Manual work: secrets of manual caresses | Entertaining sexology

Handmade: secrets of manual caresses.

Manual work: secrets of manual caresses | Entertaining sexology
Our hands are not for boredom! And this is not only about masturbation: manual caresses are able not only to relax and excite a partner, but also to give him an orgasm. And so that this sexual practice does not become a banal “kulakova-dunes” or melancholy strokeing somewhere in the clitoris, you can and should be pumped up your skills. You can sign up for special training, where you will be optionally shown where the clitoris is or how to rub a member with oil. And you can try to comprehend these secrets yourself – especially since there are no secrets. Let’s see?

What is a handle?

Handjob, or literally “work with hands” is manual stimulation of the genitals. Traditionally, this term is applied rather to stimulation of the penis, but for the vagina it is quite suitable for itself. But it would be quite naive to believe that everything will be limited only to this – here we are considering a whole complex of actions, leading not just to mechanical orgasm, but to a real fireworks. After all, we want something truly cool, true?

This sexual practice is at the same time very simple and very complex. She has its own specifics – men need one thing, women another. In addition to two hands, you will need a few additional assistants. For convenience, we will divide the guide into two parts: handjob for m and handjob for g. Boys left, girls to the right!

Manual caresses for her


That is, for her vulva. That is, boys here. They drove!

The first thing you need to understand: a vagina is a very, very tender creature. Especially in the clitoris. It is very easy to violate the fragile balance of this place, so you need to be as delicate as possible in your actions – no one ends up from the violent rubber rubbing of the clitoris. At all.

We will need:

  • Clean hands. With short nails. Yes, this is sure.:)
  • Massage Oil, Lubrication or two in one. We select in accordance with personal preferences of the lady – you can take Warming, She will become a good assistant.
  • Small Vibrator on the finger – that’s more interesting.
  • Directly woman. Pre -planned and preheated.

We will dwell separately at the penultimate point: you probably did not understand what it is, where and why. We explain: this is such A small vibrating little thing, which is convenient to put on a finger. This baby gives a plus of one hundred to stimulation due to its: a) a relief shape and a ribbed surface;b) vibrations. Some of them (for example, here this or this) can be used for Fingering* – sensitive entrance to the vagina and area dots g They will definitely say thank you. The models are simpler, despite simplicity, are also not inferior in their functionality – these are such pretty tentacles with loops for one And Two fingers are suitable to stimulate the clitoris and external genitalia as a whole, as well as nipples and in general everything, anything. Especially sophisticated can try Vibro -personnel: the most cool of them is, of course, G-Ring from Ftlondon. It combines all the best from the world of sex toys: a built-in battery with magnetic USB shipping, velvety medical silicone, ergonomic form and modern design, powerful vibration and other phrases from advertising booklets.:)) And besides jokes, the ring is really very suitable, in addition, it can serve as a remote control for other brand toys (for example, anal traffic jams G-PLUG, and you can connect them to such a ring up to ten at the same time). By using G-Ring It is very convenient to do massage and warm up the partner before intimacy – in our case, it will also come in handy. Vibropersten Santiago Play from Luxeluv – Another worthy representative Vibrators on the finger, which is in no way inferior to the older brother G-Ring, Unless the remote control cannot be.
In short, boys, this must be taken. You won’t believe it now, but then make sure – Mini-vibrator on the finger This is an excellent investment. And you will receive your dividends one way or another.

*Fingering is the stimulation of the clitoris, vagina or anus with fingers.Perhaps you will have a question regarding Lubrication And Massage oils: what to take? We take what a woman will like. A woman loves strawberries? Take it gel with strawberry aroma – Let it be a two -in -one tool that can be used for massage and as a lubricant. More massage can be done using special careers lotions And fragrant oils – They are not suitable as lubricant, but they will play the role of homemade spa, making the skin delicate and moisturized. The most romantic natures will certainly appreciate special Massage candles: they have a low melting point, and when setting up, these candles quickly conceal into a warm pleasant oil, which can be poured directly onto the body – it will not be hot. At all, Massage candles – This is more about the atmosphere and entourage, so we recommend. A woman, nevertheless, has sex in her head. TO Massage candle Be sure to grease, it will definitely come in handy and it is impossible to feel sorry for it, otherwise your efforts risk becoming her suffering. You can try to invent a bicycle and use Warming – This can give additional bonuses, but it is better to use this only if you have already done it and know what the lady will like (because not everyone likes the “fire in my underpants”, and someone will hurt at all). Exciting lubrication – our best friend, it enhances blood flow to the genitals, but does not burn and does not bake. Lubricant on water -based, neutral or with caring components – what will surely need.

When the entire arsenal is ready, you can start

1. Create a suitable environment. It is important to make it as comfortable as possible and having intimate communication – otherwise nothing will come of it. Here to anyone: someone loves a bath, pink petals and incense, Someone is most comfortable on the couch in an embrace with a bottle of good alcohol. You can drink, but not very much-otherwise instead of a hand-job you will get a stand-up show.
2. Start from afar. No need to immediately grab the partner by the chest, twisting the nipple and with the second hand frantically tearing off her panties. Kisses and stroking – that is where it is really worth starting.
3. Massage! No wonder we bought a whole bunch of everything. Even if you do not know how to do massage, nothing is wrong-do as you can (just not rails-rams, sleeping sleepers, for the sake of the sake of the saint). Put the back, stroke the tummy and this is all completely suitable for yourself. The main thing is to do everything carefully and soft. At this stage you can break away properly and linger a little longer. At some point you will understand that she is ready.

4. Go down the lower. Now, now you can touch the most secret. But, again, very neatly. Start by covering its genitals with your palm and stroke, pressing slightly, up and down.
5. Pay attention to the clitoris. The clitoris is the same organ that is responsible for the female orgasm, and nothing else. Therefore, please show respect, and do not grab for it, like for the last hope! It is best to caress the area around the clitoris or its hood, so you will avoid pain and deliver the most pleasant. You can start with light circular movements along the hood of the clitoris (almost without pressing) or from the “slingshot”: place the clitoris between the thumb and forefinger and slightly compress. At this stage, in principle, you can arm yourself vibrator And go through all strategic points: nipples, chest, inside of the hips.
6. Grab the labia with both hands and pull them slightly, expand a little and return to the original. Can be repeated several times.
Finally the most interesting! Put the palm on the vagina, the fingers are directed towards the anus. The middle and ring fingers enter the vagina, and capture the pubic bone. Next begins the movement of the fingers and simultaneously pressing the clitoris with a hand. Here you can put the second hand on the stomach (approximately in the uterine area) and slightly press in the process. Here you can already wear Vibrator on the finger and use it with might and main.
7. Another technique – a “outlet” – can be interspersed with the previous ones in the process. For this, the fingers of one hand are used: the thumb stimulates the anus, the middle one – the vagina, the index – the clitoris.Manual work: secrets of manual caresses | Entertaining sexology
The result of such a massage will most likely be an orgasm. And if you get to dots g – Maybe even a squirt. In any case, the woman will be satisfied – and therefore, you too. Such a manual affection technique is good because it does not require any sacred knowledge and special training. And in the end, a man is able to satisfy a woman while he has at least one finger.

Manual caresses for him

In general, girls, what will I say. The fact that they all regularly do with their own hand is not at all. It is “shooting in a blessing”, wash your hands and go. And we will learn to jerk off so that our eyes roll up and fingers on the feet. And this is what we need:

  • oil, Lubrication, gel, lotion – Something for good sliding;
  • handles – two pieces, it is better if they are smooth and tender;
  • Erective ring, lasso, mini-vibrator – In order not to get bored.

And also accuracy, tenderness and patience – but you, sort of, do not buy them :))

Everything is not very difficult with men – any guy, in principle, finishes, if he jerks off for some time intensively. But it’s not very simple: he will finish, only he is unlikely to remember this-he himself did so hundreds of times. In general, we will take something else with something. For example:

1. Do not focus on a member. In fact, the girls for some reason love to caress the head exclusively – she seems to be the most sensitive. Of course, in most cases this is so, but there are many more places that are undeservedly deprived of attention. For example, male nipples – they are also very sensitive, and many men excites when the partner touches them with their hands or tongue. And there are buttocks, the inside of the hips, crotch, scrotum … The main thing is to be delicate and move your hand softly – especially when you get to the anus.
2. Do not twitch! Growing the penis at the base and starting to pull up and down is a bad idea. It is best to place your hand approximately in the middle, closer to the end – so the foreskin will not stretch too much.
3. Do not forget abundantly Lubricate Member in the process. It will be easier and more pleasant for everyone.
4. Play with a scrotum. Some men don’t like it at all when their testicles touch-someone tickling, someone hurts. But if your subject does not mind, try to experiment: many guys are able to end at all from compression of the scrotum.
5. Be persistent. Whatever you do, you will need to do it for a long time, rhythmically and intensively.
6. Keep it tightly. Member loves close hugs.Manual work: secrets of manual caresses | Entertaining sexology
The technician, fortunately, exists incredibly: these are all sorts of “lotuses” and “dolphins”, and some other special manual magic. Here are some of them:

  • Take the penis at the base in the palm of your hand so that the thumb is from below, from the pubic side, and the other four from the scrotum. Then, tightly squeezing your hand, raise it to the top, reaching the head of the penis, scroll your palm on the head, as if unscrewing the can lid.
  • Connect your arms together, torn your fingers, and grab the penis. Move your palms up and down, alternating with rotation. Caution: this is a very powerful trick, the partner can quickly finish.
  • Make the hole from the thumb and index finger and put it under the scrotum. Raising the testicles, hend them, being at the base of the penis, grab it tightly and raise your palm up. Then scroll the palm on the head of the penis and lower your palm down, tightly clasping the dick. Once at the base of the penis, open your palm and hang a strokeing movement along the scrotum, and again the hand must do scrolling, but already on it to be under it, t.e., In the starting position.
  • Erective ring – This is not only a functional assistant, but also a decorative element. So that the riser does not run away, you can pull on the ward ring or lasso – just no more than half an hour. If you keep an erection, you can wear Decorative clamp – The entourage decides.
  • Put the palm of one hand on the head of the penis. Turn the penis with the index and thumb of the other hand, but so that they do not touch each other.
    One hand makes scrolls on the head of the penis, the other stimulates the penis trunk up and down and twisting.
  • Combine the fingers of both palms, and grab one palm with the other palm. “Dress” them on a member (it is important that the hands are clearly perpendicular to each other) and start massage, raising and lowering your hands.
  • Grab the member with both hands: either in the “fist”, or with two fingers, as if in a ring. Make reciprocating movements, alternating them with twisting.
  • Who said that men don’t like vibration? Try to gently bring it vibrator to the head of a penis or scrotum – only at first at the smallest speed. Many men admit that they get tremendous pleasure, directing the stream of the soul to the head or testicles – why not try to postmulate these delicate zones vibrator? You can use your favorite “friend”, or you can small Vibroyayite – it is very comfortable.

The result of such a massage will definitely become an orgasm. And most likely, a huge gratitude in the eyes of a partner. He certainly never did this to himself!By the way, such a massage is good and if a man uses Creams And Pumps to increase: thus, blood enters the genitals even better and the results of training become more noticeable. Repeat these manipulations when applying an increase in cream – combine pleasant with useful.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated in this: accuracy, tenderness and a fairly share of patience (and endurance of hands, yes) will help you become a gurus of manual caresses, without leaving your home and without throwing thousands of rubles to dubious trainings.

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