Sex on the table: Combine expectation and reality

Sex on the table: Combine expectation and reality.

Sex on the table: Combine expectation and reality
Experiments in sex are a great way to maintain a degree of excitement and always receive maximum pleasure in intimacy. Sex on the table (or near the table) is one of the most desirable erotic fantasies in both men and beautiful ladies. And this is easily explained, because there are plenty of pluses of such sex:

  • a sea of new acute sensations;
  • pleasure from the production of adrenaline;
  • interesting poses;
  • eroticism of the process;
  • This is a convenient option if sex is not at home.

To get the desired pleasure from sex on the table, you must follow certain rules. In total, seven simple steps should be taken – and the fantastic orgasm will be provided.

The right choice of the table

Choose a stable table. Partners will definitely not forget sex in which both were on the floor next to the wreckage of furniture. But these memories will be funny at best, in the worst – sad. And the consequences of the fall, most likely, will be associated with pain or even injury.

It is desirable that the table is a suitable height. Ideally – the countertop is at the level of the pubic partner. If height is not enough, use a pillow or a folded blanket, but this is not always convenient, since with active frictions the substrate can move from the surface with the girl.

Glass furniture is definitely not suitable: if the glass breaks, you will get hurt, and here it will no longer be up to orgasm. In addition, the buttocks and palms slide strongly on the glass surface – and it is difficult to stay in place. The best option is a table made of natural wood (best – oak or beech).

It is great if the table has strong voluminous legs. If they are thin and long, do not risk and move to a chair or floor.


There should be nothing superfluous on the table. Then it will be possible to use the entire surface for sex, and this will come up with a lot of interesting poses. The more the table itself, the better for you. And in order not to be guaranteed not to break furniture, you need to move it close to the wall.

For comfortable sex, do not forget about intimate lubricant. Especially if the intensity of the action does not allow you to spend extra time on high -quality prelude.

Suitable clothes

Sex on the table does not have to happen at home. This option of intercourse is perfect for those who love adventures – you can indulge passion right at work. To quickly carry out the plan, you need to dress correctly in advance. It is wonderful if the girl is wearing stockings, not tights, and if both participants decide not to wear underwear.

Additional items

If you are not ready to put up with discomfort from uncomfortable poses and pain, use add -ons in the form of a pillow or chair.
The pillow is suitable for experiments with postures. For example, if a girl stands with her back to a man, leaning on the countertop with her hands, put a pillow on the table – and then you can sink on her breasts. The chair is useful for poses in which it is difficult to hold balance.

Sex toys

With intimate devices, intimacy becomes even more exciting, and sensations – incredibly saturated. To steam each other, it is enough to use one or two sex toys-at the beginning of the process or during penetration. In any case, the result will be amazing – powerful and sweet orgasms.

Oral sex

If you start sex on a table with oral caresses, pleasure can be obtained twice as much. It will be convenient for a man to make a cunnilingus girl, kneeling in front of her sitting on the table. Blowjob can be done if the girl herself lies on the table and throws her head off, this option is suitable for a deep throat technique.

If the table is large enough and strong, you should try oral sex lying. Both partners should carefully climb onto the countertop, and then lie down with valet. Then it will be possible to give each other hot affection in position 69.

Successful positions

The classic version – the girl sits on the edge of the table, and the man stands in front of her. The partner’s legs are extended, she wraps them with a lover torso. The partner holds the girl with his hands for the buttocks or waist. Usually it is from this pose that acquaintance with the joys of sex on the table begins. But there are other, no less exciting options:

  • Mermaid. The woman lies with her back on the table. Her buttocks are also located on the edge of the countertop. A man stands close to a partner. Now she raises straight legs perpendicular to her body, and the man, making frictions, holds her partner’s ankles in the right position. In this pose, the entry of a member is very dense, which is why the pleasure of both partners becomes brighter.
  • Clutch. Also incredibly exciting pose. Partners are located face to face. The girl throws straight legs on the shoulders of her lover, and hugs his neck with her hands. It is best to stay on outstretched hands, then it will turn out to reject the body so that the partner can freely admire female breasts. In this position, a man can even kiss the girl’s nipples to excite her even more.
  • Wheelbarrow. It is very good to have sex in the table on the table when the partner is behind. The girl lies chest on the countertop and spreads her legs. The man is attached from behind, standing on the floor and holding the partner’s legs on weight. She can keep her legs straight or bend. If you want to add BDSM elements to intimacy, take the handcuffs to connect the woman’s wrists behind her back.

Practice shows that most often sex on the table is spontaneous, that is, partners do not have time to prepare. But if you liked such an experience and you want to repeat in the future, put your favorite sex toys and a bottle with a lubricant in advance. By the way, sex outside the bedroom always starts, regardless of where exactly the partners indulge in passion-in the bathroom, on the windowsill, sex cells, etc. D.

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