Trumpling in sex – what are these types and methods

Sprinking as a type of sexual games.

The variety of sexual life today is full of all colors. There are many techniques and types of sexual classes, one of the popular ones – spring.

Trumpling in sex – what are these types and methods

What is a springboard?

Many could see such a format of sexual games, however, they do not know exactly what tough fencing is.  He became a consequence of the BDSM of culture and means the stomping of one partner to another. The relationship, as we see, is direct. The BDSM has a clear division into the role: dominant and subordinating. When stomping, the same thing: there are those who are trampled and there is an action that performs this action. For sex junction of photos immediately it is clear who plays what role.

Trumpling in sex – what are these types and methods

Trumpling is only one of the subspecies of the BDSM of the BDSM, which, it is worth noting, has gained great popularity over the past ten years. There may be different factors causal:

  • Departure from liability – followers of these drives are often business people in senior positions. They are constantly under pressure and are of a lot of responsibility. And now the subordinate role in intima helps them drop this burden. Just relax and do not solve anything;
  • The desire for power is the opposite situation here when a person wants to compensate for the lack of power in everyday life;
  • Causing or obtaining pain – some psychological disorders are already present here. A person simply enjoys receiving or applying pain. True, do not think that the picture will be terrible. There is no place for frank violence that can lead to death. Just partners enjoy, getting easy injuries, which lead to an erection;
  • Diversity is an ordinary attempt to diversify your personal life. Especially if you use only one pose with delicate caresses in bed.

In general, we answer the question of what Trampling is in sex – this is the usual stomp that can occur not only on the body, but also on the face of the partner. Facial trampling is also very common and has a lot of fans. You can do this in or without shoes. Here everything will depend on the desire of the partner himself.

Features of the springboard:

  • If you are only a beginner, then here you need to follow the precautions. Footstracking can be dangerous and harm the partner, so you need to advance carefully and at first to hold the support;
  • Initially, it is better to do it barefoot or in shoes with a soft sole;
  • The subordinate must lie with a stomach on a solid surface in order to avoid additional injuries;
  • If you are in shoes, then walk on the face less. It often happens that the heel slides and gets into the eye.

Types of springboard

In the springboard there is a subordinate in the role of which the man and dominant (mistress) most often acts as a woman. Trampling can occur both in shoes and barefoot. There may also be different efforts, the main thing is that both partners experience not only physical, but also psychological pleasure.

Trumpling in sex – what are these types and methods

Two types of springboard are distinguished:

  1. Soft. There is a soft trampling barefoot here. To some extent, this type of springboard can be compared with footftysh, since the partner in this case enjoys touching the female feet of his body. In this format, to give the right fraction of the acuteness, you can apply such a BDSM-direction as faciting.
  2. Hard circuit. It is carried out when a woman in shoes. Particular preference is given to boots at high and acute stilettos. Madam stubbornly and strongly steps on various parts of the body of a man, even on genitals, and he enjoys this. There is a kind of similarity to Sado-Mazo, when a woman is excited from the fact that she is dominant, and a man from humiliation and punishment.

However, during the springboard it is necessary to be neat, since it can be very dangerous. If the pressure is carried out on the front of the body, that is, the chest, stomach, it is better that the man lay down on the floor or other hard surface. Stepping on the back can be carried out on the bed. The main thing in both of these cases. P.), since the loss of balance of a woman can lead to an injury of both partners.

The dominant role in the springboard usually belongs to women. This action takes place in order to humiliate your partner, take it into your submission.

As for walking around the face, it is better not to do it, the slave may get a concussion or injury.

Trumpling in sex – what are these types and methods

Spring in sex can still be divided depending on the dominant, that is, they are a woman or man. In these cases, stomping may vary slightly.

Domination of a woman:

  • “Madam” can step on her partner completely, especially if she has a slender body;
  • Heels can be done when a man is on the floor, and a woman is on the couch. Then she can completely control her trampling and will accurately avoid unpleasant injuries;
  • If a man is only a beginner in this matter, then you can start with the margin of the back with your feet;
  • A woman can use heels and other shoes.

Men’s dominance:

  • Despite the fact that men rarely act in this type of BDSM “master”, there are girls whom this starts;
  • A man cannot step on a woman with all weight, as this will lead to problems. The pressure occurs only in part;
  • The same technique is suitable here when the man is on the couch, and the woman lies on the floor. He can completely control the power of pressing;
  • Some combine trampling with another footfty – licking and masturbation foot. Only before stimulating the girl’s vagina, put a condom on the finger of the legs so as not to bring a fungus or other infection.

The consequences of the springboard

The most dangerous consequences of the rigid format of this hobby:

  • breaking the navel, which will entail prolonged treatment;
  • fracture of the sink of the ear;
  • You can break the chest, and this is fraught with death;
  • trauma to the lips and faces;
  • A sharp heel can cut an eyebrow and skin;
  • If you plow the heel into the mouth, then you can harm the oral cavity;
  • it is possible to cripple eyes;
  • nasal fracture;
  • Excessive pressing a special point that is behind the ear is able to lead to death, so the trampling of the face must only be carried out with full readiness to be careful.

Trucking in sex is one of the ways to achieve pleasure by humiliation and dominance, however, it is necessary to be careful here so as not to cripple or end death.

Trucking video:

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