Sex in the shower is a pleasant combination with useful!

Sex in the shower is a pleasant combination with useful!.

Sex in the shower – This combination of pleasant with useful! Accepting the shower together, you save water, time and, most importantly, give each other joy from unforgettable moments «wet» sex.

Just do not forget: in order not to slip, it is better to lay an anti -slip rug! It should also be borne in mind that soap products cannot be used as a lubricant – They will irritate the mucous membrane and leave behind unpleasant sensations.

Use silicone -based lubricants, they resist washing off with water and are great for sex in the bathroom or shower. The most universal option will be a lubricant on a silicone basis toyjoy.

With him, you definitely can not worry about insufficient moisture during intercourse. This lubricant is perfect even for sensitive skin and avoids damage and gratings. If you want to add fire to water procedures, then silicone vaginal lubricant ‘Yes!’Heat – This is what you need! Has an exciting effect, in its composition – natural extracts of ginger, cloves and mint. Mix fire and water, and see what comes of it! Anal silicone lubricant Wet Uranus will provide the most comfortable anal sex anywhere. You will receive maximum pleasure and the most led skin protection.

Wet Uranus is suitable for people prone to allergic reactions, protects delicate sensitive skin and mucous membranes, it can also be used together with sex toys.

Make an even greater variety and add to sex relaxing elements of the spa procedure is possible using a massage gel-masla on a silicone basis JO All-In-One Massage Oil Cucumber.

Enjoy the smooth and silky gliding of each other’s bodies, complementing the erotic game massage. This gel-butter is ideal and as a lubricant, so you can take only one bottle with you in the shower and do not worry about anything! If you are used to giving preference to exclusive products, then you must like a luxurious silicone lubricant «Ultra» From the brand Wicked.

Velvety consistency will give comfort for even the most long sexual intercourse. For the manufacture of this lubricant, high-quality silicone is used, does not contain any additives, and therefore does not have an extraneous smell and taste.

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