10 successful ideas for party in the Sex style.

10 successful ideas for a party party "sex".

10 successful ideas for party in the Sex style.

The party was a success if I am ashamed to remember in the morning. There is a share of truth in this joke. Especially when it comes to an informal party in style "sex". Brush, Birthday, just a meeting of bosom friends – The script with strawberries will definitely like the process participants. The main thing is to think over the event well and give it the maximum color.

Mandatory attributes of sex vizards

No. 1 – Correct clothes

Party in style "sex" Requires strict observance dress code. Dress and heels, as an option for pajamas and slippers – This is not the point, the main thing is to add bright accents. Fluffy multi-colored feathers of feathers, rims with penis, hat-hate or shoes with intimate details will give the image a highlight. For the hero of the occasion, you can come up with something even more original. This can be, for example, a veil and a garter with penis, if it is a bachelorette party, or erotic linen with funny inscriptions.

No. 2 – scenery

The interior must also match the given topics. The relaxed atmosphere of the holiday largely depends on the decorative design of the room. You can inflate balls in the form of penis or with the image of this "hero", arrange inflatable men about a meter tall, erotic figurines.

No. 3 -prepare gifts for guests

Let each participant in the holiday be remembered for a long time "sex"! Memories of an incredible evening will help refresh small gifts and souvenirs on a spicy topic. A fallos keychain, a jumping toy, a mini-vibrator, disguised as a female lipstick, a box with a surprise, from which a member jumps out on a spring, taking stress balls in the form of a men’s midglass – trifle, but nice, as they say.

The path to the heart of guests lies through the stomach

No. 1 – We plan a buffet

It is not necessary to draw up ten dishes for the menu party. It is enough to think over light snacks, drinks and desserts. Sweet can be baked together. The molds in the form of a male member will have a lot of guests and give a piquant appearance liver, and unusual aprons with voluminous breasts or phalluses, in which the newly-made confectioners of the guest of the party will create an even more condemned mood.

No. 2 -stele the festive table

For thematic "Pati" We need appropriate decorations on the table. Set for serving with funny erotic drawings, cocktail tubes and skewers with images of phalluses – all this will be in handy. Snakes or sweets can be served on the original tray, drinks in circles with spicy voluminous elements. Good mood in this case everyone is provided!

10 successful ideas for party in the Sex style.

Entertainment for guests

No. 1-game with rings

Funny entertainment for those who are not without a sense of humor. One of the participants puts on a strapon on the strap, the other – tries to throw inflatable rings from a certain distance from a certain distance. Instead of the phallus, you can clamp between the legs of a large inflatable banana. Entertainment of this type has another variety. Participants in the game throw rings on the phalloimitator attached to the horizontal surface. Original and fun!

No. 2 -nasty games

Cards with erotic pictures, board games with cubes and descriptions of poses from "Kamasuters" – The first and second option will be used. You can traditionally play stripping.

No. 3 -Expand your size

Funny toy will deliver a lot of pleasant moments. Phallus growing in water – Well, what is not entertainment? The toy is placed in water, after 12 hours it turns into a model of male dignity. For party in style "sex" – Most.

No. 4 -an erotic defile

Games in undressing cards always end the same. However, you can arrange a non -standard finale, offer guests a defile in luminous linen. In the dark, such an action will look just amazing!

No. 5 -game in shooting houses

This option is especially good for the summer season. In the midst of the party, you can offer friends a little "Shake" and give each on a water pistol in the form of a penis with a scrotum. Such fun will definitely remember everyone for a long time.

Organization of thematic parties is not easy. Here we need a special, creative approach. Unrestrained fantasy and thematic attributes will help to cope with the task. Funny party in style "sex" will definitely leave pleasant memories and a sea of positive emotions!

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