How to get a man: things that he definitely wants to try | Entertaining sexology

How to get a man: things that he definitely wants to try.

How to get a man: things that he definitely wants to try | Entertaining sexology
This article is absolutely 100% purely female. Because we need to talk about this with women. We always clearly imagine our sexual fantasies – Pull, grab the hair, break the linen, double penetration etc. But how to understand what he wants? Sex is a paired sport, it can not always think only about yourself, it is important to understand and, moreover, it is important to reckon with the desires of your partner. Therefore, in this article, we will probably discuss what men want in bed all the same.

So, if you want to do something unexpected or very pleasant for him, I will give you a few original ideas. And little life hack – look at the popular porn requests, usually boys are always impressive what is happening there. Yes, it’s often difficult, even sometimes – it is unrealistic, but you can spy there something little things there: blowjob techniques or manual masturbation, striptease, ideas underwear, Role scenario, Sex in front of the mirror, a new pose, etc.

But most men are quite simple and direct creatures, so remember, he probably said something about his fantasies.
And even if not, then here are the promised ideas:

Do not turn off the light

Men love their eyes, but at the same time, unlike us, women, they immediately built the “Photoshop filters” and they do not notice those insignificant oversights of the appearance on which we usually focus on ourselves. Pimples, stretch marks, scars, slightly unshaven legs (only if they do not bite) and even more so not the latest breasts or extra pounds. Men look at movements, at your behavior, at common confidence (although sometimes it starts its absence), and of course, the corners are smoothed out. You are beautiful for your male, otherwise he would not have slept with you. Do not complicate!)
What to do with your own complexes? Select the right details! Cover your diamond, you don’t have to appear completely naked in front of him – suddenly he will consider your irritation after shaving? Pick up sexy Set of linen, high Belt for stockings, which will hide the tummy and sides, frank Catsuite, pulling the figure, or even Panties with access or with pearl thread for additional stimulation of the clitoris – such will not even need to be removed!)

Touch yourself

Even if you admit to him that you masturbate, (by the way, how he reacts?) then touching himself in front of a man is still somehow strange. You change a little and be shy. Yes, we usually masturbate quickly, not too beautiful, do not pull ourselves by the nipples, do not trash fingers … But most likely he needs just that – entourage. Try to be bolder and combine something in this erotic show, spy in porn with what you really like-then he will be able to take something from your theater, you better! It is difficult to find something more exciting than a woman who knows what she wants.How to get a man: things that he definitely wants to try | Entertaining sexology
If it is difficult for you to focus on all places and movements at the same time – take care of the scenery – Pastis or jewelry With hinges on the nipples, maybe even clamps. If you are difficult, lazy or simply do not want to masturbate with your hands (or you do not know how, or you closed to vibrators, or something else) – take Cliter stimulator, miniature Vibropulu or Vacuum-wave of a new generation. He wants spectacles? Please! And you will enjoy)

Use your mouth

And let it sound vulgarly and even went, and the blowjob is a sexual perversion. Men love oral sex as they do not like any other type of sex. Therefore, girls, sunsers – and it is very desirable that not only for birthday or for the New Year. He will especially like a blowjob if he was your initiative, your idea. I do not like? Imitate how you imitate an orgasm. It’s not tasty? Buy oral lubricant. How it works? You choose a bottle to taste – Strawberry or even Strawberry and champagne, Salt caramel, peach, Yes, anything! You spread a little right on his cock and suck. Very simple, very tasty, blowjob is a joy, everyone is high! The problem is solved!)

By the way, the mouth is not only to suck.
I opened America to you?)

Mouth – to talk…
So, in this case, in no case do not dare to take ideas in the porn, it is completely unnatural there, though. Tell him how you feel. “Deeper”, “stronger”, “so good”, “Fuck me”, or “I love when you do this”, “Let’s finish together!”. You can swear dirty or whisper in the ear of vulgarity, but only if you are sure that it starts it. Men are simple, but impressionable and vulnerable. By the way, simple, but sincere (or moderately sincere) ahs and oh, groans, sighs or even screams may also like it.

… and then the mouth then to be silent.
And it can also start it. Especially if you are impressionable or just used to comment on everything in life, or you have been together for so long that you have entered a normal rank to tell him during sex “And I also remembered that you need to buy toilet paper!”. Invite him to plug your mouth, suddenly you like!)

Pay attention to his erogenous zones

Yeah, he also has them. At least – the head of a penis, a bridle, crotch or even a prostate. As a maximum – back, shoulder blades, neck, hips, hands. Despite the fact that the process of excitation occurs and manifests itself in men a little differently than ours, no one canceled preliminary affection. Make him massage with massage oil Or even with Massage candle, He will be impressed! Show him that Vibration massager You can stimulate not only the clitoris. Or even give preference Electric impulses – If he does not cow, an incredible erotic adventure awaits you.How to get a man: things that he definitely wants to try | Entertaining sexology

Change location

Everyone likes experimenting with places of having sex – this is fun and interesting. And if you do this, also embraced by passion… Your task is to choose a location, lure it there and create this passion. Where are you usually? In the bed? And you have large windowsills? And the kitchen table is suitable? A washing machine? Set? Computer desk? A shower or bath? Underground parking? Elevator? Or caress him in a cafe, in a traffic jam on Leningradka, but anywhere! Even if you are shy at the beginning, believe me, you will soon taste! Things that it is optimal to have in such cases with you are wet wipes,condoms And Bubble of lubrication!

Give him the steering process

Yes, in most cases a man already steals them. Well, how to steer – active. But this time you can allow him more! Let it dominate. Invite him, for example, to blindfold you. And let him do with you everything he wants.
Maybe he wanted to knit you for a long time? You trust him?
Or you have some kind of snags with anal sex, So why not try again?
Or maybe on the contrary, he wanted you to steer – saddled it from above, like a sexual cowboy?

Take sex toys in bed

You ever experimented with toys? It is worth choosing a specific one based on desires and experience. Vibrators for steam I boldly and unequivocally recommend absolutely everyone. Cliter vibrators – same way. But suddenly for you it is “we have already passed this topic”? Then what do you like? Anal traffic jams with rhinestones? Or maybe a toy with an emphasis on it – Prostate massager? By the way, we have a separate section “Unisex vibrators” – these are toys that will work in bed both on you and on it. With whom you can give fantasies to take a walk and which will give everyone pleasure. Maybe you there?)

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