How to lose virginity to a girl with a guy. First sex

How to lose virginity with a guy.

Deprivation of virginity is that of the most unforgettable and very important steps in the life of every girl, rising to which she takes the first step towards a completely new life – sexual life. The first sex of the girl is the starting point that will determine the girl’s attitude to sex for at least the coming years. This is the first impression, the first experience that will serve as a measure to compare and evaluate all other episodes of her sexual life. This is the door through which the girl falls into the new world, the world of bodily pleasure and sensual pleasures, and on how she enters this world, her future sexual life will depend. But unfortunately, not all girls are fully aware of this when they decide on this step. As a result, due to the lack of elementary knowledge, errors are allowed that first time turn to a grandiose discovery, but a great disappointment. And in order for such disappointments to be as little as possible, this article was written, from which each virgin learns all the subtleties and nuances of how to lose his virginity, when, with whom and where and where.  The answers to the most frequently asked virgins will be given.

Before discussing specifically actions and answer the main question “How to lose virginity?“, I consider it necessary to answer immediately the even more main questions“ with whom?” and when?”, Since the result of your first sex depends on them to a greater extent.

How many years will be lost virginity?

As they say everything is your time. But time is not in the sense of age, but in the sense of internal readiness – maturity. Of course, doctors say that the most favorable period for the first sexual experience is the age of 17-20 years, citing the fact that the hymen at this age is best torn. But the main thing, as for me, is not age. I think, Before losing her virginity to the girl, it is fairly honest to answer 3 main questions: is that guy? Do I want this now? Are I ready? If you have a truly beloved person by this time, then most likely all these three questions will be convincing and unequivocal: “Yes-yes-yes”! If you are not sure of any point, then you should not rush, then not time yet. Many girls try to get rid of virginity as quickly as possible as some shameful stigma, mistakenly believing that this will somehow positively affect their status and position in society, relationships with friends and on life in general. But this is a stupid misconception that imposes popular Western publications and films to young girls, from where, unfortunately, all our youth most often draw knowledge. Diligently indulging all this delirium, girls often neglect the main thing that they have by internal wisdom, feeling or inner voice that leads in life and helps to make the right decisions. So you do not need to complex about the fact that all friends are already having sexual life, and you, for example, are not yet. Remember that your fate is only your fate and it is by and large few people worry (excluding parents and loved ones), so why you should bother and worry someone’s opinion that you are still a virgin? If this is worried about one of your friends, then let him worry further, and you do not listen to them, but your heart, it will never deceive you. When your time comes, everything will happen by itself and in the best way, Believe me. The main thing is to rush events, to drive in this subject and just live, rejoicing in life!))

I advise you to watch Victoria Isaeva’s video, who just talks about when it is necessary to lose their virginity and with whom.

What should be the first guy?

Deprivation of virginity is a mutual process in which not only the girl is involved, but also the guy. Moreover, it is precisely on the guy to a greater extent depends on how much everything will pass. Therefore, the girl should carefully approach the choice of the first guy. It is worth emphasizing and identifying the importance of some criteria that the guy should meet if he claims to the role of the first man.

  • You love him, and he. Let’s start with the most important thing – there should be love between you.  The fact is that for a girl it is very desirable that the first sex is associated with high feelings, that is, you must love this guy, and he preferably loves you. It is love that allows the first sex to give the atmosphere that a girl needs for maximum trust and relaxation. When the guy loves, his high feelings are able to curb his desires raging below the belt. As a result of this, his actions will be smooth and tender, and not in a hurry, trying to have fun as quickly as possible. Such a guy will be able to give the necessary warmth, care, tenderness, love and reproduce that emotional contact that is so important to the girl at this important moment for her. And when a girl enters into intimacy (especially the first) without an emotional component (feelings of love), this often leads to the study of her values and the inner sensory world, which often leads to the fact that the girl turns into a whore over time, as if rudely itsounded.
  • If we don’t love, then gentle and affectionate. I understand that in our time it does not always turn out so that the first sex takes place in love, that is, with your beloved guy who loves you and you. But in this case, the guy must at least be gentle and affectionate and most importantly respect you as a girl. Under such conditions, the girl will be able to trust him and relax.
  • Literal in sex matters. It is clear that you cannot find out in any way, but you must understand how important it is. As you know, it is the guy who has to take all the initiative and manage what is happening. But quite often, due to the complete illiteracy of the guy in these matters, they both suffer: he and his girlfriend. It follows that your boyfriend before depriving you of innocence should find out how this is done (if he does not know), namely, find out how to deprive a girl of virginity. Now, good, there is a lot of information. But many young people are too self -confident and think that having heard their “experienced” friends, they all already know. Maybe such self-confidence is quite justified, but it is not rarely such guys for a long time and repeatedly torment their girlfriend, and in the end, when he doesn’t come out, he also accuses the girl of this that she is supposedly not like that or something inthis is a kind. The guy must understand and know how this is done, at least theoretically. He must own elementary knowledge how female genitals are arranged, what the virgin playing looks like and where the virgin playing is located, how to break the virgin pleasant, causing a minimum of pain to his girlfriend and t.D. If the guy is also a virgin, then this becomes an even more important criterion.

Where and under what conditions it is better to spend the first time?

One of the main conditions of quick and mild deprivation of virginity is the state of relaxation of the girl. When the girl is emotionally relaxed, the muscles of her body can also relax, and this will contribute to the easier penetration of the penis into the vagina, but we will talk about this below. In this regard, it is better to spend the first time where no one will hinder you. That is, you do not need to do this with you or at his home, waiting for all relatives to leave the house. It is better to do this on some neutral territory, for example, rent a hotel room. Because according to the law of meanness, someone will certainly come: the energy supervision to take readings from the counter, the neighbor will come to ask matches or, much worse, if one of the parents suddenly really returns. It is very important for a girl to relax that no one will interfere with her boyfriend. It is not a rare case when parents or relatives suddenly prevented a young couple, and the girl’s muscles are spasmodic from fright, squeezing a partner’s member to so much that he has no opportunity to take him out. This hurts both, as she is. Another option for the development of this situation is a psycho -emotional trauma received from fright a girl, as a result of which she can block sensuality for a long time, which means that in the future she may have difficulties with achieving an orgasm. In order to avoid all these ridiculous situations, with sad consequences, it is better to take care of a place where no one can worry you.

Does it hurt to lose virginity?

This question cannot be answered in general for all girls, since all girls are different and all of them have defloration also passes in different ways. Now we will consider the main possible causes of which pain may occur:

  • Due to the features of the virgin rod. All girls have different vagina in shape and size. They also have a different virgin pole in shape, thickness, elasticity, in equipment with nerve endings and blood vessels. That is why the first sexual intercourse in some girls passes easily, almost painlessly and even without blood, others are a little unpleasant and a little blood, in the third, the rupture of the film is accompanied by pain and bleeding. But as statistics show about 30% of girls losing virginity almost painlessly.
  • Due to fear and tension. The presence of pain depends largely on the internal state of the girl. Feeling of fear only enhances tension, in tension – pain. If a girl loves and her first sexual intercourse happens to her with a loved one, she trusts more, is less afraid, better relaxes and is better excited, which allows her to lose her virginity painlessly.
  • Illiterate partner. If the partner is not literate in sexual terms and does not know how to behave with a virgin, how to prepare her and how to break through the virgin pleasant he can torment for a long time and torment his girlfriend before they succeed. As a result of this, the girl’s word sex will be associated with pain and torment for a long time.
  • Inflammatory processes in the vagina. It is advisable before the first sex will be checked by the gynecologist, because if any inflammatory processes are present at the entrance to the vagina as a result of an introduced infection (trichomonas, fungus, etc.), this can do all the tissues, including the virgin pleasant, which is very sensitive that hello to increasedsoreness when touching it, and even more so with a break.

The chosen pose, the technique of introducing a member into the vagina and others also affects the chosen pose, but these reasons are written in more detail in the article: First sex. Does it hurt to lose virginity?

Where does fear come from and how it complicates the first sex

It is quite normal when the girl experiences excitement before something unknown, which she had never had before. But often a slight experience develops into panic fear and this happens for two reasons: due to non-knowledge of elementary things or due to biased information. But the source of biased information is often friends who already had the experience of the first sex. Since the girls are by nature emotional creatures, it tends to exaggerate everything, and it doesn’t matter that positive aspects or negative. That is, a friend talked about how she went for the first time, how painful she was and t.D (naturally exaggerated). Then the girl missing these words through herself, once again exaggerates and in the end it turns out that in her mind to lose her virginity-this means going through something terrible and unbearable. As a result, it turns out, because she does not know that all the girls are happening differently, and the fact that one was painful does not mean at all that it will hurt you too.

As a result, the girl, when left with the guy alone and everything goes to sex, she, in addition to a natural experience, is also covered by fear of upcoming torment and pain. She no longer considers the option that everything will be fast and not painful. And what does fear do with our body? Fear makes our muscles involuntarily strain. Women’s vagina is also a combination of muscles, which also tensed, contract under the influence of fear. As a result, it becomes very difficult for a guy to introduce a member into the vagina and break through the virgin pleasant. He himself is tormented and tormented by his partner. That is, a girl from a part itself helps to experience more pain during deviations of virginity. Many doctors claim that the girl is more painful not from the rupture of the virgin rod, but from that internal muscle tension in the vagina, which occurs under the influence of fear.

In what pose will be deprived of virginity

The chosen pose also greatly affects how fast and how painless you will be able to lose virginity. The best pose is the missionary pose, namely, such an option in which the girl lies on her back with a pillow-plated pillow (or something friend), her legs are slightly placed to the sides and tightened with knees to her chest. In this position, the guy will see what and how he does, which means it is better to control the whole process. In the picture below, you may notice that the pillow lies under the girl’s head, so she should lie under her buttocks.

How to lose virginity to a girl with a guy. First sex

Also in this pose the virgin playing is most stretched and easily torn. The guy kneels behind the girl. About what and how he should do is written in the instructions for guys how to deprive a girl of virginity.

A lubricant may come in handy

No matter how the girl loves and no matter how she trusts her partner a natural experience about the first sex is certainly present and this is quite normal. As a result of this, the girls often cannot be excited enough, because of which their vagina becomes not well-moistened enough, which in turn greatly complicates the introduction of a member. Some guys (not particularly literate) try to introduce a member so much, but this greatly complicates everything and, in addition, causes the girl pain. In such cases, it is better to use additional lubricant – lubricant. So, girls, make sure that at this crucial moment you have an additional lubricant at your hand, just in case, the lubricant. Lubricate your genitals and member of your boyfriend. The guy himself can do this. If a guy with fantasy is not tight, this process can be turned into an excellent prelude when he spreads you, caressing the vagina, and you spread his cock, making Lingam massage!))

Is it worth it to protect when depriving virginity?

There is such a myth that they say for the first time it is not possible to get pregnant – this is a myth! Can be in two counts. Therefore, a condom will definitely come in handy. You can, of course, and without it, if the guy is not going to bring himself to the ejaculation.

Is it worth counting on an orgasm for the first time?

Some girls are disappointed in sex due to the fact that the first sex was, and those magical feelings are written and showing in the cinema. Although there are girls experiencing an orgasm already during the first sex, but it is worth saying that there are very few of them. Most often, a girl begins to experience an orgasm after a while, as her sensuality develops (the ability to achieve an orgasm). This takes different times for all girls, but it is worth noting that it very depends on her boyfriend, namely, on his literacy, namely the skills and ability to reveal and develop her sexuality. The fact is that most erogenous zones of virgins are still sleeping, and they have yet to reveal and arouse, which the man is actively facilitated. They wake up as the girl’s sexual life develops. Therefore, do not be discouraged if you have managed to lose virginity for the first time, but there is no orgasm. Know that this is quite normal and you still have ahead. You are taking only the first steps in sexual life. You can read about this in more detail in the article of the beginning of a sexual life, but I still have not experienced an orgasm.

What should not be done during the deprivation of virginity

  • Strain. It is clear that at this exciting moment you can unknowingly strain from possible unpleasant sensations, from fear, etc.D. Therefore, constantly take care of yourself. As soon as you feel that your muscles and muscles of the pelvis begin to clamp, try to consciously relax them. Most often, virgins do not yet own their intimate muscles (vaginal muscles) and therefore it is difficult for them to control these muscles. I advise all virgins to strengthen the muscles of the vagina until the first sex. This will not only help to better control the relaxation of these muscles during the deprivation of virginity, but will be useful for your female health, relieve childbirth, and also positively affect the quality of your further sexual life. Find out here how to train the muscles of the vagina. If the girl is tense, she strengthens her pain and complicates everything to her boyfriend, who cannot enter her because of this.
  • Ask the guy to slowly introduce a member. Firstly, if the guy does it slowly, the spit will stretch and do not break for a long time (depends on the rod), which will only stretch your pain. Secondly, if the hole in the virgin plea is large enough, then the member can gradually stretch it and go into the vagina through it. As a result of virginity, you will not lose and for some time the virgin pole will cause discomfort during sex, especially with each introduction of a member. This is described in the article did not break the virgin playing during the first sex. Therefore, it is better for guys to enter a member not sharply, but with one confident movement, having previously correctly directed it. If the girl is in the correct pose and her virgin pool is stretched, then she should easily break through.
  • Move and hold the guy with his hands . Instinctively, the girl tries to break out of the guy’s arms or somehow move away to reduce the pressure of the penis to the virgin pleasant, thus reduce pain. But by this, she herself delays this process, not allowing the guy to do everything quickly. Even if it hurts a little, then the pain will be instantaneous than a long and repeated.
  • Be sure to bring everything to the end for the first time, even if nothing happens. If the guy does not succeed in anything, you do not need to hurry, try to postpone it next time. If for the first time to torment yourself for a long time, forcing to experience pain, it can negatively affect your 2nd attempt to lose virginity and further ability to receive an orgasm from sex, since this pain can be in the head and not allow you to relax in the future during sex.
  • Continue sex if it hurts. If the guy has successfully entered you, but with frictions you feel severe pain, stop. You have already done the main one – broke through the virgin pleasant. Just agree that you will continue in a week – 10 days. During this time, the edges of the torn virgins will heal and at the next sex you will no longer experience such pain.

Restoration and hygiene after deprivation of virginity

After everything happened from you and you have successfully lost their virginity, the next no less important stage comes – restoration. Depending on what kind of spit did you have and how easily it broke through your condition and sensation (there) after the first sex. The easier everything goes, the faster and easier the recovery process passes. Do not try to have sex in the coming days, even if you don’t feel anything there. Defloration (rupture of virgin rings) is the same injury as, for example, a knee -deep knee. Therefore, you need peace and time, so that everything is restored and healed.

To accelerate recovery processes, use glycerin ointment. Wash 2-3 times a day and after that lubricate the entrance to the vagina with glycerin ointment. In this case, the healing will go even faster.

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