Sex without penetration? Easily!

Sex without penetration? Easily!.

Sex without penetration? Easily!
Sex without penetration? Easily!
We recently interviewed journalist and feminists Bella Rapoport. Bella believes: the idea that sex is exclusively the penetration of a member into a vagina is harmful and stupid. And we hurry to agree with her! After all, indeed: sex includes many different practices. And a significant number of them bring to orgasm a woman much more often than classical penetration. The vast majority of ladies receive an orgasm from the stimulation of the clitoris. And stimulating the clitoris is much more convenient during non -transmitting sex.

In addition, sex is not necessarily the interaction of men and women. Homosexual people and homosexual women, including homosexuals, also have sex. Inexorable statistics say: homosexual and bisexual women are satisfied with their intimate life more than their heterosexual girlfriends. Why? Everything is simple! In their lives there is more stimulating clitoris of non -transmitting sex.

Who is this magic non -transmitting sex and what they eat with? We talk about our favorite practices!


Rabbing – achieving sexual pleasure by friction. Rabbing is the most different, but any of its species can bring a lot of emotional and physical pleasure, and also quickly bring to orgasm. Rabbing in heterosexual sex is commonly called Frottage, In Lesbian – Tibadism, And in male homosexual sex – Frok. Separately distinguishes Pubis Sex. Friction with pubis, often in a pose "scissors".

Dry Hamping

Term "Dry Hamping" literally translated as "dry sex". This is a variety of rabbing. The process consists in simulating sexual intercourse in clothing. Seductive kinki rollers, where a girl in a skirt or yoga pants rubs a member of her partner through trousers, Pornhub is full. And not in vain! After all, this is terribly pleasant: an active partner can regulate the power of pressure and thus quickly achieve orgasm. And also, let’s say in secret, it is convenient to study in public places. On a remote bench in the park or on the last row of the cinema, the onlookers will not immediately understand what you do. You can engage in rabbin on a bench even under the video surveillance cameras and transfer greetings to the mayor of the city. He will not guess why you have such a blissful expression! Decides, the whole thing is in patriotic fuse…

Intrafromoral sex

Intrafromoral sex – a variety of frattage. A man rubs the penis between the hips of the partner. Active clitoris stimulation "for her", intensive pressure on the barrel and head "for him" – And everyone is happy!

However, we will not be full of rabbin, we will be full! Here are a few more varieties of non -infringing sex:


Fingering is the stimulation of the genitals of the partner with fingers. Vaginal amide – stimulation of the vagina of a partner – refers to penetrating sex. But the fingering of the vulva and the clitoris – the external genitalia – is non -transmitting sex. Tight, massage, pat! Fingering – A wonderful field for sex experiments.

Oral sex

Unconducting oral sex includes cunnilingus – stimulation of vulva with lips and tongue and rimming – a similar stimulation of the anus.

Linguistic sex

Linguistic sex – a cunning variety of oral sex. Try to give your partner pleasure exclusively using the language! How? Turn on your imagination!

Mutual masturbation with toys

Mutual masturbation with toys is a great way to study your body and body of a partner. For non -infinitioning mutual masturbation, vacuum stimulants, vibrators, vibro -yields can be used…Everything that the soul wishes!

But our selection of cool toys that can be used for mutual non -transforming masturbation:

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