Did a man have sex? How to understand that the man changed and came from his mistress?

Did a man have sex? How to understand that the man has changed?.

Did a man have sex? How to understand that the man changed and came from his mistress?

Cunning and insidious, our womanizers will always find a way to confuse and hide their secrets. No problem. A woman who knows the signs of a recent sex discharge of her man will easily determine whether he had sex yesterday and whether there are signs of betrayal.

Smell – more frank words

Having visited the mistress, the man will try to immediately take a shower in order to wash off the smell of someone else’s house and perfumes, the remnants of cosmetics on the body and clothes, and the smell of the body of the partner on the side. Do not let him immediately dive into the bathroom – sniff the man right on the threshold, pretending to be glad to meet. Pay special attention to the neck, hands, shirt, hair.

Sudden big washing

Everything should be suddenly and unobtrusive – Just take his things and searrate under the pretext of washing. You can act impudently without warning. If the spouse rushes to clothes, claiming that there are valuable things and money, closing from you in the room – Also quite a clear answer to the question about treason or secret.

Sex control

If a man had sexual discharge, then his sexual desire can significantly decrease or come to naught (you know his traditional appetites, it will not be difficult to check). But that is not all. There are more real evidence – if the man was already at the peak of pleasure today, then:

  • Its sperm will be more liquid and transparent than after a couple of days of abstinence;This sign is known to men, which is why the most cunning are able to refuse not so much from sex as blowjob, when you can personally determine the consistency of sperm;
  • With abstinence, the last 3 days of sperm will be yellowish, if the partner had sex, then sperm will be whitish;
  • The amount of sperm can be less than usual if he already had sex;
  • Based on the sexual appetites of a man, determine whether for him a long -term sexual intercourse is the norm. If not, then he already had sex;
  • Check the testicles – If they are elastic, elastic, at a time when there is an erection, then everything is in order, but soft and sluggish tests make you think about recent discharge.

Did a man have sex? How to understand that the man changed and came from his mistress?

Petering on the threshold

Under the pretext of a gust of passion, do not let the man go beyond the threshold and get down to business. For the examination, you will have to get to his member and … To sniff it. You will understand everything if the partner’s genitals are unnecessary, smell of soap, wet napkins, grease, condom or sperm.

Check his linen – As a rule, men do not care too much about hygiene after sex, especially sex on the side, because time is limited. Because of this, drops of sperm that can be easily detected can remain on her underpants.

Superficial inspection

Find out where a man gets this bruise on his neck and scratches on his back, and be prepared for an incredible story, determining her truthfulness for himself.


This test is hard to fulfill, and in domestic conditions it is almost impossible. Firstly, the spermogram will determine whether the concentration of sperm for the declared sexual activity is sufficient. Secondly, immature sperm still differ from mature mobility and size, and their ratio can give an answer about recent sex. To carry out this fantastic test, it is necessary that the sperm collected by the truth and by crook will find the doctor no later than 40 minutes after ejaculation. The method is doubtful if possible, but just know that it is.

Professional sperm detection devices

Special devices for the detection of sperm that are used even in forensics. Such tidyers allow you to identify the presence of seed fluid on almost any surface.

Unfortunately, there are quite banal cases when the fact of the betrayal of a man is determined by the presence of new unpleasant sores transmitted during sex. Therefore, ladies, be vigilant! But in general, you need to trust your partner, otherwise why is the relationship based on jealousy and suspicions.

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