Partner stimulation technique for better sex

The technique of good sex.

It is important to remember that, as in ordinary life, sexual requires periodic diversity and bringing something new. If you never add new habits to your sex life, then it will be bored with you, you will lose interest not only in sex, but also in your partner, in fact, like him to you.

Partner stimulation technique for better sex

The right sex technique

For all the above reasons, it is necessary not to stop in the development of skills and expanding the circles and use something new, for these purposes we have identified three components sex techniques, which easily diversify your sexual life.


He plays a very important role in the technique of stimulation and bringing a woman to orgasm. Depending on the desires of the partner, he may demand that you be more assertive and hasty, or on the contrary, are more tender and slow. You need to change your rhythm, and it is very good when a man combines movements. The needs of a woman may depend on what stage she is from orgasm. So, if she feels the approach of orgasm, then she can ask a man will accelerate and act with great pressure, but at first many women prefer leisurely and tenderness. How your woman loves to have sex, this can already be found out only from practice.

Energy and endurance

Active sex requires great endurance and dexterity. Even an experienced guy with good preparation will first experience pleasant sensations from penetration into a woman, but over time, the member muscles are tired and he begins to experience pain. Women can experience the same thing, masturbating with a vibrator. Sex requires many efforts and practice to make it diverse and memorable, but this requires skills. Only in films everything looks easy and at ease, but this is only a game, and the reality differs from it. The correct technique of sex for men will necessarily include physical training and the ability to hold out until the partner is completely satisfied.

Partner stimulation technique for better sex

Member is not always necessary

Many women experience more pleasure from caresses with fingers, tongue, vibrator and the like, but they do not really like the sensations of penetration of the penis. This does not mean that a man is not wealthy, just a sensitive point is located in a place where the penis does not reach. In this case, the man must choose the one stimulation technique, which will reach all sensitive points, however, this relate to experience and long practice. Only after that can you achieve skill in sex. The technique of modern sex differs from the experience of the past in that now there is a wide variety of additional accessories. Do not be conservatives, openly master new horizons of pleasures, try toys, which you could not think about before.

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