Sex without penetration – why do they study

How to have sex without penetration.

Sex without penetration (parasex) is a fairly common practice that many couples resort to. This is done for various reasons, it can be used as a variety for sexual activity or when partners for various reasons are prohibited from sexual intercourse.

Sex without penetration – why do they study

What is Parasex

Parasex – This is sex without penetration (penetration). He resembles petting, but not identical to him. Parasex can be called contactless sex, because its classical form does not involve the introduction of the penis vaginally, anal or oral.

Regarding medical contraindications to traditional sexual intercourse, there are 2 prerequisites:

  1. Even the excitement of a woman is excluded, since at this moment the tone of the uterus occurs. And sex without penetration still includes stimulation of sensitive places. And even if touches are prohibited, then still remains the ability to influence excitation through a sense of hearing and vision. It is the poet that cannot be said that sex without penetration will always win, because, for example, it is impossible during pregnancy with complications.
  2. A ban on touching the mucous membrane of the genital organs of a man and woman (vagina and sperm). This can happen if there is a sexual infection transmitted sexually. Parasex cannot be called a good option in this case, since it does not exclude infection.

If there are two of the above situations, then sex without penetration cannot be considered the ideal alternative to the traditional, but in other cases it can give new sensations to the couple.

Types of sex without penetration

Now let’s talk about specific options sex without penetration, which you can practice with your pair:

  1. Oral sex. This type of sex has long been familiar to many and it is used by the majority of steam. It is divided into two subspecies: Fellation (blowjob) – stimulating the male genital organ orally and cunnilingus – stimulation by the oral way of the external genital organs of a woman. It cannot be called full -fledged sex without penetration, since the penetration of the penis occurs, albeit in the mouth of a partner. As for the technique of oral sex, it is very diverse and you can read about it on the Internet. During oral sex, the main thing is to observe the basic rules and basics in order to get maximum pleasure:
  • For greater excitement during a blowjob, you can bite slightly, but do not forget that touching your teeth can be painful;
  • Do not forget about intimate hygiene, unpleasant odors during oral sex are very felt;
  • Oral sex can also lead to infection with diseases, so you need to do this with a partner that you trust.

Sex without penetration – why do they study

  1. Mutual masturbation. This option is not often resorted to because of complexes and uncertainty, mainly from the side of the woman. The girl worries that she will have an unpleasant appearance and all the shortcomings of her figure will be visible. For convenience, the couple should sit opposite each other or nearby, but in no case do not lie, otherwise it will be difficult to get to the organs. Mutual masturbation, according to psychologists, is a great way of the couple to get closer more at the emotional level, learn to trust each other. The main thing here is to follow several rules:
  • For the first time it is better to turn off the light so as not to be shy about any of the partners;
  • For a greater sensation, you can use grease;
  • First you can hide behind a blanket;
  • overcome your shame and completely relax.
  1. Masturbation and oral sex. Here you can combine the two previous options. To, an example, to bring to excitement by oral caresses, and to the very orgasm – by mutual stroking of erogenous zones. Here you can not use the lubricant, saliva and natural secretions will be sufficient. You can also try the other way around, first apply your hands, and then go to oral sex.
  2. Imitation of sex. In another way, it can still be called active petition. The beginning can be traditional, the first is kisses and hugs. During the preludes, a girl may not completely undress, but, for example, stay in panties, the same can touch men, then in the end you will get very piquant sex in clothes without penetration. After that, the couple begins to imitate sex, in contact with each other with their sensitive places, but the traditional entry does not occur. Lubrication or additional devices is no longer important here, only fantasy and its own sensations are used. You can start with slow and languid touches, and then do everything more active and teasing. It will not become superfluous in the end, if later the couple moves to another type of sex without penetration, for example, to oral or nangerism (the member fits between the woman’s buttocks and the climax is achieved through friction). By the way, it is worth mentioning that it is petting that are used by stripper, closing with clients in private rooms. Imitating frictions and clinging to the genitals, they receive contactless sex, and this only starts even more men. Here is excitement through what we see, we feel, but we cannot go far.

Sex without vaginal penetration is not identical to the parasex, since it allows, for example, oral penetration of partners. That is, we can say that the framework of the paracix is narrower. And resorting to contactless sex without medical indications – this is no longer a type of prelude, but independent sexual delights for a couple, akin to the game for adults, as lovers agree on certain rules.

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