The best sex toys for women

The best sex toys for women.

The best sex toys for women

What sex-tovars give the greatest pleasure to women? What exactly is worth choosing to experience an orgasm often? There are 10 things that develop sexuality and sensuality and give only pleasant impressions. They should buy them to every girl to open a world of pleasures in a new way. And many of these things will come in handy in the bedroom with a partner.

1. Cliter’s wave stimulator

When the first stimulator for the Womanizer clitoris appeared, sex has changed. Now women can experience an orgasm at any time, you just have to pick up a wave stimulator. Several years have passed, different companies have released similar toys, but Womanizer models are still considered the highest quality and interesting.

Vacuum or wave stimulation tenderly affects the clitoris, causing severe excitement in women. There is no direct impact, so the body does not go numb, there is no addiction. And all nerve endings are activated, even those that are located inside the body. This is the perfect stimulation that has no analogues, so it is the best.

The perfect model of sex toys combines vibration and waves. They can be included separately or jointly. And ideal stimulants are not afraid of water, they are used even in the bathroom. And there the sensations are also very unusual.

What to look for when choosing a wave model?

  • What is the power source. The battery is much more convenient, easily charges.

  • Is it afraid of moisture. If not, then it is easy to wash and you can experiment in the bathroom.

  • Is there a vibration. Its presence expands the sensation, adds new sensations.

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