How to have sex with your husband

How to have sex with your husband?.

How to have sex with your husbandThe intimate life of a married couple is very different from the one that was before marriage. With each next year spent together – Passion begins to fade. Children appear, and with them new obligations, having fulfilled which, do not have the strength left for anything else. And you and you your husband prefer to go to bed, rather than make love.

What if everything was different? Imagine how you have sex every day, relieve tension and feel less irritable. This is possible if a mutual desire to change an intimate life for the better appears.

If sex with my husband has ceased to delight you, and passion has completely faded away, you need to urgently reanimate relations. You can start small – With conversations. Just sit down and discuss everything that worries in sexual life. After listening to each other, we can draw conclusions about the reasons for the faded light.

Perhaps after childbirth you are not comfortable in your body. Or maybe your man completely stopped exciting and delight you. The root causes may be a heap. The main thing is to figure it out well.

How to have sex with a man correctly, so that passion is, as at the beginning of a relationship

When the couple is just beginning to meet – Sex for them is not ordinary. Over time, partners begin to rub them to each other, intimate no longer attracts. We have compiled a top – a list of recommendations for the return of passion to the relationship. Performing them regularly, even for a month, you will feel positive changes.

  • Do not be shy. One of the problems that married couples faces – This is the lack of sex after childbirth. All women are different. Someone immediately runs to the sport hall, and someone can not return the former form. Because of this, complexes appear, and sex goes into the background. Buy for yourself beautiful erotic linen and warming lubricant. Make a muffled light. It is not recommended to do this in pitch darkness. And just relax. Let yourself have fun and relieve stress.
  • How to have sex with your husbandDon’t refuse. If your husband asks you to make love – Do not rush to refuse. Try to have sex with your husband every day for at least a month. Through which—then you will notice positive changes not only in your well -being, but also in your relationship with your husband.
  • Experiment. Try to add something new to sex. Look at the catalog of our store and see how many devices can be bought to diversify ordinary intimate. If your husband and you have never used sex toys before, we advise you to start with paired vibroostimulators. In fact, to add sex of severity, it is not necessary to immediately buy expensive toys. You can start with role -playing costumes and warming lubricants.
  • Listen to your desires. To please my husband – This is excellent, but you don’t have to forget about yourself either. Think about what you yourself would like to try. Discuss this with each other and put into practice.
  • Remember your sexuality. During the day you can be an office worker, the mother of three children and just a housewife. But at night you are a sexy beautiful woman who wants to have hot sex with a beloved man. Take a look after yourself, wear beautiful linen to feel the desired. The feeling of its inner sexual energy will affect the husband. You will see how his relationship will change, after you change it yourself.

These simple tips, about how to have sex with her husband, may be somewhat banal, but effective. After a couple of weeks, you will notice how your family sexy life has changed.

And buy everything you need for the variety of intimacy, you can in our online store. A large selection of erotic linen, toys and lubricants will return passion even to the most faded relationships.

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