Scarfing: strangulation in sex. Why and is it dangerous?

Scarfing: strangulation in sex. Why and is it dangerous?.

BDSM practices are gradually gaining popularity in society.  More and more people begin to be interested in how to diversify their sex life. One of the most discussed methods on the Web is scarfing (strangulation in sex). What is it, what is used for, is it dangerous for a person – read about all this in our article.

What is feeding or strangulation in sex?

Scarfing (or erotic strangulation) is a practice in the culture of BDSM. During sexual prelude or directly sexual intercourse, the partner carefully strangles the other with the help of a palm or auxiliary means. The advancing asphyxia increases the release of hormones into the human body.

Due to the lack of air into the brain, adrenaline and endorphins (hormones of happiness) are thrown into the brain. The effect of feeding is compared with the use of narcotic drugs. All emotions become brighter, so sexual excitement becomes stronger, and orgasm – more intense. Some women note that squirt is possible only when using such practices.

A brighter orgasm is achieved not only by strangulation. Another task of feeding is to immobilize a partner. Such a practice, according to sexologists, like people because of the remnants of animal instincts. For example, when a male from the cat’s family wants to hide with a cat, he holds her wool around his neck so that the female does not move.

That is why the neck is considered an erogenous zone. People like the touch to the neck, it causes sexual excitement. There is a type of fetish by the name Nekking, when partners caress each other exclusively higher than the waist, paying special attention to the neck.

In fact, scarfing is a tougher option of a clock. Since the impact on the neck is aggressive, feeding is classified as sadomasochism. The suffocer likes to subjugate to himself the one who is strangled (sadism). The second partner enjoys what obeys (masochism).

Sureness can be done simply with your hand, pushing the neck completely or pressing on the sleepy artery. In some cases, auxiliary objects are used for feeding:

  • ribbons;
  • belts;
  • stockings;
  • ropes;
  • and much more.

All types of feeding are combined into the overall term “breathing control”. Despite the fact that these practices are really capable of bringing strong excitement and powerful orgasm, they are one of the most dangerous in BDSM culture. In addition, feeding is often addictive, forcing a person to resort to more and more tough ways to suffocation in search of bright orgasms. If you do not stop in time, an erotic game can end fatally.

What is the danger of scarfing?

Firstly, this practice is necessary only with the consent of the second partner. You must warn him of suffocation before the start of sexual intercourse. Otherwise, a person can start panic, turn around and damage his neck.

Secondly, inexperienced people can incorrectly engage in feeding (too long compression of the neck, too intense effect on the sleepy artery). In this case, you can expect strong harm to health:

Despite the fact that scarfing is aimed at excitement, and not at real suffocation, a person may overdo it and then the second partner will begin vomiting. And due to the fact that the neck is overwhelmed, vomiting cannot go outside. In this case, there is a danger to choke on the vomit.

If you strongly squeeze the sleepy artery, then a person will lose consciousness. His blood pressure will become weak, and his heart can stop. Cravation in sex is an extremely dangerous practice, so we do not recommend it to engage in without proper preparation and complete understanding of its actions and possible consequences.

One of the most severe consequences is a fracture of the subdyoid and damage to the trachea. The probability of this injury with belts or other rigid objects is especially high.

With constant practice of feeding, cardiovascular problems can begin. Oxygen regularly does not enter the body, which is why blood clots, arrhythmia, and ventricular fibrillation are formed. Excessive pressure can cause the rupture of capillaries and veins in the mouth or eyes.

Therefore, feeding should be practiced very carefully and carefully. It is desirable that such a practice is not regular. Do not forget that strangulation can lead to death and as a result of criminal punishment. We just talked about the fact that such a practice exists, we do not recommend it to repeat it!

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