Against drug sex

Against drug sex.

Sex as a general concept is a powerful positive state, the highest pleasure between people. Most people do not need to look for additional stimulants. According to sexologists, the best sex is sex on a fresh and, most importantly, sober head. However, some of the representatives of mankind prefer artificial buzz substitutes, which negatively affect the state of the body as a whole and the sexual system in particular. Sex under drugs — This is an anomaly, not the rule.

Below are the states that adversely affect the sexual function when using certain narcotic drugs.

Heroin. Under heroin intoxication, a person for a long time cannot finish. If heroin has become a everyday ritual, then in a very near future an erection may not occur at all. The thing is that the drug begins to replace all needs and joy. Such an addict may not enter into intimate contacts for a very long time and at the same time not to experience the needs for this. Such a person after taking the next dose begins to feel love for everything and for everyone. If a guy and a girl — Heroine drug addicts, the only thing they can be is just hugging each other and nothing more. They are too lazy to do anything.

Marijuana. Marijuana itself initially belongs to the category of light psychedelics, and at first it is able to expand the spectrum of sexual sensations, but at the same time a person turns into a passive object in bed. At the same time, drug addicts assure that with the help of marijuana they can be jammed much longer than they would do it in a sober state. In fact, all this is not true. Simply, time for human drugs intoxicated by drugs becomes too personality and can only be measured by tension of the flow of thoughts and unrest, which a lot in the intoxicated brain.

LSD. As a sexual stimulant, it is never used by ordinary and normal people. This drug is completely unpredictable: during the intimate contact of the drug addict, it can be enjoyed, or it can get a shock from what he will see. The fact is that hallucinations under the influence of LSD are very different. And if the dose is exceeded, then sex cannot be at all, since there is no erection and sexual attraction.

Cocaine. In small doses, cocaine is able to cause a surge of a male hormone — Testosterone, thereby activating sexual attraction. After the consumption of cocaine, sexual sensations become intense, ejaculation is restrained, and an orgasm can be strong. But this is only at first. After the desire disappears, and an orgasm, if it comes, is inexpressive and does not bring satisfaction.

Ecstasy. Everyone knows that ecstasy (MDMA) is a drug of love and hugs. But I must say that under his action of people does not attract sex at all. They love hugs, kisses, dancing more. However, in this state, a man can easily cause an erection, but sex is unlikely to be possible.

Pervitin. This drug is so tough and murderous for the whole organism, because it is produced by a artisanal way without hygienic norms. One of the main, so to speak, side effects can be called animal lust. In fact, after an intravenous injection of such a solution, sexual attraction becomes much higher than the level of adolescent hypersexuality. A person who has accepted the primary can have sex or masturbate for hours and at the same time not to feel any fatigue. Prolonged use leads to absolute dysfunction of all systems, including sexual.

Be that as it may, sex under drugs should not occur, you should not replace the natural joys of human communication with artificial stimulants.

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