Sex in adulthood or how to avoid monotony?

Sex in adulthood or how to avoid monotony?.

Sex in adulthood or how to avoid monotony?

So the time has come when a silver wedding died down, the children have grown imperceptibly, they now have their own life. And you became a little bored with each other. While the offspring grew up, you have not noticed how sexual interest in each other gradually passed. You are together, but each in itself, everyone has their own interests. Since diversify sexual relations in adulthood so that feelings continue to live?

Remove the circle of household worries

It is known that interest in the spouse disappears when it becomes bored. It oppresses daily monotony without changing the situation, inhibits some increasing sense of longing for youth, and everyday affairs turn into a routine, from which it is sick.

Every day resembles a groundhog’s day? So tear a circle that prevents me to enjoy life! Remember that nothing connects you more hand and foot, you do not need to endlessly educate children who, what to hide, did not allow you to stay together. You are both not old for madness, and certainly not for bright sex without bills.

The journey is together

The first thing to do – go on a trip together. Nothing brings better and does not bring brightness to the relationship than a joint vacation. The best option – At sea, take a bold vacation and to where the affectionate waves and new impressions. Remove the number and forget for a while about all home problems. New places, new acquaintances always help to achieve the goal. And your goal – be desirable for each other. For piquancy, arrange a picnic on the beach smoothly passing into sex. You can also go, for example, to a ski resort – Sport will accelerate blood through the body and cheer up, and a romantic evening with a glass of wine by the fireplace in a hunting house is soldered by past feelings and passion.

Sex in adulthood or how to avoid monotony?

Drop the false shame

Forget that you have long been adults, try to feel like young. Experiment in sex, because you learned each other so well that you know exactly when and how to deliver pleasure to a partner. Leave the constraint young. And you – Two loving people, you are completely unnatural to be shy.

If before you have never tried role -playing games, now it’s time! Sex shops offer a lot of options for costumes and toys for these liberties. So why not use these offers and buy in a store for adults something suitable for occasion? You can start small: an erotic film, a small vibrator or a universal vibroyaite. Maybe your partner only waited for you to offer something more serious?! For example, for men in middle age, the prostate massage is very useful, in addition, it is very pleasant – two in one.

Woman – mystery

Now let’s talk with the ladies. Still, a lot depends on a woman, if not almost everything, in an intimate life. A thousand times said, but I want to say for a thousand for the first time that you need to follow your appearance at any age very carefully. And now – all the more so. No torn night shirts, shapeless robes and disheveled hair should not be. Otherwise, you will not enlighten any sexual appetite in your spouse, but only extinguish what else was shaking. And most importantly, you know your body and your virtues – Play them and select an outfit that emphasizes the most charming places.

If your husband called you, for example, to the country, try to approach this as an invitation on a date. Carefully look up, paint your lips and dress slightly frivolously, with dignity, sit down to it in a car, while be a little mysterious. And upon arrival, behave as if you – Call girl, and not a wife with many years of experience. You will see, the result will be stunning, and it is not known whether you are filled on this day at least one garden.

The most important thing in the autumn age – be interesting to each other and not to close in your own kitchen or garage. And then sex in adulthood will be no less interesting, and is no less attractive than in young years.

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