Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?

Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?.

Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?

The birth of a child is always a responsible important stage in the life of every married couple. However, pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent restoration of the mother leaves a serious imprint on the intimate life of the spouses. Potential parents who only plan to replenish are preliminary examination, preparation, etc.D., since they are worried about their future crumbs from the very first days of its appearance in my mother’s tummy.

You can and even need to have sex after conception, But the opinion is that in the initial period of pregnancy, sexual intercourse can largely harm the embryo. Is it really? You should figure out how much the solution of abandoning sexual life is appropriate for expectant mothers and dads.

The benefits of sex after conception and during pregnancy

It turns out, on the contrary, in the early stages of bearing the fetus, a woman does not fade off sexual attraction – her libido increases several times. The ban on intimacy does not make any sense if there are no kind of contraindications from the medical side of the issue. A modified hormonal background will allow a pregnant girl to experience a brighter and more strong orgasm.

Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?

About whether it is possible to have sex after conception, doctors in most cases say definitely. In addition, the direct moment of fertilization as a reference of the onset of a full pregnancy occurs approximately 6-7 days later. It is impossible to talk about conception over this period with all confidence, and therefore sex in any case will not harm the process of merging of male and female principles.

But the unrealized intimate desires of a woman and dissatisfaction in sex after the alleged conception can harm the process of cell division and her health.

Powerful libido and lack of sexual intercourse can jointly cause depression, scandals, high uterine tone and other troubles that can affect all stages of fertilization. The beneficial child will never benefit the oppressed suffering condition of the mother.

But it also happens that the sexual attraction of a woman from the moment of fertilization and throughout pregnancy fades away. The reason for this is most often external changes in the figure, extra pounds, an imbalance of hormones in the body. In this case, the spouse should not look for arguments in favor of sex. Such ladies have a desire for intimacy returns after the birth of the baby. The conclusion suggests itself: loving intimacy is possible and even necessary, but taking into account some nuances.

After conception, you can have sex with a pregnant woman

So, you can have sex when the spouses want this. However, after conception, it is worth considering:

  1. Do not get involved in erotic experiments. Choose only safe positions that do not imply pressure on the stomach of a woman (“man from behind”, “lying on the side”, “rider”). Frictions should be unhurried, rudeness and rigidity are unacceptable.
  2. Do not resort to anal sex. In expectant mothers, the probability of developing hemorrhoids increases several times due to the stagnation of venous blood characteristic of pregnancy in the rectum.
  3. You cannot combine traditional vaginal sexual intercourse and anal penetration. The intestinal infection is dangerous for the genitourinary system of women, and during periods of conception and bearing the fetus, especially.
  4. Do not exceed the usual duration of sexual intercourse. About how much you can have sex after conception, there are no exact recommendations. However, doctors advise to give passions no longer than 15 minutes.
  5. Do not ignore the need to use a special lubricant. Dry vaginal in pregnant women is a common problem, and they can avoid unpleasant sensations to both partners with pharmacy lubricant.

Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?

By the way, the initiator of love intimacy in the first weeks of pregnancy is far from always a man. As they say, how many people, so many opinions: some want, because they consider all the changes that occur in the body of their beloved woman, others are not, others are simply afraid to bring harm out of good motives. You can’t have sex after conception – many people really think, but this opinion is a priori wrong.

Believing that active sex life can harm their child from the first days of intrauterine life, such married couples abstain from intimate joys throughout pregnancy and postpartum period. And I must say, in vain: in the absence of contraindications, such victims are absolutely in vain, because the fetal egg is reliably protected in the uterus, and dad will not be able to “get” to it. The baby is reliably protected by amniotic fluid and placenta, moreover, the mucous traffic control of the cervical canal is protected from infections.

But caution will not hurt to show in the presence of one of the above points. Here are in which cases the expectant mother is better to listen to the recommendations of her obstetrician-gynecologist and abandon sex after conception:

  • with bloody discharge from the vagina of any intensity;
  • in the case of previous pregnancies that ended with a miscarriage, fruit;
  • with pathologically low placental attachment.

Are there any risks for the child if you have sex immediately after conception

The orgasm itself is not worth the future mother. The pleasure received during intercourse affects her health and well -being, which means that it also affects the development of the child. Gynecologists without a doubt answer the question of whether it is possible to have sex after conception with lower back or toxicosis: hormonal surge and prevention of blood stagnation in the pelvic organs will only benefit.

It is extremely important to use a condom if the partner is sick with an infection transmitted sexually. The danger of infection applies not only to pregnant women, but also to the future fruit. With absolute husband’s absolute health, a condom can not be used, this will allow a man and a woman to get a brighter pleasure from sex.

At this stage of the relations of spouses, intimate life is of great importance. Psychologists, reasoning whether it is possible to make love immediately after the fertilization of the egg, give an important, significant argument in favor of the “pregnant” sex. Parents who do not refuse sexual contacts during the period of bearing the fetus are much easier to return to active sexual life after the birth of a crumb.

Is it possible to have sex in the first days after conception of a child?

Close contact with your beloved man – what could be better for maintaining the mood and hormonal background of the pregnant woman? Every woman needs a regular confirmation of love in relation to herself, and for a future mother, this is fundamentally important. Only psychological comfort and positive emotions will help to overcome the difficult period of bearing and childbirth.

In other words, sex is a source of a great mood for a pregnant woman. Therefore, if it is impossible to have vaginal sex after conception, you can choose other forms of delivery to each other intimate pleasure. This is oral sex, and petting, and erotic massage. If a woman does not have a desire, mood, it is not necessary to force her to sexual intercourse, everything will return to his circles with the advent of the long -awaited baby.

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