How to have sex quietly

How to have sex quietly.

How to have sex quietly
Sensual cries and groans of delight during sex can convince a partner (and sometimes even neighbors) that you will definitely enjoy. But a loud expression of passion for various reasons is simply impossible. Solution? Quiet sex.

The idea of sex without screams or groans at first can cause bewilderment, but with proper preparation it will be incredibly hot and exciting, and also brings closer to your loved one. After all, now signals that you like what is happening will be visual contact and body language.

In addition, there is a feeling that you are doing something prohibited. An attempt to hide their erotic adventures from children, parents or neighbors will become a similar and unifying experience.

How to have sex and not be “caused”

Silent sex will be easy if you find poses in which there are no sudden movements, or take suitable sex toys. There are several options on how to do everything quietly.

A kiss instead of a scream

When sex is “gaining speed”, there may be a desire to scream in order to relieve this tension a little. Kiss a partner instead of a scream. This will muffle the likely noise, and the proximity between you will be more sensual.

Use words

A verbal expression of pleasure will be alternative to loud sounds. Whisper quietly in your beloved, affectionate or vulgar words, tell me that you like his actions.


Pillows come in handy at the moment when you are trying to have quiet sex. How? I want to shout – bite a pillow, blanket or even a partner’s hand, unless, of course, he does not mind.

Distract attention with other noise

If the temperament does not allow to restrain, use any background noise to “disguise” yourself. Turn on the TV, music, recording sounds of nature as louder as possible (the noise of rain, sea, etc.D.).

Make the bed quieter

If the main source of noise is not you yourself, but the furniture on which you have sex, pay attention to mattresses with the effect of memory: they do not creak like spring.

So that the bed does not slide on the floor, attach rubber stoppers to the legs or put the fabric rolled several times. Pull the frame or lubricate the springs to reduce the creak. Put the bed away from the wall to prevent the head of the head of the head. Or maybe in general ..

Remove the bed

Use a creative approach and find another place or post for sex. For example, do it standing or sitting on a chair or in an armchair. If you still want to take a horizontal position, move to the floor. Just don’t forget to lay the blanket and throw the pillows so that it is softer.

Sex in the bathroom

The sound of water will help to drown out the sounds of passion, so go to take joint water procedures. Just take care of safety: put a rubber rug on the bottom of the bath or shower. And you can attach a special handrail to the wall so that it is more convenient to hold.

Use gags

If the partner is very loud, drown out his gag. There is no special accessory? Put a scarf, tie or even panties in your mouth. Remember the security and do it carefully so that the partner does not choke.

Take your mouth with something

If you don’t like the gag idea, give your mouth a more pleasant activity. How about pose 69? This allows you to be both giving and receiving, without risking to give yourself a noise.

Explore your dominant and submissive sides

Ordin the partner to behave quietly when you have sex, or click his mouth with your palm. Consider in advance what the punishment or remuneration will be if he violates/executes the order.

Perhaps this idea will like this idea, and you will want to expand the boundaries of the exchange of power in the bedroom in the future.

Choose another pose

The pose of a “spoon”, when you both lie on your side, face to face – is best suited for quiet “love”. Firstly, you can freely kiss each other, and the kiss, as already mentioned, is the best gag. Secondly, the movements of partners are limited, and sex is unhurried and silent.

Another variety of this posture: one of you lies on your stomach, and the second enters from behind – so the noise from the bed will also be much smaller.

Follow breathing

  • If you breathe with your nose, not your mouth, then breathing is more quiet;
  • Conscious breathing allows you to control yourself better;
  • Deep breathing makes the orgasm more intense.

How to have sex quietly

Slow sex

If you move during intercourse slowly, both the bed and the floor will creak much less. And slow sex enhances all reactions and improves orgasm.

look at me

Instead of words or groans for communication, pay attention to how the partner reacts to your actions. Fingering of the toes, bending the back, tension of the pelvic muscles – all these are signs with which you can see that a loved one enjoys what is happening.

Cover with your head

In winter, sex under a blanket will not only not allow to freeze, but also help to muffle the sounds of sex. And in the summer, just turn on the air conditioner at full power and also hide under the veil.

Joint masturbation

Satisfaction with each other’s hands or masturbation in front of each other – very quiet methods of sexual contact. In these cases, it is easier to control yourself, and you can also clamp your mouth with your palm (with penetrating sex, this is not always convenient – in the literal sense, the body of the partner interferes). And the chance that you are caught, makes mutual affection even more exciting.

Choose more quiet sex toys

If you use sex toys during proximity or masturbation, give preference to the fact that they work silently. For example, the Womanizer brand has devices with Smart Silence function. It turns on the gadget only with close contact with the skin and goes into waiting mode if it is pushed.

Do not have sex at home

And although quiet sex can be very exciting and passionate, find the opportunity to really say loudly about your love for each other. In order not to worry what relatives or neighbors think of you, periodically “run away” together in the hotel, to the cottage, etc. D. This will improve not only your sexual intimacy, but also allow you to recall the excitement of the very first meetings.

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