on the barrel or head, thereby increasing the experiences. The palm can be pressed in the ear so that the space is narrower. This type of sex does not always lead to orgasm, but can be ideal for prelude. And the woman will like him too, because caresses are adored not only by animals behind the ear.Types of sex you don’t even know about | Practices

Vertebral sex

This proximity is somewhat reminiscent of riding on an uneven road. The female spine acts in her role. This sex is also complicated and labor, but brings an unforgettable sensation to a man. He rubs a member of her back. Really brings pleasure only with thin women.

Virtual sex

He is close to most and well. The essence of proximity is to arouse a partner at a distance. Here you can use not only a phone or computer for correspondence, video or conversations, but also toys that work remotely from various modern devices. Such a variety of sexual proximity is suitable for spouses, one of whom went on a business trip;lovers at a distance;just for pleasure, continuing a virtual dating.

Twisting sex

This is sex under the knee. The girl bends the leg, and the man places the penis in the place of fold. For full contact, lubrication will be required. Fighting the leg will allow you to regulate the compression force. Only a man can be active in this copulation. Now you know how to diversify the usual and long -bored monotonous sex. Present your partner a surprise, especially when relations have become cool. This will help make an intimate life more vivid and saturated with pleasant moments and impressions.

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