Sex mature women: nuances of menopause and what to do in bed after 50 | Entertaining sexology

Sex mature women: nuances of menopause and what to do in bed after 50.

Sex mature women: nuances of menopause and what to do in bed after 50 | Entertaining sexology

Is there sex after 50?

There will be no secret to anyone that starting with puberty sex occupies an important part of our life. He is able to raise self -esteem, help get rid of stress and add vitality to anyone. With the first half of life, everything is clear: libido at a height, there are many opportunities, and potential partners too. It is amazing that the question of the possibility of sex after menopause is relevant to this day. According to statistics, almost all Russian women are convinced of the normality of the lack of sex after forty. Moreover, they consider sexual intercourse after fifty shameful!

But in reality, everything is not at all like. Qualified doctors and psychologists claim that you can not only have sex after fifty, but useful and necessary! Sex itself has many functions (besides reproductive):

  • Getting pleasure. So that you know, the clitoris is the only organ of a person who carries only one task – pleasure.
  • Increasing self -esteem and mood in general. States such as depression or apathy visit a person with regular sex much less often.
  • Strengthening relations between partners. Sex is an integral part of the life of any couple.
  • Getting rid of accumulated stress.
  • Additional physical activity. It is especially expressed in the practice of many different poses.

It is difficult to imagine that a large number of women voluntarily refuse sexual activity, which directly affects the external (physical) and internal (psychological) state, only because of the large number of errors and stereotypes in society. The most sad thing is that such misunderstandings in this topic lead to the rejection of sex for a very long time (twenty years or more), and this is already the cause of health problems or psyche. Today we will look closer with several myths about sex with menopause and prove that you do not need to abandon it!

During menopause, there is no desire for sex

The belief is that after the threshold of forty or forty -five years, women no longer show a desire to have sex. This is absolute nonsense! During menopause, hormones are reduced in the female body, but estrogen levels decrease more than the level of testosterone. But it is the latter who is responsible for sexual desire. The female body is arranged so that just after menopause, sexual needs begin to increase.

In addition, the age of menopause is an ideal time to enjoy each other. Judge for yourself: no postmenstrual syndrome, the children have already grown up and they do not have to spend all twenty -four hours a day on them. When it still becomes possible to enjoy life and sex most of all?

After menopause, women stop experiencing an orgasm

A large number of people are convinced that orgasms disappear with the advent of menopause. Another complete nonsense. Age does not affect the ability to experience it. Over time, the prelude and sex itself takes a little more time. This is what sexual life is mainly different from the years of youth. But the sensations from sex, like an orgasm, remain as bright and saturated as before. Although they can even intensify, it already depends on the knowledge of themselves and their preferences, and not on the years. You can easily get even multiple orgasm, for example, at sixty -five and even later!

And if sex passes without an orgasm for some reason, then remember that sexual intercourse in itself affect the life span and brain activity. Sex is simply obliged to be present in your life, do not deny yourself only because of myths.

After fifty sex it is impossible to do physically

Sex mature women: nuances of menopause and what to do in bed after 50 | Entertaining sexology
It is believed that after menopause, natural lubrication ceases to be produced, the vagina becomes dry. Dry – the first sign of menopause – true, but this is not a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure. The lack of natural lubrication occurs due to the decrease in estrogen in the body, and with active sexual intercourse in the absence of moisture, the vaginal wall can easily be damaged. This is unpleasant and definitely nobody can like it. But the problem of dryness is easily solved!

Any pharmacies or adult stores have a huge variety of different lubricants, which will come to the rescue in this situation. In addition to standard vaginal lubricants, for example, a water -based Hot Planet Aqua, there are many other gels that open doors for new opportunities and experiments! The warming effect of JO H2O Warming or cooling from Fleshlube Ice will enhance the sensation from each touch, and Durex Play Cherry or Shunga Toko Exotic will make oral sex unforgettable. Or maybe you want to practice anal sex with ACC Cream Anal?

And also about the physical component of age -related sex. With the absence of sexual activity in the female body, such things can happen:

  • The bloodstream of the pelvis is reduced. As a result, faster fading of the vaginal functions and the appearance of various diseases.
  • The muscles of the pelvis become weaker. This paragraph includes such unpleasant consequences as the veneration of the bladder and, accordingly, the vaginal itself.
  • Strengthening signs of menopause. Without sex, women suffer more with sweating, tide and insomnia.

The positive aspects of the presence of sex aged forty to face. It is also advisable to add proper nutrition and playing sex to sexual life. If you want to support the muscles of the pelvis in tone not only sex, then Kegel’s exercises will help. Buy yourself vaginal balls like DOC Johnson Ben Wa Balls or Nova Balls from Svakom, and any problems will simply disappear. They also contribute to increased sensations from sex!Sex mature women: nuances of menopause and what to do in bed after 50 | Entertaining sexology

During menopause you can not protect yourself

An amazingly common myth about sex in the age is the opportunity not to use contraception. Like, the risk of getting pregnant disappears. Statistics indicate the opposite: the frequency of unwanted pregnancies in women in age is much higher than in young people! This happens due to the fact that ladies perceive the irregular cycle (a sign of preenopause) over menopause and cease to protect themselves. This is a huge mistake while menstruation exists, regardless of their regularity, you can get pregnant. Menopause is determined only when there are no menstruation during the year. Although doctors advise using contraception at least two years after that.

The best way to protect during this period is condoms. But it is not at all necessary to limit yourself to only Durex Classic. After all, there are also flavored Unilatex Multifruits, with antennae and similar to aliens Luxe Maxima and Sitabella Extender, ribbed Ganzo Extase and even prolonging the Durex Long Play sexual act. Experiment and enjoy the full!

And about the use of hormonal tablets, you will have to talk with a specialist.

But how much sex you need to have to avoid all these terrible consequences and improve health? Doctors say that for prevention, there are enough two times a month. There is a whole statistics connecting the number of sexual intercourse and your well -being:

  • Once a week. If you have sex at least once a week, you will already feel a unique emotional rise. This is due to the allocation during sexual intercourse of hormones of joy and love: serotonin and oxytocin. In addition, sex will save you from the desire of sweet, which provides us with these hormones at the usual time.
  • Two times a week. Two sexual intercourse per week increases the production of secretory immunoglobulin, which, in turn, protects our mucous membranes from harmful bacteria and microbes. In addition, through kisses and caresses you exchange microflora, which also provides greater protection of the body.
  • Three times a week. Regular sex improves the work of the cardiovascular system. And this, you want to believe it, you want – no, it reduces the risk of developing myocardial infarction.

Dear women, do not believe myths or check the reliability of information, and, most importantly, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of having sex at any age. This is not only pleasant, but also useful for your body. Klimax is not a reason to deny yourself pleasures and stop living a full life!

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