5 ways to increase libido | Entertaining sexology

5 ways to increase libido.

5 ways to increase libido | Entertaining sexology
If you do not want sex and a partner who is nearby in full combat readiness does not excite, if everything in bed seems boring and ordinary if your beloved vibrator dusting on a shelf, know – you have decreased libido. A healthy woman should want to make love, it is natural as well as the strong half of humanity. It’s wrong with you? We beat the alarm and begin to correct.

All the reasons for reducing sexual appetite can be divided into physiological and psychological. We will not consider the first – this is immediately to the doctor, but about the latter with pleasure we will chat.

Why is a woman decreasing in a woman

  • monotonous everyday life
  • discontent with your body, low self -esteem
  • quarrels, resentment against a partner
  • Emotional overstrain, stress

How to increase

Active sexual life, bringing pleasure and satisfaction prolongs youth and retains the beauty of a woman.
1. Learning to love our body.
If a man wants sex, he can stop him little. But the woman has so many reasons for refusing, from the insignificant ones – she forgot to shake her legs, ugly Lingerie, pimple, to global – Small chest, Excess weight, not a beautiful shape of the labia, a wide vagina, etc.D. This is a female feature – extra cockroaches in their heads prevent the natural processes of excitation. How to fix it?
If you want to be healthy and beautiful, then sex is needed, and high -quality. Therefore, we take our hands and start working on ourselves.

  • A small walk before bedtime or charging in the morning will lead the body to tone.
  • Eat correctly, take vitamins. The condition of the hair, nails, teeth, skin depends on this. Enriched nutrition to help you.
  • Always devote time to body care. While doing hair removal, pedicure, manicure. Nowadays, it is a shame to be not well -groomed, so many cosmetics are created for this. Various intimate hygiene gels moisturize and retain the skin of a healthy, Deodorants Provide a pleasant aroma.
  • You can narrow the vagina with the help special creams, Or an option Kegel exercises – For more persistent. Anal plug In the same topic – placed in the anus during sex, she makes a pussy already.
  • Try to do it Intimate haircut.
  • Do not sip on Beautiful linen or Catsuite. The latter can very successfully hide the flaws of the figure.
  • Buy Vacuum pump – It will help temporarily enlarge the chest.

2. Fighting stress
The best means to deal with stress is relaxation, relaxation. Set a sort of spa at home for yourself. Fill a bath with aromatic salt or foam, Turn on your favorite music, pour in a glass of wine. We have what to offer you – high -quality and natural products for a bath from Dona And Shunga.5 ways to increase libido | Entertaining sexology
You can turn to a partner for help, or you can go to a specially trained person for massage sessions. Aromatherapy is a good option for removing fatigue, anxiety and anxiety. Pay attention to Massage candles – These are very interesting things. You light a candle, it melts and turns into warm Aromatic oil, which softly envelops the body, spreading seductive smells Chocolate, Strawberries, vanilla, coconut. There are many aromas, you will definitely choose your.

And you also need to get enough sleep and walk in the fresh air. Even in family life there should be time for yourself, for relaxation and loneliness.
Changing the situation, new acquaintances and reckless actions, meetings with friends help to discharge. For example, go to work without Trushikov, With vaginal balls or anal traffic inside. You will see how your playful mood will affect sensuality, you will definitely want sex.
Men want to give advice: in order not to live next to a tantrum, a saw -saw, to be always purely dressed and tasty fed – a fairly passionate gaze and high -quality prelude. If a woman feels that she is desirable for her partner – she is ready to curtail the mountains and show the miracles of acrobatics in bed.
3. We communicate, create a romantic environment
The maximum task is to eliminate all quarrels and omissions with a partner. Start talking constructively, not like an offended girl, but as an adult woman. Learn to manage anger and jealousy.
Organize a romantic evening – dinner, candles, Wine, pleasant music good idea to watch a movie of erotic content together. Or play Game for adults. Remember the techniques of flirting and seduction. Once you owned them perfectly.
This evening does not necessarily end in sex. First of all, he must bring moral satisfaction from the time spent together. This is a great opportunity to tell you what torments you, that you do not like and voice sexual fantasies, find out that it is not happy with the partner. Explain that now you need a little more affection and attention. The longer prelude in time even from a log can make a tigress.
Do not avoid tactile contact – often kiss and hug, hold on to the hand, put your head on your shoulder.

4. We bring diversity to sexual life
If you do nothing yourself, and wait for “mercies from nature”, then you can stay lonely. In this topic, it all depends on the degree of sexual emancipation of a particular person. Sometimes it is enough to put on Stockings And flirty shirt, Catch a surprised and then flaming partner’s gaze – and the problem will disappear, as if. Someone will like and help role-playing games, And someone secretly dreams of being spanned And chained To the bed. So what can help a couple diversify sex?5 ways to increase libido | Entertaining sexology

  • Costumes And accessories For role -playing games. In a game, easy form, you can indicate a partner how and what to do to give you pleasure, realize your fantasy, will liberate.
  • Luburbicants and creams (exciting, warming, stimulating). It happens that your own lubrication is not enough, pain and unpleasant sensations can occur. Lubricant – Your assistant. And just to aggravate tactile sensations, he is also capable of.
  • Erective ring. Strengthen the erection, extend sexual intercourse, additionally stimulate the walls of the vagina and the clitoris – this is all about it. Get somewhat nozzles for a member – There will be different sensations and orgasms.
  • Vibrators for steam. Give pleasure to both a man and a woman during the very act of love. An unambiguous leader in this category We-Vibe. Anatomical form, delicate silicone, remote control, built -in battery, powerful and diverse vibration – this is all about them. From the modest Unite to stunning Sync Aqua.
  • Cliter stimulants. Well, explanations are not needed here – these are the best assistants for both masturbation and paired sex.
  • Vibrostimulators and massagers. Devices with vibration for preliminary caresses, often come with additional nozzles. Great for those partners who have problems with female orgasm. Ideal for the prelude Svakom Cookie. Any girl will like this cute delicate toy – the clitoris, nipples, labia and other sensitive places will caress.
  • Anal toys (beads, Christmas trees, traffic jams). For those who decided to try to print their ass. If you doubt the size of the device, then it is better to buy kit.
  • Games in style BDSM for beginners. Paddle, handcuffs And gag can greatly change the “weather” in the house.

5. Pheromones and aphrodisiacs
You can believe or not believe in miraculous properties Feromonov And Aphrodisiac, But you definitely need to try. Once upon a time it was noted that some products and smells enhance sexual attraction. And our grandmothers knew what herbal medicine is, and how a decoction of parsley and celery could increase libido.
Nowadays you can use Spirits with pheromones. Pay attention to aromas from the Russian brand Desire. A large selection of perfumes, an interesting option for perfume on Signs of the zodiac.
Series Sexy Life – These are concentrates Feromonov For men And women. Use both yourself and with your favorite perfume.
For an erotic massage is suitable Massage Oil, But not simple, but with pheromones. Great reviews and natural composition in oil Desire, We recommend.
Aphrodisiacs like a span fly or female Viagra are sold at a pharmacy, and it is better to consult a doctor before buying. But chocolate, strawberries, avocados and cherries eat as much as you like. The most powerful effect on libido is the use of seafood – caviar, oysters, mussels. It is better to choose absinthe or red wine from alcohol.
Desire can return simply during the preparation process, so that the night is passionate – think about sex in the morning, wear Beautiful linen And eat oysters.

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