Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

Themes about ideals in sex are very complicated, because every woman can have her own guideline. If one lady loves tenderness and romance, the other will “wipe” the heels in the first five minutes, because she wants to hard and dynamically. And 100% for sure, What does the perfect lover look like, We can not. However, we will try to describe the most common vision of sex through the eyes of a woman!

Do not forget that not only the commission of dumb mechanical reciprocating movements is invested in the concept of “sex”, but also the design of the relationship as a whole. Intimacy begins with attraction when your gaze caught something, and the inner flair prompted that only the most-most could wave his hand so! So, the unsurpassed son of Adam in the understanding of most girls in front of you.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

What does the perfect lover look like: appearance, behavior that can in sex

Agree, a lover is not always a certain Vasily on the side. They may be a husband. All women want to see in their legitimate wife not only a mammoth or a friend on the same toilet, but also a passionate partner in bed battles. What does the perfect lover look like for many years?


Appearance is more significant for men, but women are able to see who climbs under her skirt. It is unlikely that a borial -shaped creature in earned families will cause a wild desire to spread their legs. And if you were at least a million times a legal husband with an income of 100 pieces per month, do not be offended that the lard does not excite her. This condition is most relevant in those pairs where Khnz married, and after 10 years, a grunting lead lies upstairs.

The size of the penis

Remember, we wrote about the dimensions and their significance for women in bed? We will not repeat ourselves. And in general terms, on female desire and quality of sex, the parameters of the penis have exactly the same effect as the size of the ladies’ breast on the process of excitation of males. Well, it’s clear: someone will be completely arranged for someone, for it is not the point in centimeters, and most importantly-Laboff and skill, but someone will not seem too satisfying to someone “sausage”.

Everywhere the golden middle is good! Micropenis – bad, super member under 25 cm – also not gut. But we know that most of men have a normal average size, therefore, in vain they pump the atmosphere with excess fluctuations on this topic. Better learn other wisdom.


And here is time to talk about wisdom, more precisely, about the prelude. For the sake of all those who are sexy in the world, remember the simple truth: we do not enter a cold woman on dry! It is enough for you, dear men, just look at a beautiful female figure so that the riser to the chin bothers the next three hours. It is more difficult with girls – they must be started, excited ..

You don’t like cats? Yes, you just don’t know how to cook them! So learn! We wrote a lot about how to excite a girl before sex, what needs to be done so that she herself wanted, how to seduce her. Dozens of articles about breathtaking orgasms and cunnilingus – free -domestic materiel, expensive comrades! Do not perceive your partner as a free masturbator in which you can empty the bells. When there is no mood, it is better to drive in silence under a blanket.

For some reason, men very often forget about kisses. A woman, closing her eyes with pleasure, kisses her partner during sex, and is excited even more. All girls love to kiss, so if you look at the kiss of their eyes, you get a difficult intimate-spiritual process. Also do not forget to kiss your partner in the neck, earlobe, caress the nipples, navels. The partner’s heavy languid breathing will start a woman even more, from which she will begin to tremble and wriggle in anticipation of penetration. Your mouth is given to you not only to have it in it.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

No debts, loans and installments

You thought we are about thicknesses? Uh, no, we are talking about the notorious married duty. Beautiful and passionate sex through the eyes of a woman see her without an obligation, when a on -duty pumpki, lasting exactly 65 seconds, is designed to satisfy an insatiable female. Comuschi!!! During this period, a woman will not even get wet! What orgasms? Quick sex is also good as a variety, but not on an ongoing basis.

An ideal lover always wants a female body. He does not shoot back, but makes love with all outlets, sensuality and passion. We know that men do not have such a number of pleasure centers on the body as women, because they are more concentrated and practical in sexual intercourse, but this does not cancel the concerns of the pleasure of the partner. Ladies need true desires instead of fake “debts”.

Tenderness vs rudeness

What is more inserted by aunts: tenderness or rudeness? We would say that in turn. Female individuals – indefinite creatures. Today they love yellow, and tomorrow – red. Therefore, it is better to change tonality.

Probably the most exciting man will be one who knows how to combine affection, tenderness, care with indisputable authority and at times gross, hard sex. Today you sprinkle her pussy with vanilla, and tomorrow fry with a whip on pink soft rolls to crunch like a French baguette!

Have sex with the first person he meets, at least once, every girl dreamed. Well, like such thoughts not to visit the female little head, if before the eyes on the beach or somewhere else “drawn” a handsome guy? And most importantly – it should be passionate, almost animal sex, for which later it will not be embarrassing and will not have to explain anything, because there are no obligations. Only the most daring and most often frivolous persons manage to realize such a desire.

You understand what we are talking about? Aunts are the same animals as male individuals. You are in vain idealizing and romanticizing their image. An exemplary mother and drummer of a labor front can dream of dirty animal sex with the first person oncoming. Role -playing to help you! Bend your missile in unexpected places more often, it is allowed even with the use of force. Like true croiling, it will resist. Be persistent. “Yanitakaya” should not roll. They are all “thread”. This is the whole ladies’ essence: chicks love when they are fighting and constantly achieving.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

Ladies want to be surprised

You thought only men love surprises and experiments? Of course, erotic linen for men is not as attractive as female, but for the sake of interest, try to put something new on your scrotum.

What else can you surprise your queener? Sex in an unusual place. The eyes of a woman cool sex should allow you to experience the maximum drive and pleasure. It can be achieved during intimacy on the roof of a high -rise building, on the beach, on the back seat of a taxi, etc.D. Experience and fear of being caught adds even more excitement and delight.

Sometimes you can pamper gifts. After all, surprise implies not only sexual subtext. Girls love when they spend money on them. This excites them. Personal resources are not ready to drain into the female genital organ? You are under the blanket, and do not forget to moisturize the cam – so less corns.

How to surprise a wonderful creation with a soft crotch between the legs? Buy your bunny vaginal balls and send it to the courses. She will learn to masterly control the muscles of the vagina, and this is your joint orgasms in all sexual poses! And let him be surprised at your quick wits – the male mind always excites!

I also want understanding

You, dear defenders, want perfect blowjobs from the first call? Right without explanation, conversations and other crap – a suction for 5+. Yes, we know that the dream of an idiot. And women want men to be able to handle their delicate and soft bodies. Understanding of lady physiology is what is expected from you.

Love or sincere sympathy

Just if only with someone is not a female version, or rather an option, but rare. Basically, girls always want feelings. Let not love at first sight and to the lid of the coffin, but at least sincere sympathy, interest in her person. Well, true love – without any comparisons. She decorates in the eyes of a woman any ordinary cream, even “for the sake of health” before going to bed.

Charismatic and ability to dominate

What is charisma in the understanding of a woman? Everything is simple – the male almighty. He manages to work, train, look for new sources of income or self-development, communicate with people in different situations, drop any jambs and cooler than a monopolized Harp installation in Alaska to drive cataclysms around the world.

And most of all, a woman starts a strong, successful, bright male dominating her in all areas. I want to surrender to this, to obey. For “steep eggs”, you can sometimes forgive aggressiveness and temper. To want a dominant male is a pleasure. Panties get wet in a matter of seconds. Without prelude.


Here, of course, the question is controversial, because there is an opinion that the faithful men are horned, troops not only a door jamb, but also clouds with a sky with their panties. If he does not change, then no one gives. And usually do not give losers and low -ranking males. Who needs them, true?

But a faithful man can reinforce his loyalty simply with an amazing ideology, from which the female crotch reduces. His fidelity is attached not a slobbery nagging and sugar snot, but responsibility, honesty, decency, a set of strict rules in life, determination. Again, as you see, we came to the signs of a dominant man.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

Lack of constraint in bed

Still, clamping the thighs in the crib-the prerogative of chemanous girls. They can. A man must take his female, and not bashfully turn away to the wall when putting the Presion to the unit. We do not urge you to create tough experiments with your gerla and twist them like toilet turntables, but an emancipated man, confident in his actions during intercourse, excites and seems to be an ideal.

No enmity and vengeance in sex

Some male individuals suffer from such garbage as avenging for the failed household through sex. How it looks? In different ways: they score a partner on the orgasm and arrange a stupid stubborn, intentionally cause pain, offer poses only at their discretion, generally ignore the addictions of the chosen one, etc.D. Gifted personalities take an example from stupid women and are likened to them, punishing a “guilty” female with a lack of sex. The more you “smoke it”, the faster the Vasyat.

As they say, no matter where you will be, but from 22.00 to 00.00 I have sex on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays!

Time deficit and inaccessibility

You think only men starts an inaccessible “piece of meat”? Ha, the aunts also react to a separate individual of the opposite sex. . That is why the degree of heating of the perineum increases sharply. The hunter also has instincts of women.

Female nishtyaki

What else can give a desire, as a joy from purely female nishtyaks received from the hands of an almighty and great husband? Any female sometimes wants pampering to feel like a little girl who has the right to purely girlish. And a strong man gives her this opportunity. In the crossing of borders, he also lowers it from heaven to earth, thereby proved his power and dominant again and again.

Sex through the eyes of a woman: what the perfect lover looks like and what he knows in bed

How to make an ideal lover from her husband

We have painted a lot about the ideal lover existing somewhere in the theory of female probability. Perhaps on Mars or on the banks of the Maichi River in the Pirach tribe. But how to make the cool man who lives in ladies’ bed dreams, from an existing body nearby? It lives in the next half of the sofa and is called husband. Maybe the women themselves from something prevent their chosen ones from being cool lovers?

Do not try to change an adult man

As a rule, an idea to change the male human individual does not lead to anything good. The perfect lover and passionate sex definitely cannot work out if you take it. Try to change yourself and your attitude to what is happening. Change the combat attitude to a soft approach. Perhaps your spouse stopped seeing a woman nearby, and fuck a “man with eggs” zero.

Remember the first year of life

Surely, in the first months, your chosen one seemed to you the embodiment of all these ideals. What happened so that it changes so sharply? You do not accidentally stick 20 kg plus? How long have you come up with something in bed yourself? Or in your priorities to demand money for a month in advance? Think, dear virgins, think.

Praise and admire more often

Here you are women, want compliments. And men do not want to hear about their virtues? Most likely, at the beginning of the relationship, you regularly sang laudatory odes to his courage, dignity and mind. Now he became a male, a moron and a sofa booby in training. What if he became with you? Suddenly you just stopped noticing how much everything is being done for you. Flowers and restaurant became his duty, a delicate kiss in the morning can be pushed and compared with an annoying fly, a gift on DR – Ha, yes, obliged! It doesn’t seem to you, Madame, that you got fuck? Infurities to want in bed and still appeal to orgasms no one will. You will soon find a replacement – tender and passionate, grateful even for coffee and cake in a cafe. Turn on the demo version of yourself at the beginning of the relationship and see the previous version of your spouse.

Think about sex

Do not think about the parent meeting, an unfinished report and boiling broth on the stove. This is all a trash in comparison with what is happening at your marital tradrome at the moment. Imagine that there are no problems, only you and your beloved. . And conquering medals of a pussy marathon, the initiative will not wait.

Do not hold back feelings, emotions, desires in the process of intercourse with a loved one. Want to throw your legs on your shoulders – go. He does not look at your stomach at that moment. He does not care about your fold somewhere in the navel area! He is ecstasy from the one who wants a hot woman! He has sex, not a fashion show! So you give yourself to the act of love!

Enough criticism

In fact, stop sawing the brain to your man! How much you can spread rot for dirty socks, not there a plate put there, a salary of five pieces less and a ring is not made of golden gold? You yourself are not tired of teaching the life of an adult man? You cast it with this behavior. With Baba Pila Never to be alpha male. Only “heel”, which without a woman’s kick does not raise the ass from the couch. Let the man be a man everywhere, and then you will have everything, including perfect sex, and not mating of grasshoppers in the name of reproduction!

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