Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

Fast sex.

There is no fixed time for quick sex. Is sex "Fast", depends most on the method of its execution. Quick sex are characterized by what happens without a prelude and actually consists only of penetrating sexual intercourse. We will tell you how still you can recognize quick sex and how long it can last.

As you understand, there was quick sex or just sex? Imagine you have sex with your partner. The partner gives you oral stimulation, and you reach orgasm in two minutes. After that, you have sex and both reach orgasm in two minutes. All this lasted four minutes, but because of oral sex you still had a prelude. Therefore, it was full sex.

If you met a pretty guy or an attractive woman at a party, retired for 15 minutes and had sex, this is more consistent with the definition "Fast sex".

Therefore, the biggest difference is the presence of prelude. Quick sex is not to drink another glass of champagne during conversation alone, make massage and much more pleasant, but to drop off clothes and have sex.

Good sex is not measured duration

There are studies about how long good sex should last. From 7 to 13 minutes – this is the average value. The average duration of fast sex is 3 minutes. However, these research cannot be projected on all women and men. The most important indicator of good sex is the satisfaction of both parties.

Quick sex is too short to have fun?

Get an orgasm in three minutes? Of course, this is easier for men than women who need on average from 12 to 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm. But quick sex can bring pleasure to a woman, for example, when she stimulates her clitoris during sex and thereby accelerates the approach of orgasm. And, besides this, sex can bring pleasure not only when it ends with orgasm.

Fast sex can be too long?

Quick sex, as a rule, does not last long. Sex includes a prelude, but if if "Fast sex" It lasts more than ten minutes, it is difficult to call it already "Fast". To do this, you need to find a new definition, perhaps just “Sex without prelude”.

Definitions regarding the duration of sex are always difficult. The most commonly mentioned time for quick sex is three minutes. By the way, this is exactly the average person needs to eat a schnitzel.

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

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