The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations

The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations.

The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “with us Friendly sex without obligation“Or” We have frivolous relationships, just sex “? Is sex of friendship real, or is it an excuse of those partners in such a pair who wants to translate communication into another plane through the bed? Yes, relations without obligations are now popular now – the promiscuity is steering, as they say. Although it seems to most people all the same that this kind of communication between a man and a woman carries a hidden self -welfare of at least one of the partners.

To go into the reasons why a man and a woman decide on a similar step, and start free, not binding relations to anything, makes no sense. For some, this is convenient and comfortable, it seems to others that such an intimate connection is the last thread connecting with the object of love. In any case, even starting sex dating without obligations is a personal file of everyone. Agreeing to this type of intimate relationship, both the man and the woman are well aware that in this case they most likely not have a chance to create a family. And yet, history is full of examples with a happy ending where sex without obligation turned into a fairy tale.

The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations

What is friendship sex and how it attracts men and women

Friendly sex without obligations is attractive to both sexes: for someone he is a way to have sex and not invest in the relationship either financially or emotionally, for others acts as a rescue circle, for which an unhappy and unrequited person is held-let only sex-let only sex, but at least so nourish the connection.

Friendly sex involves sexual relations without obligations to each other and in the complete absence of any emotional connections. People are “friends” and “communicate” mainly with crotch. Moreover, without complaints in terms of the presence of other “friends” and “friends”. There are no plans for the future and requests for free time. This is almost a non -aggression pact or a contract with the employer.

As practice shows, 80% of men from all surveyed people prefer to be in a friendly manner with periodic access to female delights. Women are noticeably lagging behind, because they agree to such connections only with intent and mostly try to manipulate at a convenient case. Only a few of our ladies acquired light customs-after all, the centuries-old foundations are still strong.

If you believe statistics, most of the population are opponents of free relations, but then what fans of free love are guided by then?

The pluses of friendly sex

Let’s take a look at the problem through the prism of those very men and women who believe that friendly sex happens and has the right to exist.

  • Easy access to the body. When everything is negotiated with you that no one owes nothing to anyone, many problems disappear by themselves, there is a pleasant pastime and a lot of sex! When you want and how much you want!
  • Diversity. Today you fuck Masha, tomorrow, Lena, then Rita – and all these girls are “friends” with you, not asking anything in return and at the same time delivering a ton of various emotions and sensations. Without any troubles, you satisfy lust in the most variable forms. Women also have: one makes a cool cooney, the other indulges in neat anal, the third amazes in size and thickness.
  • There is no brain removal. No questioning and complaints, resentment and dissatisfied physiognomy!
  • Constant relations require material investments, and serious. On “Girlfriends” Less spending – enough beer at the disco and packs of condoms so that it does not fly. If older people, of course, are increasing, but this cannot be compared with the purchase of rings, panties, shoes and fur coats for the one with whom serious plans.
  • If you look at it through the eyes of women, then they are very It is profitable to have different “friends”. One pays a movie, the other is a restaurant, the third will throw on the shoes to have further access to the body without brainwashing. Married “squads” are ready to fork out more serious, so that everything remains a lumpy.
  • There is no mental investment in a partner either. You, in fact, by figure on each other, when you, like cockroaches, scatter in different directions after the next copulation. Continuous “profit” and no “costs”!
  • Acquisition of new sexual experience For further serious ties. As they say, why not practice “on cats”?
  • There are no further plans. You are Childfrey or just not a walking young animal – so why do you need a family or a serious relationship? Women in a year or two begin to saw on the topic “Marry and let’s get a child”. Men, even without a “bruise” in the passport, want borscht, sterile panties, smoothed laces, and so that the slippers in the teeth bring “his Excellency” to the arrival. Freedom -loving people all these difficulties spoil the mood and ruin plans.
  • Parting without injuries. If you love, but they throw you – it hurts. Simple sex without obligations is forgotten much faster than true feelings.

There are many pluses in sex on friendship, but no less minuses! Risks and underwater stones for those entering into relations without obligations – a car and a small cart!

Cons of sex without obligation

How many girls and guys broke about such a modern approach to relationships without relationships (sorry for the tautology)! Let’s start with the most unpleasant and terrible.

  • Friendly sex often ends where the love of one of the partners is born. And torment begins. There is nothing to present to the second – the conditions were discussed, but you can’t order the heart.
  • It happens that Both fall in love, but already have the second halves. Hello Santa Barbara.
  • Sex without obligation – Seedlings of sex lamping. Yes, we all know about condoms, but we must also remember that they are often torn, and already to whom you poke at that moment is unknown. And it went in a circle … syphilis, HIV, tripper, gonorrhea, herpes, pubic lice ..
  • Lack of emotions. Basically, women begin to get bored in such relationships, because emotions are required for them. But temperamental men also meet, who eventually understand that they want not huhra-muhra, but … love! So that with senses, sighs and sleepless nights from longing!
  • It crawls out of the previous position Soul emptiness and loneliness. And a person is a social cattle, wishing not only friction of crotch, but also communication, support, feelings of self -need.
  • Poor sex and bummer with orgasm. And how else, if many men and women have high -quality intimacy is always additionally painted with emotional attachments? A rare woman is able to end cool with unloved, respectively, and to give in return steep turns cannot.
  • The need to hide from other partners, with whom more serious plans.
  • Lack of prospects And the inevitability of parting. Many of these thoughts begin to definitely oppress.
  • Manipulations from a fellow partnerA. He suffers from contemplation of how a dear person somewhere else spends time with someone and leads a free sexual life. When you love, I want to have a whole object of desires, but here is such a setup. Both men and girls resort to manipulations, and often not very decent.

Sometimes jealousy is present even in a friendly peep, in the absence of love as such. Instincts prevail. We do not like to share what belongs to us, even if it is a chair in the bus, which is used exactly 20 minutes three times a week! People are owners by nature.

The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations

Sometimes a man and a woman are actually friends, but at some point the line is refracted in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, in such situations, partnerships, friendly, working relations that have been built for years collapse. The end of friendship comes.

Everyone decides whether it is worth playing “frivolous love”, but still it is better to weigh everything “for” and “against” before you agree to just friendly sex. And think about whether it is worth sleeping with the one whose substitute shoulder may come in handy. You never predict how the person’s adequate person will react to the transition to a different plane of communication. What if he feels used and break off all the contacts. Are there really a few pushing friction frictions?

If you have nothing to do and pulls sex with friends, better go to our sex shop, buy adult toys! Girls, for you hundreds of anatomical vibrators into all holes, as well as a bunch of massages for the chest, clitoris and anus! Guys, go to the “Masturbators” section instead of climbing under the skirt to a girlfriend. Satisfied sexual desires will prevent unwanted actions and their consequences!

How to offer friendly sex

And, however, how people agree on this? What arguments should be given so that a person agrees to meet without obligations?

Friendly sex of a woman’s eyes

How a woman sees sex without a relationship and how to persuade her to this man?

  • If a girl loves experiments in bed, focus on the fact that sex will be left away and multi -argasm is provided to her.
  • Promise that intimate meetings will not replace your friendship. Do not insist on sex with every date.
  • Offer her good in return: travel, material support, a protectorate in the service, etc.D. “Profit” should recoup all doubts and risks.
  • Tell me with a direct text, what do you want. It is likely that she was also visited by such thoughts, and she will agree.
  • Invite her home and arrange a romantic, try to seduce, promising that if both people like sex, you can meet and make friends, and how to go further, look later.
  • Do not open your cards. Care, seduce, but do not devote to the details of your plan.
  • If a woman misses after past unsuccessful relationships, suggest her thus “distract”.

When you offer a girl sex without obligations, keep in mind that you can “get into” yourself. Also note that the female after good sex develops a hormone of joy and affection, which can play a cruel joke with you, and you will become a victim of insidious ladies manipulations.

Friendly sex by a man

And how to persuade a man for sex without obligations? I think this is easier to do than with a woman. Friendly sex with a girl attracts many guys, so it will not be difficult to break. Follow a few golden rules, and you will be joy.

  • Forget about claims, jealousy and control. And who called you, who came to, to whom you left, with whom you were in the cinema – this should not be in your vocabulary. The personal space of the partner outside the network of the network.
  • Do not talk on personal and household topics. No need to load the guy with your problems.
  • Do not try to get into the circle of family and friends. He will not like this, because you have nothing personal – Just Sex. And where does the relatives?
  • Spend less time with him than I would like. You can’t fall in love, and you don’t get tired.
  • Never change plans because of his call. Sex only in a pre -agreed time!
  • Be open to communicate with other men. He must know that you have not one. By the way, this approach kills two birds with one stone at once: you will not “get stuck” on one guy, and at the same time has every chance to pay more attention on his part – it is likely that other feelings will begin to wake up, and the plans for friendly sex will change the coordinates.
  • No romance! You can avoid surging emotions and tender feelings, meeting in a modest environment, without candles, petals of roses, champagne and other things.
  • Celebrate. We do not need diseases, we also have unplanned kids to nothing. Preferably mutual protection: it is with condoms, you drink pills.

It is these rules that help keep a healthy distance in sex without obligation. If you say them to a man, there is a chance that he will agree to sleep with you without a relationship.

And, finally, it is worth noting that the search for the second half remains “on the agenda”. Friendship sex does not oblige anything, therefore, with a moderate development of a serious relationship with another representative of the opposite sex, it is necessary, without delaying, to break sexual contact.

The whole truth about friendly sex without obligations: how to offer, the pros and cons of frivolous relations

Friendly sex with former

Sometimes it happens! People dispersed, and after some time again pulled to each other. Sexual relations could not stop even after parting. Reasons why you want sex with the former are very different.

  • You cannot get along in everyday life, but The intimate side of communication is simply amazing. So far no one has been able to overshadow him/her ability to satisfy your physiology. Pulls in bed with a magnet. Sometimes such friendly meetings are organized after the conclusion of new marriages from both sides.
  • Someone still loves, and the other uses the moment.
  • It happens, that both continue to love, But for personal reasons, they do not converge (resentment, misunderstanding, different characters, relatives interfere.D.).
  • Wound pride. The outcast partner is trying with all his might to drag the one who abandoned to heal the wounds on the gained pride in bed.
  • Revenge. Some specially take revenge on their former partners through sex, then to leave or make it painful, for example, to conquer, tie it again, and then say that feelings have faded.
  • By habit. You are just used to sleeping with this person. A new sexual partner does not loom on the horizon? Sex with the former brightens loneliness, and also solves the problem of satisfying needs. You see, you are used to going to the Pyaterochka store in a neighboring house after work – this is convenient. And until they built a steep gastronon, surpassing this ball in all respects, you continue to visit it with enviable regularity. “Pyaterochki” – your former.
  • Nobody gives anymore, And you decided on friendly sex with ex -hopelessness.

Of course, it is better not to engage in resuscitation of old, long -ruled relationships. It’s easier to let go of the past. Sex with ex without obligation is a step to nowhere.

Summing up, we can say that friendly sex without obligation is a temporary alternative to loneliness. Psychologists assure: such intimate relationships can provoke mental and emotional discomfort in any person. Experts believe that it is extremely important for guys and girls to feel the necessary and useful, to show care and love.

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