Tantric sex: how to combine spiritual and physical energy | Questions about sexual practices

Tantric sex: how to combine spiritual and physical energy.

Tantric sex: how to combine spiritual and physical energy | Questions about sexual practices
This is the best option for those who are not looking for quick pleasure, but they want to truly connect with a loved one not only physically, but also spiritually.

What is tantric sex

This is a sexual practice in which the main attention is paid not to the orgasm itself, but to the extension and enjoyment of the “journey” to achieve it.
Tantra originates from ancient India. There are several options for translation of the word “tantra”. Most often, this means “weaving”, “weaving” or a thin thread on which something is stringing. It is also Hindu or Buddhist Scriptures on special techniques and rituals, including meditative and sexual practices. They were not an end in itself and were not basic, but only served as an auxiliary way to achieve a couple or one partners of the climax.

Classic tantric sex differs from its modern Western interpretation or “neo-Tantra”. In the first version, intimacy is one of the methods for achieving enlightenment, and in the second – a way to diversify sexual life.

Advantages of tantric sex:

  • helps to find out your body and understand what it wants.
  • encourages attentiveness;
  • removes sexual blocks and shame;
  • improves sexual endurance;
  • Awakens sexual energy in the body, allowing it to flow freely through the body;
  • helps to get saturated and multiple orgasms;
  • Suitable for men who have problems with an erection, or people who have problems with libido;
  • takes to a new level emotional closeness with a partner;
  • prolongs sex.
  • settles communication between partners.

What is important to remember, deciding to have tantric sex:

  • Orgasm is not an end in itself, but only a bonus element;
  • Comfortable clothes, underwear or nudity – the choice of a couple, there are no rules;
  • Mandatory control of your own excitement and the ability to stop in time, so as not to interrupt the process ahead of time;
  • Instead of concentration on familiar erogenous zones, it is necessary to explore each cell of the body, find new points of pleasure;
  • Tantric sex is possible with a partner and alone;
  • meditation, massage and concentration on breathing enhance excitement.

How to prepare for tantric sex

Emotional, physical and organizational training can occupy from several hours to two to three days. It is important that you do not feel discomfort, having tantric sex.

To find time

Tantric sex is a slow practice requiring great concentration. Choose the time when you and your partner do not need to go anywhere, or to do something later to remove the feeling of pressure.

Create the perfect atmosphere

Convenient room and lack of distracting factors are important conditions for achieving intimacy at the emotional level. A creaking bed, sharp corners, extraneous noise or rush of one of the participants greatly reduce the chances of enjoyment.

Sowing for practice it is much more pleasant when:

  • The room is comfortable temperature. In the cold season, you can turn on the heater, and in the heat – air conditioning or fan (just make sure that the air flow does not fall directly on you).
  • Correct lighting. If you arrange practices during the day there is no way or inspiration, night lamps or candles will help to achieve a pleasant light for the eyes.
  • “Soft” space. Scattered pillows, a blanket on the floor and other similar little things will make an atmosphere of a more relaxed.
  • Fragrant strokes. Previously, you can slightly fill the room with the smells that both like.
  • It is allowed to add romantic music and other elements that give a feeling of inner freedom and attractiveness.

Prepare the body, mind and soul

The accumulation of sexual energy contributes to increased excitement. It is recommended to refrain from sex for at least two days to form a sufficient stream to exchange. Temporarily exclude meat, fatty products and fast food from the diet. Feeling lightness in the body will help to tune in the right way. And stretching or yoga before the start of practice will feel more freedom.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the mental and sincere mood. This will help the following actions (for your choice):

  • performing meditation or breathing exercises;
  • diary;
  • lesson to your favorite business, helping to distract from the outside world.

The correct internal state will help to tune in to the emotions and touch of the partner, to focus on the tantra. After completing the preparatory stages, the time to move to the most interesting.

How to tune in a partner

The practice of tantric sex is more suitable for those couples that have long been together. It is difficult for an unfamiliar person to completely relax morally and physically, to tune in to the maximum revelation.

First you need to tune in to a partner. This is necessary in order to fully exchange energy and create a deep connection between you.

Establish eye contact. Look into each other for two minutes. Pay attention to what emotions or sensations arise, is there a desire to look away. Of course, this is not a competition in peepers, so you can always close your eyes for a few seconds, and then open them again.
Maintaining visual contact is an important part of the practice.

Hug each other. You can lie or sit, undress or stay in clothes. It is important to feel the proximity of the body of a loved one, to hear the beating of his heart. Remember the soul – do not look away from each other. Hugs contribute to energy exchange and help to strengthen the connection between you.

Breathe together. Try to take a breath and exhale at the same time with a partner. Another option – you exhale when the second person inhales.
Hand on the heart. In a sitting position, put your right hand on the partner’s heart. He does the same. With your left hand you cover his palm. On inspiration, take your partner’s breath and love, and at the exit shake your love, directing it down the right hand in the heart of another person. This is how a continuous chain of feelings and energy that proceeds between you is formed. Repeat several times.

Try a tantric kiss. Kissing, also exhale on the breath of a partner, and vice versa. This is a kind of breathing exchange, helping to enhance energy exchange.

Stimulate each other’s feelings. Having concentrated all your attention on the tips of the fingers and palms, start caressing the partner’s body and explore each bend and fold. Do not forget to change the intensity of touch. The main thing is to move slowly. Then you can take a feather or piece of fabric, caressing its skin with soft and sensual movements. Follow the reaction of the partner’s body, ask how he feels. This will help create a “pleasure map”. Then change places.

Make each other a massage. What it will be, you decide. The main thing is to continue to look at each other during the entire session. You can also try yoni (vulva massage) for women or lingam (penis massage) for men.

Recommendations for tantric sex

Tantric sex: how to combine spiritual and physical energy | Questions about sexual practices
Remember that the main thing is to act slowly.

Choose a suitable pose. The classic option for beginners is “Yab-Yum”. From the Tibetan language, this is translated by “father-mother”: copulation or self-improvement of the Hindu god Shiva and his wife of the goddess Shakti. How to do:

  • One of the partners sits on the floor, crossing the legs as in the lotus pose;
  • The second sits on top, wrapping his feet on the first;
  • each puts one hand on each other’s neck, and the second touches the lower back.

The rest of the rules are the same – not to rush, breathe together, maintain visual contact.

What else can be done:

  • use any positions in which both affect the process control it;
  • breathe deeply and smoothly during sex;
  • track the flow of energy without unnecessary humor;
  • Pause – a long prelude should not end quickly and suddenly.

With the third aspect, participants in practice often have difficulties. Not everyone can imagine how the stream rises from the genitals up the body, and then it is transmitted or flowing to the partner. Sometimes such a picture in the imagination causes a strong laughter. After some training, the possibilities of consciousness are expanding. The concentration on a person nearby is so enhanced that the humorous component dissolves in a space filled with joint energy.

Control excitement. If you feel that the discharge is close, use the “edging” technique or orgasm control. Stop any sexual stimulation for a while. You can do breathing exercise or just lie down nearby without touching each other. Repeat it several times to increase anticipation and then get a powerful orgasm of the whole body. But even without it, the time spent together is guaranteed to be remembered, brought closer, give the foundation for the withdrawal of relations to the next level.

If desired, you can use sex toys. For example, Erective ring for men so that he does not finish too fast. Or Anal plug To create a feeling of fullness in women during penetration.

Smoothly complete the practice of care for each other. Hug and thank your partner for the experience gained. Take a bath together or drink tea. Discuss your feelings that I would like to improve next time.

Tantric sex is worthy of comparison with the desired journey, when not the destination is important, but each time spent in the process. The correct mood and willingness to experiment will give a fascinating erotic adventure in which only participants establish the rules and restrictions.

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