Friendly sex, what can he lead to?

Friendly sex, what can he lead to?.

Friendly sex, what can he lead to?

Sexual intimacy between friends happens. But how not to lose friendship in this case? Is there a guarantee that after sex, everything will still remain? And what to do after intimacy, if there is no desire to switch to another level of relationship.

Most girls have several friends, or in any case, one friend of the other sex, and many men also have a girlfriend, but not for sex, but for communication. You are on friendly relations, talk about your problems, help each other with advice, spend the time together together or with other friends, and suddenly find yourself in the same bed.

4 Causes of sex on friendship

  • Holiday with many alcohol or an ordinary meeting with the aim of chatting about common acquaintances, telling the news, watch a movie together and drink a little beer. The beginning was quite ordinary and decent, but it ended not as planned.
  • For good health. The lack of sex is very poorly affected by the state of health, and some heterosexual friends decide on sexual relations to relieve sexual stress. As a rule, this happens at a moment when there is no other relationship.
  • Out of interest. People who know each other for a long time, sometimes an idea arises: «And how he/she behaves in bed?»
  • Past memories. Perhaps once long ago you had a love relationship and a lot of passionate nights that you spent together, but for some reason you had to part. Everyone had intimate relationships with other people, but you were able to maintain friendship among themselves. And at one point, you again met in the same bed, so that, as they say – «recall the affairs of past days».

Friendly sex, what can he lead to?

Advantages of friendly sex

  • You always have a partner with whom you can have sex. And at the same time, you know him well and are sure that you will not suffer because of him, he will not be lost in the morning and will not infect you with unpleasant diseases.
  • You have no obligations to each other, complaints about your personal life, you do not have to report on the time spent, you only sometimes have sex.
  • You have no quarrels and jealousy for each other – Friendly sex lowers these nuances.
  • You do not have to waste time on the candy-bunch period: going to the cinema and restaurants, acquaintance with your family, on everything that happens in the first months of the relationship, and then you are engaged in the main thing.

Negative aspects of friendly sex

From all of the above, it may seem that friendly sex – A great solution for many people, but here there are shortcomings:

  • It may be that you will have a love of a friend and a sex partner, but on the other hand there are no such feelings. This can cause mental pain and experience.
  • Perhaps the appearance of possessive feelings, but when you are binded only by sex on friendship – manifestations of jealousy look very stupid.
  • There is a chance that after sexual proximity, your friendly relations will be destroyed and it will be very difficult to restore them.
  • It doesn’t happen that after sex on friendship a man and a woman continue friendly relations and they no longer think about sex.
  • There is very little chance that after friendly sex you will become a couple and will share not only the bed, but also all problems and joys.
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