Sex on the first date: good or bad

Sex on the first date: good or bad.

Sex on the first date: good or bad

Sex on the first date: to be or not to be? Play an inaccessible young lady or take what you really want? To be afraid that they will not think about you, or to be confident in yourself and that further relationships will still turn out? How many questions, but even more answers. Let’s figure it out whether it is good or bad – Sex on the first date.

We met online

The situation is common and simple: a guy and a girl meet on the Internet, communicate for a rather long time. Flirting, mutual sympathy, sending photos, sometimes erotic content occurs. And then, finally, the first meeting, the first date. If before that communication was carried out in an intimate way and the meeting did not disappoint, then sex may well happen. And this is normal! Sometimes people become very close even in simple correspondence.

Sex on the first date: good or bad

The chances of the second date will not be less

Girls think that if you surrender to the guy on the first date, then he will lose interest, and you can definitely forget about the second date. In fact, this is far from always. Well, especially if the sex was really good. Of course, if you decide to just come off in the evening on Friday with a random acquaintance in some club, then yes, here it will turn out. And not the fact that you yourself will want further communication.

Oh, this is a public opinion…

«Just met, and immediately sex? well, I do not!» – This is how many women will say. In general, the norms for each have their own. Some girls carefully wait a few months to «Turn away» a guy, and only after that to present himself, someone has enough couple of weeks, but someone is not inclined to follow «rules» And he immediately takes what he wants, that is, on the first date. How many times have we all heard that «be given to a man on a first date – it is not right», «The guy will respect you less if you immediately have sex with him» and so on. Fortunately, there are many men who do not cling to such old -fashioned and partly offensive «standards», And their main secret: they are skilled in sex, confident in themselves and are equally respectful to all women.

Sex on the first date: good or bad

Sex on the first date – Simple opportunity to recognize each other

Sex – The deep attitude of two people, and this is a great opportunity to find out the one with whom you, in fact, went on a date. The option for those who do not want to waste time for free conversations, but immediately check the man in the case and demonstrate themselves. After all, you see, you can hang noodles on your ears for a very long time (although this also has some charm, game), and ultimately is very disappointed. Result: time spent, spoiled mood, gap of even friendly relations.

If you had sex on the first date, both of you liked everything, and you continued to communicate, but maybe you have become a couple, then you can not worry about whether you really like each other.

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