Sex in the elevator. Instructions

Sex in the elevator. Instructions.

Sex in the elevator. Instructions

The monotony in sexual relationships is quickly boring. So that this does not happen, you should think about how best to cheer up the relationship. And you can start with sex in unexpected places, a narimer, in an elevator. This is simple, and such an experiment will be remembered for a long time.

Sex in the elevator. Planning

You can get a share of extreme for your body by practicing sex in the elevator. But it is important to find A clean place where it will be convenient, Therefore, the plan needs to be considered in advance. First you need to find an elevator suitable for your purposes, which can be blocked for a while. A transparent elevator is not suitable for sex. It will be inappropriate to experiment in an office building with active movement.

It is also necessary in advance think about how to lure your partner In an elevator for sex. Simple sentence – «Would we have sex in the iron structure?» can cause a lot of objections. Therefore, it is better to create intrigue, and there further actions to perform according to the reaction of the partner.

Sex in the elevator. Instructions

It is worth taking wet wipes with you. They will help if it is not very clean. And then they will remove traces of sex from the body to move on without embarrassment.

Tips for sex in the elevator

Having evaluated the whole situation for sex in the elevator, some principles should be observed:

1. For comfortable intimate relationships in someone else’s territory, it is best to give preference to convenient elevators that are located In new houses. This will give a guarantee that the elevator will be clean, so it will not become the subject of disgust for partners. To enjoy pleasure in full and not risk, it is better to stop the elevator on the top floor of the house. So the couple will be able to hide from random rotozes, and nothing will distract.

2. Before the start of the game in the elevator, follow the intrigue so that the partner does not guess about sexual designs. May this treacherous sabotage become a big surprise. To «Take it» partner in an unfamiliar house, Come up with a version:

  • look at the stars;
  • go for work documents;
  • transmit an important letter to a work colleague;
  • pour flowers in a classmate.

A direct invitation is possible, but only if a person is adventurous and ready to take risks.

3. When «failure» the plan developed, in the reserve of the partner there should be another invented version. A reckless sexual adventure will only be obtained if it is possible on time Replace the alternative – wild beach, boat or walk in a deserted place.

Sex in the elevator. Instructions

Pose for sex in the elevator

For those who nevertheless ended up in the elevator, you can practice a variety of posts. We have chosen the most convenient:

  • 1. A partner stands back to a man backward, giving up his hands against the wall.
  • 2. Take a partner in your hands (if the weight allows you to do this), lean it against the elevator wall and have sex.
  • 3. If there is a railing in the elevator, put a partner on them.
  • 4. The standard pose will allow his partner to lean his back against the wall, and the man will cover his object of passion behind the hips.
  • 5. You can practice not only simple vaginal sex, but also oral. Cunnilingus or blowjob will give a lot of impressions, but it is better to do everything quickly without delaying the process.

The change of the situation will shake the sexual relationship of partners perfectly and restore passion. But it is better not to experiment in the walls of your house, since there is a chance to be caught. And if someone sees it, then let there be an unfamiliar person, and not a neighbor in the stairwell.

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