The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress.

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

For some reason, the opinion was strengthened in society that the first sex of the girl is necessarily associated with pain, blood, discomfort and terrible shame. Modern culture in every possible way warms up such a common opinion, which is why a virgin, having read the horror stories about hellish torture, shake like an aspen sheet in the wind, before defloration. Some individuals gain an internal installation that it is better to remain untouched than to endure such flour.

Really Girl’s sensations at the first sex In fact, exceptionally negative, unless among them at least one who has lost virginity without pain and cries? Youth, do not freak out before the first proximity, because the devil is not as terrible as they are painted! To experience an orgasm and the most vivid sensations that can be with sex – the desire of each partner who is sexual. Of course, for the very beginning of an intimate life, deep climaxes from young women are unlikely, but it is not worth perceiving as torture, the upcoming event is not worth.

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

Why does a girl be painful for sex first time

Almost all young girls have a virgin playing, which is a small skin seal at the entrance to the vagina. In the first sexual intercourse, with rare exceptions, its gap occurs, which cannot pass without any sensations at all without any sensations. Here are only the degree of sensitivity for everyone is different, as well as the density of the rod.

The younger the girl, the easier it is to lose virginity. Doctors believe that after 25-27 years, a thin film is rude, it becomes thicker, which will bring more unpleasant sensations when it breaks. Psychologists echo them: more adults of female are suffered by complexes about their untouched, and this creates a huge barrier that only reinforces the pain in the first act.

We do not urge you to start sexual life from the age of 14, which is now actively sinning modern young animals, but we also do not advise to tighten with entry into the world of great sex. Still, when young-green, many problems are solved elementary, and you have fewer risks to remain mentally injured even with unsuccessful first experience.

The ideal age, from the point of view of the formation of the female body and the psyche, is approaching sexual contact with the opposite sex. Very young teenage girls, even with a regular menstrual cycle, are not able to correctly accept constant contacts with a man. This is harmful to both the hormonal background and for the moral state. Teenagers idealize everything too much, they are characterized by fatalism, in connection with which then they have to rake undesirable consequences. The entire degree of pleasure from sexual life can only be felt by a more or less mature woman, but not a girl of 15 years!


It is the fear of the first time with a man that is the main locomotive that pulls all other troubles: hellish pain, tightness, unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the vagina, terrible memories, rejection of a partner, etc.D. It is best not to read the terrible stories of their fellow tribesmen before depriving virginity, but to view more scientific material and ask people with medical education, because now they give advice even online, and for free.

Features of physiology

You can have a very narrow vagina, which is narrowing even more under the pressure of fears. A member there, especially the size of a more average, do not penetrate without obvious pain.

Sometimes the virgin does not break the first time due to increased elasticity, and then only a small hole is formed in it, which hurts and bleeds each subsequent sexual intercourse. This happens before the final break in the “obstacle” into the world of pleasure and pleasure.

We have already said that the girl’s sensations during the first sex could depend on the size of the penis. Too small member is also not the best option, since it is the lack of length that the young lady remains a virgin for a long time. Unstable erection (the guy is worried) also does not affect the process badly: the member should be as hard as possible to break through the obstacle. A narrow vagina and a dense pleasant cannot overcome semi -staff male dignity.

Lack of mechanical tactile stimuli

We mean additional stimulating caresses that prepare the girl for first intercourse. It does not have to be cunnilingus. Young girls are perfectly succumbing to delicate kisses, affectionate hugs, passionate whisper about feelings and t.D. Of course, if a man knows how to orally satisfy the lady, then why not apply his experience? Please.

Just keep in mind that it is a skilled cooney that is able to greatly excite a partner, but rough licking, as if with an sandpaper, they will skin the surface, and the clitoris is sucked by a vacuum cleaner, rather, they will frighten and overdo it any desire. The same applies to the inept caresses of the female genital organs with their hands. No need to rub and crush the crotch, as if you are training the muscles of the brush with an expander. Better read how to caress the girl right before you take it to practice this with a living person, especially a virgin!

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

Lack of lubrication

When natural moisture is absent in the right amount, penetration will be very unpleasant. The lack of lubrication is due to the inexperience of the partner, clamps and fears of the girl herself and the hormonal features of her body. For such cases, in pharmacies and sex shops there is an excellent choice of artificial gels that help moisturize the crotch to slip a member into a treasured hole.

Rubs a condom

In all articles, we advise you to make love in condoms, because so far we have not come up with a means that would protect from STDs more reliable than they. For virgins, of course, the extra barrier will not add good sensations in any way. Rubber contraceptive reduces the quality of tactile perceptions, because, you see, the warmth of the penis is much nicer than the cold of the latex condom. Use lubricants more to reduce friction and resistance strength.

Bad set of additional incentives

We are talking about the whole list of perceptions that affect the degree of relaxation and arousal of a partner. For the first time, when she is already insanely tense and worries for every breath, the surrounding environment sometimes plays the main role. Smells, sounds, voice, color, touch, room – all these factors exert a certain pressure on the virgin or, on the contrary, help to throw back the prejudices to the side and surrender to the man.

Deprivation of virginity can last more than one hour, while the partners find a pose, they will get down a hundred times, then they will climb each other, because the situation should be liberated. It is hardly possible to relax when the door hand is about to turn and someone’s mother will enter the room ..

It goes without saying that it is necessary to exclude factors such as a noisy company, alcohol in large quantities, an ultimate form of declination to intimacy, a constrained environment, etc.D.

Lack of sincere feelings from a man

Still, girls and even adult women do not know how to separate sex and feelings. For them, intimacy is a continuation of relations, a transition to a new level of spiritual perception of each other. After physical contact, many young girls are even more attached to their guys. As a rule, they are sexual because of feelings for their chosen one. With rare exceptions, the girls lose their virginity with the first person oncoming, because they want to get rid of her, as from leprosy.

But men have sex for the reason that they want to have sex. Of course, the presence of feelings for a partner is a clear plus and a pleasant addition to the act of satisfaction, but the lack of mental affection will not affect the sensations from intercourse. When a girl understands that she is only a body for a given young man, the first sex may not work.

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

The first sex of the girl, what feelings she experiences

We will not convince you that from the first sex you will get a lot of positive emotions, end three times and want to continue immediately after orgasm. In most cases, girls experience tangible discomfort and even pain, but there are those who lost their virginity calmly, quickly and even experienced pleasant sensations when the penis completely penetrated the vagina, and frictions began.

Having sex is natural, and for some girls, the first time goes on peacefully and evenly. If you relax, the first time will be as it should: it’s nice. At least morally. From the realization that you have become a woman and learned what it means to be a single man.

A small part of the girls is born without a virgin rod – this is an individual feature of the anatomy of a particular representative of the weaker sex. It is they who are deprived of the suffering through which other goods pass in “misfortune”!

As the girls describe their feelings from the first sex

Recently, we published an article about the sensations of girls during orgasm, and it would seem that they should be as similar as possible, but the level of perception of the same physiological process is noticeably different. The same with the sensations from the first sex. Let’s see how girls describe them.

I was pierced by hellish pain, there was a feeling that the body was paralyzed. The guy was in earnest scared. But after a minute we laughed.

I had a sea of blood – the whole sheet just swam! This is so disgusting.

From pain darkened in the eyes. It seems to me that I even lost consciousness. As if a knife was pierced between the legs.

The crotch was lit up, and I sharply bounced off my man. We did not continue that evening anymore.

You someday smeared iodine or green open wound? I felt about the same when depriving virginity.

When a man entered me, there was a feeling that I was put on a stake!

Strange, but it was almost not painful for me, only some moral oppression or something ..

I was so afraid of the first sex … The guy licked me for an hour, I even finished, but it didn’t work out in me completely – the member was constantly bent, and the vagina seemed to close up with a dense ring. I remained a virgin. Probably, from the tenth I lost her, but with another guy.

At the first push it was unpleasant, but my excitement went off scale – I madly wanted this man. Ten seconds later, I felt pleased from his movements inside.

I liked the feeling of fullness, but I didn’t notice the pain. Probably, this is due to the fact that I used tampons, rode a bicycle and in this way stretched the virgin. And maybe she was no longer.

I can’t say that it was painful, by the way, I almost did not notice the blood, but the process itself brought disappointment itself. I expected more emotionally. Apparently, unlucky with a partner.

It was not sex, but a miserable parody. He was puffing on top of a broken hour, and then asked “you are all?”. Laughter, and only. It seems to me that he only pushed at the entrance, and I am still a girl.

Everything was gentle and beautiful. We were in love with darkening in the eyes. I would love to survive these sensations again.

It was then that I realized that male dominance turned me on! I wanted to be weak and accept, surrender. Apparently, thoughts were busy with these surging feelings, so the pain did not have time to notice.

It was very painful! I had a tantrum with crocodile tears. The guy is smart, reassured as he could. An hour later we slept, and everything went smoothly.

There was no blood and pain, it was just unpleasant … But I did not love him, but just wanted to get rid of virginity at 24 years old ..

As you noticed, the gradation of sensations is so varied that it is difficult to fit everyone under the general line. Only one conclusion can be made: the perception of pain and discomfort, the concentration on them depends on the desire of sex with this partner, the degree of excitement, fears, complexes and the level of emancipation!

Some time after the first sex, intimacy will cause a young woman completely different sensations. Again, what they will be dependent on the previous one, the first time. But if the defloration process went painlessly, psychologically and morally the girl was ready for it, then the second sexual intercourse usually brings pleasure. By the way, an orgasm in young young ladies under 22 is a relatively conditional concept. Its absence is not considered any pathology.

Often to fully enjoy sex for the fair sex interfere with their own psychological barriers. Excessive shyness prevents you from receiving such sensations when having sex, which are described in books. Defects of the figure and flaws on the skin are often the most common causes that do not allow inexperienced ladies to reveal to the fullest.

You want to have sex with a girl-girl, but you yourself have never been in bed with any beauty? And you also do not have a talent for a lifetime? Then we advise you to purchase a universal vibrator that will help to relax the young partner and bring to orgasm on the eve of the first vaginal penetration. All sexologists advise to satisfy the girl as much as possible before deprivation of innocence, so modern sex tortures to help you!

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

First sex: top 10 errors that spoil the girl’s sensations for the first time

In order for the sensations in the first sex of the young lady who decided to say goodbye to virginity, the man should be as accurate as possible and be careful as she himself. Several recommendations for you, guys, will not interfere at all. And the young girls will only benefit!

Consistent input

Sexologists, as a rule, talk about the need for several approaches. Each time, entering the vagina, with a small pause, the penis increases the rupture line of the rupture. It is likely that the girl will be hurt, so it is worth stopping for a few seconds.

Without ultimatums

We are talking about relaxation and focus on enjoying. If the girl decided to lose her virginity only because her young man, for example, put an ultimatum, but she herself does not want to, such a process will bring her nothing good. If only because it initially tunes in suffering and bodily torment. To agree to sex when it is not ready for this is the worst decision of all possible.

We inform about innocence

Virginity is not a crystal vase with which you need to be worn, as with a written trading. But it is necessary to say about this man. Your reaction, he can be very scared, to which you will react and you. Why do you need funny stories about a dick clamped by a vagina?

We study our body

A girl who wants to experience the very feeling during sex, which more experienced girlfriends have repeatedly told her, must first study yourself. Masturbation or caresses with the hands of a partner will allow to open the curtain of the sensuality of erogenous zones and it is better to prepare for the direct penetration of the penis into the vagina.

Oral affection

No less effective method of studying each other for both virgins can be oral sex. Blowjob and cunnilingus will allow the guy and the girl to feel more liberated, closer to get acquainted with the characteristics of the physiology of organs of the opposite sex.

Away of thoughts about Telegony

Tales about the telepathic and almost mystical transmission of genes to future children from the first partner – nonsense of the blue mare. The men concocted this tip-lap story to keep the female in UES and rule again in all areas of life. Fluid exchange during sex means nothing for future children from another partner.

Alcohol is a taboo

No need to get drunk yourself or give in to male persuasions to take combat 100 grams on the chest. We understand that the first time is always scary and exciting, but alcohol distorts emotions and feelings. You are not for the operation! Why do you need anesthesia?

We use condoms

If you want to be healthy and have no desire to nurse Babik in nine months? Buy condoms. They will come in handy for you doubly if the guy is also inexperienced. It is unlikely that he skillfully owns the technique of interrupted sexual intercourse, which also does not differ in great reliability. And sexual diseases are treated – unpleasant activities.

The girl’s sensations in the first sex, how to avoid pain and stress

Silence is a sign of stupidity

Girls, do not be silent for the sake of male pride, afraid to inflict a forbidden blow below the belt, if it hurts or unpleasant. Talk about your feelings! Men, if you took the responsibility of being a pioneer from a girl, be interested in her condition in the process. And do not shove the dick inside, as if to hide the wall.

During the first intercourse, a man should immediately stop as soon as his partner begins to experience unpleasant sensations. About how painful they are in girls during sex for the first time, it was said above, so you should establish the situation as soon as possible, taking measures to relax or transfer the main sexual action the next time.

Kama Sutra next time

Do not try to fulfill all the techniques from the kama sutra for the first time, afraid that the man will be disappointed. This applies to men who hope that the first time it will be possible to test this chick on suitability to different poses. Skills are acquired gradually, experience comes with time. We do not expect that a graduate of the medical institute will immediately become a cool head doctor.

And remember, it doesn’t matter when and with whom you try sex for the first time, it is important that everything happens by mutual agreement! In the absence of any pathology, sexual intercourse always brings people a whole palette of emotions and impressions, moreover, everyone individually. Do not be afraid to enter the world of beautiful sex: you decided to become an adult, study theory and practice!

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