How to take sex in a public place. Instructions

How to take sex in a public place. Instructions.

How to take sex in a public place. Instructions

Sex in a public place is a common fantasy that can be realized in reality. With the help of modern technology, it became possible! And this will not violate the law and will not cause outrageous views. How to have sex in a restaurant, park or even at work?

How to achieve orgasm surrounded by people, so that no one can guess? How to masturbate at any convenient time? Further — detailed instructions.

Why do you need sex in public places

For sex in a crowded place, they decide for the sake of diversity. When the usual experiments in bed seem boring, it costs Try something unusual. And it is precisely the sex-run that seems to be a great idea to many. It can be implemented in winter and summer.

Fantasies on this topic are activated by several emotions at once: curiosity, fear and desire to violate the boundaries. This is a very bright cocktail that enhances sensations from any erotic actions. It should definitely try it for everyone during paired sex and during masturbation.

And scientists believe that Public sex – This is normal behavior for our ancestors. That millions of years ago, anticipated monkeys practiced such actions, and subconsciously we want to return to this experience. And it is this inner call that causes such a strong interest in watching porn – observing sex from the side.

How to take sex in a public place. Instructions

What sex is possible in a crowded place

You can put any experiments, but for many caresses you can be punished. The accusation of hooliganism is waiting for those who will be a bug. The maximum punishment will be if your actions are seen by small children.

How to avoid punishment? Use modern technologies! They will not have to be bare or rubbed with genitals. Sex can be even when two are at a distance from each other.

Modern sex toys are located in the genital of a partner. They are hidden under clothes, For others are invisible. And at any time they can «turn on». Thus start «Remote sex». They are controlled from a remote remote control or smartphone. And changing speed, it is easy to give an orgasm.

Partners can just sit nearby, but one will control the fluctuations in the body of the other. And although everything is modest, in fact there is real sex.

How to take sex in a public place. Instructions

What sex toys are created for sex in crowded places

All remote sex devices can be divided into male, female and universal. But it is the female who is produced more, since excitement is less noticeable.

Anal traffic jams. Created for wearing, located comfortably, do not interfere with moving. Inside a powerful but quiet motor. For both sexes.
Vibroyan. Introduced into the vagina of a woman. Allow you to enjoy and strengthen muscles, can serve as a simulator.
Cliter stimulants. Fixed to panties and caress the external genitalia. Ideal for those who love orgasms from clitoris caresses.
Prostate massagers. These are anal stimulants of curved shape. With each movement of a man, a slight pressure on the prostate occurs. This is nice, although it does not always lead to orgasm.
Paired vibrators. Created for sex, but can be used and remotely. Massage the female bosom and the clitoris at the same time.

How they work? Plunged into the body, giving a feeling of fullness, which is already pleasant. And at any time you can turn on vibration. The modes are easy to change, enhancing or slowing the effect. And an orgasm can happen anywhere.

Remote sex toys work Silently. Attention is not attracted. Only the behavior of the owner can give out what is happening. But this only adds piquancy. Of course, people can notice rapid breathing or groans. But they can be hidden or showed – this is decided for himself.

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