How to make sex in the shower even more pleasant

How to make sex in the shower even more pleasant.

Touching on the topic of sex in the bathroom, we can inadvertently forget to tell about another excellent entertainment – sex in the shower. By and large, doing this in the shower cabin is much more convenient than in the bathroom itself. So, how to achieve pleasure from the flow of warm water?

1) water flow – Small streams of water pour in an inexhaustible source of pleasure. Thus, their flow can be directed to all possible parts of the body, as well as adjust the temperature of the water and the force of water pressure.

2) underwater blowjob – One of the most pleasant moments of sex in the shower. Let your partner become, directing a stream of water over yourself, and you kneel down and start caressing its penis with lips and tongue. True, in such a situation it is not easy to breathe, so from time to time you will have to stop and find out how your partner is doing.

3) vibrating lips – The industry has released a whole range of vibrating sponges (Vibrating Mess Sponge), which can be used instead of a conventional sponge in the shower. And the main function of this device is exciting. So, for example, you can ask the partner to wash you with this sponge with fragrant soap or cream. This will excite no less than the usual erotic prelude, and confidence will also arise between you.

4) Do not forget about security! Sex in the shower is dangerous in that you can easily slip, and water can wash off the lubricant, which is so necessary to get pleasure. If you feel that you are inconvenient, then the prelude can start in the bathroom itself, and then continue your love games in the bedroom.

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