Why is it worth paying attention to the sex toys of the Lux class?

Why is it worth paying attention to the sex toys of the Lux class?.

Why is it worth paying attention to class sex toys “Lux”?

Why spend more money if you can buy a similar toy at a cheaper price? Is it worth making such purchases at all? This leadership explains why class vibrators “Lux” are an excellent investment in receiving pleasure, the advantages of such a choice are explained and why the solution to the acquisition of a more expensive toy will pay off for many years.

With excellent build quality and the use of quality materials, such sex toys are not only beautiful in work, but also durable. Most classes of class toys “Lux” are rechargeable, which means great environmental friendliness, as well as the fact that you will spend less money on the power of your toy (which compensates for the initial investments), and avoid disappointment from batteries discharged at the most inopportune moment.

Creators of class sex toys “Lux” invest large funds in research and develop ergonomic forms and innovative functions, as a result of which their products are beautiful and have the necessary pleasant effect. Class products “Lux”, As a rule, they are the first developers of special stimulation technologies. In addition, they provide a guarantee for the product. By purchasing such a product, you can not worry about the breakdown of the toy.

Battery technology

The vast majority of luxurious sex toys can be charged from the network or through USB. With the spread of magnetic charging technology, many modern sex toys have reached the unique quality of rechargeability and water resistance. Magnetic charging is a USB wire, one end of which is mounted with a magnet, which allows you to constantly remove the connector from the charged device.

Quality materials

Most class toys “Lux” made of medical silicone, stainless steel and modern plastics safe for the body. Stimulants made of such materials are safe, pleasant to the touch and extremely durable. The quality of materials of such devices is not limited to appearance and sensations, internal engines and microprocessors also have high quality, providing powerful, silent vibrations and unsurpassed sensitivity to touch.

Dual -acting vibrator “Soraya” From the Swedish brand Lelo is a stylish device that has a beautiful and simple design. Thanks to the built -in handle in the rear, the product is easy and convenient to hold in the hand. Light anatomical curvature is ideal for the bends of the body to stimulate erogenous zones. It has 2 powerful motors, 8 vibration modes are conveniently controlled by three buttons on the handle.

Innovative design

A huge amount of research is devoted to the creation of designer sex toys, paying special attention to the shape and design of the product. Each class device “Lux” improved in quality of materials used, ergonomic shape and the location of control buttons.

Along with the improvement of classic toys, making them more ergonomic, designer sex toys also create completely new innovative products, such as a high-tech masturbator “Lelo”. Male masturbator is made of matte aluminum and has a special window for visual pleasure. It has an ergonomic inner sleeve made of delicate silicone, and a curved internal relief guarantees an increase in sensations. The masturbator uses powerful double engines, the Cruise Control system and the Sensonic revolutionary technology. Sensonic technology allows you to combine standard vibration with sound waves that penetrate deep into the penis, which enhances the enjoyed pleasure several times. The Cruise Control system will not allow power to fall at the most inopportune moment with saturated use – it controls and controls the intensity so that you achieve the desired. And with the help of Bluetooth you can connect the device to the application and control the pleasure yourself.

Exquisite packaging

The packaging of designer sex toys looks elegant and presentable. Sex toys in such a package will be an ideal gift – both for yourself and for a loved one. The packaging is usually developed in such a way that in the future it is possible to store the toy, preserving it in perfect condition.

Contactly stimulator of the We-Vibe clitoris "Melt" has a patented technology for the impact of Pleasure Air. This sex toy fits perfectly in pair sex. The stimulant has the ability to create unique «playlists» stimulation through the application and controlled at any distance, from anywhere in the world. Melt has 12 built -in vacuum stimulation speeds. And, of course, the original design of the box perfectly emphasizes the quality of the product.

Excellent features

In class sex toys “Lux” The best engine and microprocessors are used, which makes them extremely powerful and pleasant to use. In addition to the fact that such devices have many vibration modes, there are often other settings.

The multifunctional ergonomic vibrator Womanizer Duo combines a vacuum clitoris stimulator and zone stimulator. It has 12 levels of vacuum stimulation and 10 vibration modes. Vacuum stimulation is achieved using the technology of Pleasure Air, which creates the famous effect of oral caresses. Womanizer Duo is equipped with a SMART Silence function, which triggers your toy only when contacting the body.

We-Vibe intuitive vibrator for steams from WE-Vibe also has many features: 10 vibration modes, double stimulation, adjustable landing, squeege remote control (compression control), sensory control, connection to the We-Connect application, water resistance, redeemingness, overdose. Isn’t it excellent?

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