Sex after childbirth – when you can

When you can have sex after childbirth?.

Sexual proximity after childbirth is an exciting theme for any woman. Most young mothers are very nervous and worried about many consequences, such excitement can be compared with their first sexual experience.

That is why there are so many questions on the Internet on the Internet: “Sex after childbirth, when you can”. In this article, we will try to completely tell about all the features of such proximity and give relevant recommendations.

Sex after childbirth – when you can

Why is a pause in sex after childbirth?

Sex after childbirth, when you can do? This moment is really relevant, since after birth it is still worth refraining from such actions for a period for some reasons:

  • If a woman gave birth herself, then the fallopian tubes are greatly dilated, since they missed the child’s fetus through themselves. The consequence of this can be small cracks, which can lead to inflammatory processes if bacteria get there. In especially dangerous cases, a gap of birth canal can occur, for their healing the recovery period longers;
  • During pregnancy, the future fruit is attached to the wall of the uterus, where it is located throughout the entire period of gestation. After exiting the wall, the wound is formed, and the uterus remains open, its diameter increases several times. Therefore, it takes time to reduce it;
  • If you ignore all these points, then the pressure during intercourse can injure the uterus and cause dangerous internal hemorrhages.

Sex after childbirth – when you can

So, when you can have sex after childbirth? There is a certain temporary interval, but they depend on the flowing births:

  • In the case of natural births that have passed without complications, you can return to sexual activity after one and a half month. This is a minimum interval, which in most cases is enough to restore the female body and its uterus;
  • With a cesarean section, it is also possible to engage in sexual life, only the term is already increasing to two months. Caesarean injures not only the uterus itself, but the entire lower part of the woman, along with adipose tissue and muscles, so the restoration will last more.

What sex can be done after the birth of a child?

Now we will talk about sexual frictions immediately after discharge, that is, without waiting for the recommended months:

  • As it is already clear, the vaginal version is completely excluded, since there is a risk of infections and bleeding;
  • Many mistakenly suggest that after childbirth you can have anal sex, however, this is a misconception. Due to the close placement of the anus to the uterus, dangerous pressure can also be created, so it is worth forgetting about this;
  • If both partners are healthy, then oral sex can be used in action. They can be engaged immediately after the woman returned home from the hospital. The girl can do a blowjob, and a man cunnilingus. The last action will even be very useful for the girl, since during sexual pleasure the uterus is reduced, which produces hormones of happiness and this positively affects the mood of a woman;
  • Masturbation is also welcome, but only clitoral, without deep penetration with fingers or other improvised means.

Thus, girls may not worry about the question of when sex after childbirth is possible, because the temporary interval is not so great as to experience “torment”. However, if you have a passionate temperament, then we have already given alternative options for obtaining sexual discharge.

Why is there no desire to have sex after childbirth?

However, along with the topic when you can start having sex after childbirth, there is another frequent problem – the reluctance of intimacy with your partner. This may occur due to the following reasons:

1.      Lack of traction

The birth of a child in the family, especially the first -born – a joyful moment in the family, however, at the same time he forms many changes. The familiar way of life is changing, and in a very sharp way, and most of these changes applies to a woman.

Sex after childbirth – when you can

The first months, the girl often lacks fatigue, feels fatigue and is constantly in stress, this also affects her body. In addition, a reduced libido may be associated with internal changes in the hormonal background. The fact is that during feeding, prolactin begins more, and it reduces it, then the very libido. So nature itself creates all the conditions so that a woman thinks more about her child than about intimacy.


  • You should not get hung up much on this, all these problems will leave by themselves after some time. In addition, in the first period, the girl will be loaded with care of the child, especially if it is her first -born, because she is still inexperienced;
  • Ask loved ones to take part of the child care questions. You can ask your husband, mother or other loved ones about this. Such unloading will positively deposit on intimacy.

2.      It will hurt

A very frequent problem that prevents the girl from entering into the vicinity of her husband after birth – fear of pain. Unpleasant sensations can really arise, and this is due to the following moments:

  • After birth, the amount of lubrication is reduced in the vagina, which, of course, increases pain during penetration;
  • If the seams were imposed, then more than 2 months are required for full restoration;
  • After removing the seams on the mucosa, scars remain, at a pressure on them there are uncomfortable sensations.


  • The first thing to do before restoring sexual life is to visit the gynecologist and make sure of your health. This is especially true for those girls whose birth is not quite smooth;
  • so that scars and seams heal faster, there are special ointments, be sure to use them;
  • A small amount of lubrication is a constant phenomenon after childbirth. This can be fixed using prolonged preliminary caresses or using a lubricant only if you breastfeed, make sure that there are no hormones in it;
  • Explain to your partner that you have a fear of pain. Let him act carefully and carefully monitor your reaction.

If the fears are dominated by, then limit yourself to masturbation and oral sex, which after childbirth can be much earlier.

3.      Blood after sex

If blood is on the first time, then there is nothing wrong with this, as it is the suckers of. However, ECLI has already passed for a long time, and each sexual intercourse is accompanied by the release of blood, then it is already abnormal. This may indicate problems with the uterus, neck or non -compliance with the time when you can have sex after childbirth.

Sex after childbirth – when you can


  • If this appeared in the first several times, and the amount of blood was insignificant, then you should not panic. Perhaps your uterus was just not ready and she needs to “tune” to her usual rhythm;
  • If hemorrhages do not cease, then you need to urgently consult a doctor.

4.      Aversion to your body

No less common problem that is psychological in nature. Pregnancy really affects the figure, which can cause a feeling of uncertainty and aversion to your own body.

Those who passed Caesarean are ashamed of scars on their stomach. But those who gave birth on their own are worried about the loss of elasticity of the walls of the uterus. It really becomes more relaxed, however, it comes into tone after some time.


  • so as not to get better during childbirth, do not eat for two. It is enough to increase its daily diet by only 25%;
  • To return the tone of the uterus, you can use special exercises for intimate muscles. It is useful to do this to all women, but giving birth in particular. You can study the whole selection, such a training is called Kegel exercises. As a check of your tone during urination, try to delay the stream: if you succeed, then the tone is excellent. Otherwise, practice such an exercise, this will pump your inner muscles;
  • You have become a mother and you have a lot of worries, however, do not forget to yourself. Follow yourself, this is a manifestation of self -love;
  • Periodically pamper your partner and yourself by buying beautiful sexy linen. Even if there are problem areas on the body, there are many products that can adjust them.

5.      Fear of unplanned pregnancy

Many girls are already looking forward to having sex after childbirth, however, there is a fear inside. From the point of view of medicine, repeated pregnancy is recommended after at least 2-3 years, this is enough to restore health. And if there was a cesarean, then it will be even more dangerous.

Sex after childbirth – when you can


  • Breastfeeding protects a woman from pregnancy, due to production of prolactin. Moreover, menstruation is not restored immediately, therefore, the period of ovulation will be removed the same. However, clear compliance with the rules of feeding is necessary;
  • Using various methods of contraception: condoms, spirals, some oral contraceptives and so on.

Thus, if you doubt whether you can have sex after childbirth, then keep all doubts, the answer is positive. However, there are time restrictions, taking into account the flowing genera. Non -compliance with all recommendations can cause health complications and lead to infertility in the future.

For complete information, consult your doctor.

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