8 ideas for unusual sex

8 ideas for unusual sex.

Every woman is charming and unique in her own way. And almost everyone has in stock unsurpassed methods of seduction of men.

But that the evening spent with the beloved be even more interesting and romantic, we offer 8 original ideas for good sex. />
First idea: mirror reflection
For a long time you watched how you have sex together? This is very much starting men, believe me. Choose where in the house you can arrange this. If the largest and most comfortable mirror is fixed tightly and it is difficult to drag it to the bed, you can love each other, for example, in the living room. If possible, install additional mirrors from different sides, call the glass, finally let it stand with the mirror nearby. Turn around so that everything is visible, do not hesitate, peep from different sides, make each other.

Idea second: Cozy rocking
Many real connoisseurs of sex specifically have a rocking chair in their furniture. If you have not yet tried to make love in it, then you have lost a lot – urgently run to a furniture store. Well, if sex is not the main hobby for you, then you can just ask for an overnight stay to the country for friends who like to sway with a book in their hand,
And at night to drag a rocking chair to your room. Sex in such an armchair is just super! The main thing, relaxing, do not run into your toes.

Idea Third: an unexpected employee
Sex in complete darkness is an amazing thing! It is worthwhile to verify. The room should be completely dark, and for reliability you can put on a bandage on the eyes. Imagine that you are a responsible employee who has earned late in the office. Suddenly something burned out, and the light turned off completely. Looking for an exit to the stairs, you are faced with a stranger in pitch darkness, who silently began to pester you. Trying to resist, you suddenly start up yourself and, realizing that the resistance is useless, surrender to a sudden impulse. Caressing and stripping each other, you are more and more excited without cope with emotions. Kisses and caresses become more bolder and more persistent. Hands, lips… The desire boils more and more, and impatience causes trembling. Where and how you take sex – it does not matter. Just liberate your ardent nature!

Idea fourth: checking panties /> You are in a robe slowly painted in front of washbasins in the bathroom, make a hairstyle, dry your hair with a hairdryer. And a man stands imperceptibly behind, peeping after you. Surely he thinks: "And what she has with panties, whether they are suitable for color to the robe? Are they at all? Need to check". A man begins to check you, but you should not be distracted. Just do not pay attention to it, you do not have time, you need to lay your hair after a shower. Without restraining natural curiosity, your pairing triggers a hand under a dressing gown, lifts it and slides up the leg… But not only with your hands to check this?!

Idea fifth: study your house
Where in your house you have not yet had sex? I just can’t believe that fantasies are completely exhausted and there is no new attractive place for love pleases. Each of the partners offers its own option. The one who was the first to offer the most extravagant and attractive idea becomes the director. Other interesting thoughts are recorded on a sheet attached to the refrigerator and waiting for my wings…

Idea six: stranger in the shower
When you wash in your shower, let your man unexpectedly turn off the light. Meanwhile, imagine that after classes in a sports club you went into a shower. Despite the fact that the light has disappeared, you continue to bask under the streams of water and suddenly feel how someone else comes into the booth. This is a man who confused the booths, but what to do? Resent and kick the poor man into the darkness? Not his fault that electricity has turned off. Let it wash off next. The booth is slightly cramped and it is not easy to wash in it together, you have to do it in turn. Although this is not very convenient. Then you begin to soap each other with your hands, feeling every centimeter of the body. Now there is nothing to be shy, and the darkness will hide all the secrets…

SENTER INFORMATION: obedient slave
Putting on the girl a blindfold and tied her hands in front (or putting on handcuffs), a man makes her a slave of his desires. Bewildered and defenseless, she stands, not knowing what will be done with her now. Cynically grinning and stretching pleasure, the man is in no hurry and does not fuss. Slowly and tastefully, he enjoys his victim, perverted and exquisitely satisfying all the most lustful desires and fantasies. Sex toys and other devices, hot wax and ice cubes – anything except the iron and finger. Now he is a full -fledged owner, and the girl’s body belongs to his voluptuousness.

Idea Eight: Ipower Madam
Putting on a man a collar, a woman turns him into her sex. If desired, you can first buy something else in a sex shop (secretly from a man). For example, gags, a wove, handcuffs, special clothes. During the game, the lady receives an unlimited right to her slave. According to her orders, he licks, sucks, kisses, serves, becomes in the required poses. You can tie him to the bed, stool or standing somewhere. Anything! No failures are accepted.

The most important thing in all these scenarios is respect for the partner. Therefore, whatever option for an erotic evening you choose, always love each other and be happy!

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