Climax sex

Climax sex.

Climax sex

Many are afraid of such life periods as maturity and old age. Some afraid to confess that it really bothers them. Others believe that this period of time means the end of everything. It is too late to study the new, it makes no sense to change the lifestyle, there is no time to travel, and sex is generally a forbidden topic.

But in fact, many years of study of menopause prove that sex plays an important role during menopause.

What is menopause

Klimax – The period in the life of every woman, when she loses the ability to give a new life. The female body suffers serious changes due to the extinction of a childbearing function. The number of hormones is significantly reduced or partially ceases to be produced. And all this affects the psychological state of a woman.

Significant changes in appearance, regular irritability, frequent mood change, heart heartbeat, lack of desire and many other symptoms provoke a woman to feel unattractive. Unfortunately, many forget that people have sex not only to continue the family, but also for pleasure.

The lack of estrogen in the female body leads to dryness in the vagina, therefore, irritations during intercourse are inevitable. Such consequences clearly do not increase the desire and interest in sexual life. It also negatively affects the female psyche, I provoke many problems. Many families simply cannot withstand sexual fasting. And constant stress and inability to relax provoke the appearance of new diseases and exacerbation of old diseases.

Climax sex

The benefits of sex with menopause

There are several useful properties of sex during menopause:

  • Decrease in negative symptoms;
  • Good tone for the muscles of the pelvis;
  • Improvement of blood supply to the genitals;
  • Stress relief and relaxation;
  • Improving family relationships.

How to remain a sexually active woman with menopause

There are also several good tips that will help to remain sexy, active and attractive at any age.

Hormonal therapy

It is worth consulting with a specialist. The doctor can prescribe the necessary medicines that can improve the quality of life. Yes, the childbearing function will not return, but the symptoms of hormonal restructuring of the body will decrease. And the transition to a new life will occur smoothly and without stressful situations.

The right lifestyle

It is necessary to monitor your nutrition, abandon bad habits, go in for sports, choose a hobby or find new hobbies. Such actions will be useful at any age, especially during the period of restructuring of the female body associated with menopause.

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