How to dominate sex – a manual for women

How to dominate sex – a manual for women.

In most cases, during games with dominance and subordination, the role of the dominant gets a man, and the woman remains to obey. But many couples want to try the reverse scenario – When a woman becomes dominatrix. However, here you often have to face difficulties that the woman simply does not know how to behave in this role, what and how to do. We have compiled a small and simple manual with which any woman can try on the role of the imperious lady.

1. Start with this simple, but piquant experiment: let the woman choose and put on her most beautiful and sexy dress or linen, and orders the man to put on some kind of sheet, from her choice. After that, the man should kneel before his mistress. If he really likes to obey, then he will excite such a humiliated position and at the same time admiration for the beauty of the partner.

2. The man should be completely exposed, and his newly made mistress will put on him a collar. Then a woman can do her own business, for example, check e -mail. The duties of a man will be to take care of her, for example, bring coffee and sweets, and dutifully wait for the following orders at her feet. The essence of this exercise is that the man fully focuses on his partner and renounce extraneous thoughts, and in the meantime she will get the opportunity to enjoy the acquired power.

3. A woman should declare herself a mistress, mistress (even a queen, as she wants), and explain to a man that he should respect her and remember that he should be in her power and should obey her. If a man is not respectful enough, then he can be punished.

4. If a man will behave well and try to make a pleasant to the lady, then he can be encouraged, calling him «A good boy» and stroking the head (or other parts of the body).

5. Before proceeding directly to sex, let the man like a partner, making her a sensual unhurried massage. It is better to use massage oil or lubricant.

6. Tie a partner to a chair or bed so that he turns out to be completely helpless and completely in the power of his lord. You can caress it in various ways, use temperature games, use flagellation, most importantly – make sure that he does not finish ahead of time. It is advisable to prohibit the man to finish until he receives permission for this.

7. Start directly to sex. In the first place should be the pleasure of the lady, so a man should try thoroughly, caressing her whole body as she likes. You can give him instructions in a strict voice in the process. A woman chooses a pose for sex and rhythm, and a man, when he is already close to orgasm, is obliged to ask permission to finish.

8. Before starting such a game, partners should discuss all details as much as possible. It must certainly be stipulated what the partners would like, and what is undesirable and completely unacceptable. It is also necessary to choose a stop-word. Remember that trust and mutual respect – This is very important, so even in the midst of the game you cannot allow yourself to go beyond the set boundaries.

How to dominate sex – a manual for women

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