I want sex with my son. What to do?

I want sex with my son. What to do?.

In Yandex on this topic, there are about 94 million results, and the forums are filled with questions from women who are attracted to their sons. Immediately recall the phrase – the ideal man can only be given birth.

Since the question is very difficult and it will definitely not be possible to answer it, discussions do not subside for many decades.

If a woman claims, I want sex with her son, whether it is possible to consider her inadequate, or the right to fantasy is given to every person, only not all desires passed?!

If I want sex with my son, should I see a doctor?

Perhaps the first person in history that stated that this is the norm is Freud. The personality is ambiguous and for some reason he could put forward theories for which other psychotherapists would be thrown to prison or sent themselves for treatment.

Freud considered problems in the adult intimate life of a person as the consequences of an incestoose relationship with his parents.

There is no direct incest in such families, but the child does not have a space free from mom and dad.

Such children either sleep with their parents in the same bed, or do not have a room in which you cannot enter just like that. Often mothers are sure that the child has nothing to hide and break into the room without knocking.

Often a teenager comes across handwriting, and it happens that he also gets thrashes for this. So masturbation becomes something shameful for a teenager.

All this will imprint on the adult life of the child and then not to pass the problems. The desire to have sex with your son is not a pathology of the psyche, but it is still worth working on such moments, first of all, in order to free yourself from the shackles.

Unrealized sexual fantasies lead to disease, this is almost a scientific fact. At the same time, such fantasy cannot be realized definitely, which means that you should contact a sexologist and conduct conversations with a specialist about solving the problem.

But it is better to buy a cool sex toy and relieve tension without being harmful to anyone. Let your fantasy remain only with fantasy during masturbation with a clitoral vibrator, which is able to bring to orgasm in a couple of minutes.

“I want sex with my son!»The essence of incest according to Freud

Freud at one time made many incredible statements that were afraid to even say in hearing before.

He found out that in childhood, boys often experience a sexual attraction to their mother, since their sexual functions are just beginning to develop and an object of adoration is a woman who is always there.

However, the child does not experience any semantic load, this happens almost unconsciously usually at 3-6 years old.

Freud also described the essence of incest and explained why children’s injuries can adversely affect a person in adulthood.

The boy takes care of her mother, gives her flowers, expresses a feeling of love. The main thing is to properly switch the child’s attention to peers correctly.

If he does not take attention from his mother to girls in a kindergarten or school, does not make the object of courtship of other girls, he will not get the desired result from his mother and this may injure his psyche.

If Freud presented the desire to have intimacy with his mother as the usual development of sexuality and possible mental trauma of childhood, then how to explain the attraction of the mother to her son?

What to do if a woman wants sex with her own son and experiences a vicious gravity for him? If a woman seriously declares “I want sex with her son!”Is it possible to consider this a pathology of the psyche and physiology?

Sex with son is not a problem of physiology, but the problem of morality

Looking at animals, we can conclude that incest from the point of view of physiology is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Who in the village did not happen to see how the cat was mating with his own son?!

But then the norm for cats, people have morality and a list of prohibitions that are observed not only with the help of the law, but also with the help of public opinion. For a person, incest is an unacceptable act that is condemned by religion, society, power.

The thoughts themselves from the series “I want sex with my son” can be explained by mental processes and as Freud claimed, such desires are not a sign of deviations.

Moreover, the desire can be mutual at all and then we can talk about the absence of violence. However, here it should be divided by physical and emotional violence.

The first in incest is certainly absent, but this is difficult to say what the consequences for the fragile psyche of a teenager.

In the future, he may experience a sense of rejection, because the laws of society in which he lives was violated by him and his mother.

Therefore, another reason for the rejection of such practice may be concern for the mental health of his son and responsibility for the deed.

By summarizing the above, you can declare the following – the desire to have sex with your son is absolutely normal for a person, as an animal.

The young young body cannot but attract a woman, nature created us so. But a man took several steps in development and our separation from primitive cats and dogs happened thanks to morality.

As we recall, morality is a list of norms and restrictions, the purpose of which is to increase the survival of the species and its intellectual development. Therefore, do not scold yourself for desires, but to realize everything that came to mind is also nothing.

Although in the world there are completely unexplored events, such as trafficking in people and other tin, such deviations cannot be considered the norm.

Even if thousands of psychiatrists and psychotherapists are informed in scientific articles that incest is not forbidden, society and religion will never agree with them.

We are not cats or dogs.  It is one thing when there are fantasies and thoughts, but there is no sex, and quite another when a vicious connection happened.

Despite all the efforts of Freud, we did not recognize incest norm. There are so -called side effects that do not cost several minutes of carnal pleasure.

Psychological trauma will remain with the teenager forever, and it will not be so difficult to thunder behind bars after such contact.

Science does not reject fantasies, moreover, sexologists say that fantasize and masturbate is completely not harmful, but rather vice versa.

Therefore, if you think about that. What to do if a woman wants her son, then probably the answer should sound like this – nothing. Limit yourself to fantasies in self -satisfaction, nothing more.

Probably so it should be. It is better to purchase a good clitoral vibrator and relieve voltage without resorting to vicious ties.

Moreover, masturbation helps to improve mood and distracts from stupid thoughts.

Real sex with mother: History of Emperor Nero

Of course, everything that exists in the head of a person, one way or another gets the opportunity to implement. In the modern world, especially in civilized educated states with well -developed religious institutions, it is simply impossible to imagine this.

However, as mentioned above, in psychology, or rather sexology of people, such deviations are present, as evidenced by search queries and branches on the forums. Therefore, this was before, only in conditions of weak influence of morality, they could commit incest without remorse.

One of the most striking examples of vicious connection is considered to be sexual relations between Emperor Nero and his mother Agrippina.

There is a brief biography and the story of the young man’s coming to power. The records that the love between Agrippina and Nero went far beyond the framework of the “son-mother” and regularly accompanied by carnal joys have been preserved.

All the inadequacy of these acts was emphasized by attempts to poison Agrippin, and then a direct order to kill her in any way.

However, Nero was a sick person, as evidenced by the construction of the Golden Palace of crazy sizes and luxury. Read about this article here.

Agrippina was famous for being built to the throne of her lovers or twisted an affair with the current emperor, each of whom was her relative, by the way!

When the son’s turn came, she led him to power and tried to lead the country through him, and at the first refusals she promised to overthrow and appoint her other man to the throne.

The vicious relationship between the mother and son did not last long, after several attempts to poison, heal and drown, Nero sent soldiers to his mother who deprived her of life. So the story in which the woman’s sex with her own son turned into a tragedy.

I slept with my son. What to do?

To receive a professional consultation on this issue, I turned to several psychologists, hoping to get a number of recommendations.

However, all as one replied that the causes of a sexual attraction to his son and the methods of seduction must be found out from the woman herself.

Obviously, there is a violation of sexual behavior, which most likely originates in one of its complexes and with almost a 100% guarantee will cause a guy in the appearance of any complex.

If a woman has already slept with her son, then there can be only one recommendation here – an appeal to a good psychologist.

I speak to a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, because it is unlikely that we are talking about any violations of the psyche, as mentioned above, we discuss complexes and deviations in sexual behavior.

Try to find a psychological practitioner gestalt therapy, such a specialist will listen to without condemnation and evaluation, determine the root of the problems and help to build an effective model of further behavior. This is very important to do, because what happened will not pass without a trace and only you can help your son.

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