How the ancient Greeks and Romans perceived sex

The intimate life of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

How the ancient Greeks and Romans perceived sex

There were no prohibitions for the Greeks and Romans in sex. Everything that gave pleasure was considered natural, permissible and approved. After all, sex is the gift of the gods (who were pretty pretty in the pantheon). So, it cannot be sinful by definition. What is considered a perversion in those days was the norm practiced by all citizens.

And see?

What is now called voyeurism and is considered sexual deviation is perceived in antiquity as completely healthy behavior.

How the ancient Greeks and Romans perceived sex

Hellenes and Romans found peeping in conjunction with a ban on “touching” a very piquant pastime. This leitmotif inspired many creators of that time to create masterpieces of painting and sculpture. In ancient Greece, a very popular plot was the worship of the bacchanas to the god of winemaking. It included not only ritual crazy antics, theatrical productions and religious euphoria, but also mass copies. Often – in the presence of foreign observers.


For centuries, the fathers of the Church convinced the flock that handwritten is not just a sin, but also a dangerous occupation. Say, it entails blindness and madness, gastric disorders and epilepsy, consumption and dough of hands. But the Greeks were very respected by masturbation. In their opinion, it contributed to a decrease in the level of sexual violence, the population of bastards and the number of suicides caused by unrequited love. So the matter is certainly necessary and useful.

Piquant scenes on this subject were lovingly drawn on amphoras. And the speech was replete with expressions denoting the process. Including very poetic, like “singing a wedding anthem” or “fighting your hand with Aphrodite”. For the work of the appropriate manipulations, the Hellenes preferred the left hand – it is closer to the heart.

Masturbation was so close to everyone and everyone that was considered normal to engage in public. The same lover of the Bochkotara Diogenes, campaigning for minimalism in life, often accompanied lectures with handwriting, complaining that he could not at the same ease to solve the issue of food, stroking his stomach.

The beautiful gender in this matter shared the views of the strong. Greek, self -respecting, certainly kept in her bedroom a dildo – Olisb. They were stamped everywhere, but the dildo from Miletus were considered the coolest. Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial members was one of the favorite topics of secular conversations, along with the weather, nature and the upcoming Olympic Games.

Selling love

Both in Rome and in Greece, brothels and prostitutes-individuals were in the assortment. The ancient world treated sex without prejudice for money. And the body of a separate citizen is useful, and the state budget is continuously replenished.

How the ancient Greeks and Romans perceived sex

The Romans even had the attitude to the visit of Lupanaria (a brothel) about the same as the visit to the restroom: he was impatient, went, did business, went on. Moreover, Patricius could run to a prostitute right in the middle of a promenade with a legal wife. Say, dear, it is very necessary, so drink the fault in that tavern, wait for me for ten minutes, I quickly. And Matron was with understanding of the needs of the noble, since she did not see anything vicious and undermining the foundations of marriage in such behavior.

Only sex with equal in position was considered treason. With slaves and prostitutes you can.
By the way, the patrician itself is also. After all, my husband could wave a sword somewhere for months, defending the interests of the great Rome. And female needs should be satisfied, because in ancient times there was an opinion: a woman who did not know all the joys of sex is not able to give birth to a healthy and full -fledged child. So at the disposal of the noble lady there were slaves and slaves, and in bed she could somersault with five or more partners at the same time.

The oral joys of life

I must say that marital sex in ancient Rome was quite boring and monotonous. To begin with, no effects on the genitals were allowed. Patricia and thoughts did not have to ask his wife oral caresses, like the second side did not even stutter about such.

The Romans had a kind of fetish mouth. After all, it is used to exchange information, communication and pronouncing philosophical and political speeches. The hardest insult for the senator is the accusation that his mouth participated in sexual actions. In fact, it became an accusation of a treason by defiling a political instrument for which the offender ruthlessly lost citizenship. The Roman was supposed to enjoy, but he was above his delivery. And this is despite the fact that the inhabitants of the eternal city could discuss sexual life freely and openly, and had allowed sex in the eyes of the servants and children, without even delaying the drapery.

Nevertheless, what oral sex is, the Romans knew perfectly. Moreover, the word cunnilingus – from their vocabulary. After all, in addition to citizens there were slaves, freedmen and lower segments of the population, who were not citizens. Patricians and patricians received forbidden pleasures from them.

And more, more

Loud victories on the fronts of love in ancient times were considered evidence of the masculinity and dignity of every male. However, physiology sometimes built obstacles on the path of evidence. And then the people resorted to Aphrodisiacs. Ancient Greeks to enhance sexual function drank pomegranate wine and consumed opium. Ointments and lotions were applied to the tool. The most harmless of these means was the composition of burning pepper, honey and a span flush.

How the ancient Greeks and Romans perceived sex

And some particularly desperate lovers used “deadly carrots”, which, for a minute, is poisonous and capable of killing a cow or bull. Another ancient Greek recipe was characterized by great originality: for it you need to burn the tail of a deer and mix with wine to a pasty state.

Probably, some aphrodisiacs were really effective, since sometimes the Hellenes needed sedatives. Priapism (prolonged involuntary erection) is not only inconvenient in everyday life, but also, as they say, is very painful. And ignored, he can lead to gangrene of the precious organ. To relieve an erection, they ate a lettuce salad (supposedly it reduces potency) or lubricated the renewed organ with olive oil. More exotic “sedatives” were also used, for example, mouse litter with some additives. What you just won’t dare to save male dignity and rejoice yourself and further with love adventures!

The question of intimate health in such drugs can not even be asked. Surely by the years by thirty, all men and women have already suffered from any diseases. Even if it was possible to avoid sexually transmitted (which is unlikely with such mores), then inflammatory and infectious ones probably raged in the ancient world with might and main.

Everyone loves everyone

In the modern world, sexologists carefully divide the population into heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals. In antiquity, no one was bothering with such a gradation: everyone loved everyone, not understanding that one type of sexual entertainment is worse or better than another.

Moreover, the same Greeks were quite loyal to Zoofilia – this is confirmed by their myths about satires, minotaur, Triton. And the gods loved to achieve their own, taking the appearance of one or another animal.
Among the Romans, the tradition of mentoring was widely practiced. It was considered correct and useful when a solid and advanced man took a student as a student. No, he, of course, gave the sponsored certain knowledge, taught philosophy or something else interesting. But in parallel they were connected by intimate relationships.

Remember Platonic love? Initially, it was not at all only spiritual. This was later Plato revised his original positions.
However, all types of sex were also regulated. Approximately in the same style as oral entertainment.

Passive – shame of family and country

The “noble husband” had the right to smoke with anyone only if he dominated during the fun. Passive position during anal sex – family shame. It was believed that a citizen playing a passive role is useless both in political and military terms. In the army of one, unable to deal for a wide discussion, they simply scored to death. In a civilian life, the morals convicted in such a fall became equal in status to prostitutes, actors and gladiators. In fact, he lost the same status and again never had a chance to get citizenship. So I could not participate in the elections, he had no right to protect himself in court.

There were also restrictions in heterosexual relations. One of the couple must be a lower social situation. Exclusively economic reasons worked here. With equal status of partners, there was a risk of a bastard that could claim the hereditary rights of offspring of legal origin. And so-just some kind of child from the bottoms, which there were plenty of the eternal city on the streets.

Otherwise – have fun, as you can, no one will condemn you. There are brothels where there are no restrictions on the consolation. Baths, often performing the same functions as lupanaria. Slaves, which are practically things with which you can do what the soul pleases.
Someone may regret that he did not live in ancient times, famous for sexual permissiveness. So it is worth remembering that there were not so many citizens in Rome. And the fate of the lower classes, and even more so the slaves, turned out to be very unenviable.

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