Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

Femanding Sex: what’s the danger?.

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

Thrush is an infection that begins to develop at all of every person regardless of age. Such a disease has the causes of development and factors that provoke it. Treatment – a set of simple measures affecting many areas of human life, including sexual.
Vaginal candidiasis, known as thrush – a strong damage to the mucous membrane of the vagina due to the reproduction of the fungus. These microorganisms have been living in the human body for years, in no way showing an active life, but under certain conditions, the fungus multiplies, as a result of this, a fungal infection occurs.

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

Fungal infection

The conditions for the development of the fungus

  • Hormonal changes
  • The use of drugs (antibiotics, anti -inflammatory drugs, oral contraceptives)
  • Weakened immunity
  • The quality of the underwear
  • Infection from a partner

Symptoms of thrush in women

  • Itching
  • Burning during urination
  • Current discharge
  • Redness in the labia

Symptoms of thrush in men

In men, thrush is not so brightly detected, possibly asymptomatic infection. But some signs indicate the presence of the disease:

  • Small red rash around the head of the penis
  • Small cracks on the surface of the head
  • Pain during urination
  • Sluggish ejaculation

Sex during thrush

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?
In modern life, infectious diseases, including thrush, began to meet more often. This is due to the fact that antibiotics are very widely used, the immunity weakens and the ecology is affected by the spread of infection, which in our time is unfavorable.
Sex during thrush often causes women unpleasant and painful sensations, as well as discomfort that are accompanied by such symptoms:

  • unpleasant itching, strong burning during intercourse and after it
  • painful sensations
  • Excessive dry vagina
  • unpleasant odor

A sexual act can greatly aggravate the situation, worsen the state of health in general. With the initial symptoms of thrush, it is important to immediately consult a gynecologist, undergo a correct course of treatment. Candida falls on the partner’s mucous membrane even with protected sexual contact, the reason is the change in the vaginal microflora. Increased acidity can disrupt the integrity of the condom, and this provoke the penetration of the fungus into the body.

Is it dangerous to have sex with thrush?

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?
It does not matter how the disease proceeds, the duration of treatment can reach two weeks. Therefore, the question arises, it is dangerous to have sex during thrush?
When candidiasis is actively developing, sexual intercourse becomes a source of infection. The bearer of the fungus are both partners. At the time of propagation of the bacterium, the carrier of infection during sexual contact will most likely convey infection.

To diversify sexual life, also avoid the risk of getting infected from a sick partner, the couple uses different forms of sexual intercourse. These methods are completely unsafe, fungi are able to multiply on any mucous membranes of the whole human body. It is also important, this also applies to oral caresses if the fungus is in the oral cavity.

Gynecologists advise patients to postpone intimacy until the moment of absolute recovery. The fact is that during the milkman the mucous membrane is in an extremely painful state. Sexual intercourse under such circumstances contributes to a severe injury of the mucosa, which leads to various kinds of microcracks and erosion. And also leads to various sexual infectious diseases.

Immediate treatment of thrush

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?
Types of thrush, manifested in different forms and stages of development, differ: candidal carriage and chronic form.

The first type is manifested in the forms:

  • adhesive – microorganisms are on the surface of the mucosa
  • Colonized – the growth of microorganisms occurs rapidly
  • invasive – microflora absorbs deep layers of the skin

Chronic thrush is divided into: persistent (sluggish) and recurrent (systematic).

At the first, even minor symptoms, a gynecologist consultation is necessary. After a series of tests and laboratory tests, it is necessary to begin the treatment of infection.

Distinguish between two rows of drugs. Local drugs (vaginal tablets, candles, creams and ointments). With their help, gentle therapy is carried out with light forms of thrush.

General action drugs that affect the body (tablets and capsules). They are used in complicated forms of thrush, usually in an advanced form, in relapse.

Quick and competent treatment begins with the elimination of the causes of infection and eliminate provoking factors. After that, treatment follows, microflora is restored, both the vagina and the intestines. For the desired effect and complete elimination of infection, antifungal medicines must take both partners.

Chronic forms of thrush

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

The disease always causes a lot of inconvenience for women, greatly limits their sex life, since after sex all the symptoms of thrush are sharply intensified.
Doctors recommend absolute sexual abstinence! After all, sex with candidiasis causes unpleasant sensations only to a woman, and not her sexual partner, increasingly increases the risk of various complications of the disease.

But if you can’t remove yourself from pleasure, you can have sex with a chronic thrush with a chronic thrush. But the main thing is to observe all precautions.

  • Firstly, it is imperative to use a condom.
  • Secondly, always use antibacterial agents.
  • Thirdly, use the means of preventing the development of infection.
  • And, of course, personal hygiene – it is necessary to take a shower before and after sex.

In case of non -compliance with these measures, the probability of a recurrence of thrush is especially high. This approach will greatly reduce the likelihood of infection with thrush, and eliminate the possibility of developing complications, as well as renewal of relapse.

Therefore, answering the question of whether it is dangerous to have sex in a chronic thrush? No, it’s not dangerous. It depends on the degree of course and form of the disease. If there is no discomfort in a sexual act, it is not necessary to refuse pleasure. But it is important to take care of excluding the likelihood of infection of a sexual partner.

Complications from thrush

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

It often happens that a woman does not take absolutely any methods and measures for the rapid treatment of thrush, and the symptoms of the disease disappear. The woman thinks that she has recovered and does not plan to consult a doctor to undergo an examination. But this is a rather rude and serious mistake, because the activity of the fungus will not pass on its own, but goes into the chronic form of the disease. But it should be understood that during the period of exacerbation, therapy will be much longer and more difficult.

At least at first glance, candidiasis is not a serious disease, but with incorrect treatment and non -compliance with the rules can turn into complications. The mucous membrane affected by a fungal infection is quickly injured, even a sexually transmitted disease occurs a high risk. It also becomes likely to bring the infection into the urinary organs, which leads to inflammation – cyst.

A woman should carefully treat the thrush during pregnancy. Candidiasis is the cause of infections in a child, the disease is easily transmitted intrauterine, as well as during childbirth. During illness, a woman has the likelihood of a cervical rupture in childbirth, and in the postpartum period will be the cause of endometritis.

In men, candidiasis also leads to various diseases, such as urethritis and prostatitis. The risk of urethritis is that the disease affects the work of the kidneys, provokes the inflammatory process. Prostatitis leads to infertility, becomes the main cause of impotence.

It is better to exclude intimacy

Is it possible to have sex with thrush?

In case of choice – have sex during thrush or not – we take into account the pattern: candidiasis is treated faster and more efficiently without sex.

Perhaps there is a big sense for some time to refrain from sexual contact and pass the necessary treatment, than to treat chronic forms for a long time, to fight the consequences.

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