Sex toys that will help to liberate a partner | The best sex toys

Sex toys that will help to liberate a partner.

Sex toys that will help to liberate a partner | The best sex toys
Impossibility complete emancipation At the time of intimacy – a common problem. Fear of expressing true desires, modesty, self -doubt and their body lead to tightness and stiffness that interferes with both partners Enjoy sex. According to sexologists’ research, more than 70% of pairs are faced with such a problem, while it is most often more difficult to relax than a woman than a man. Overcoming constraint is a difficult task. But without it, the relationship may come to naught, and an intimate life will remain in a state of dissatisfaction. Cope with this task of special devices. We have prepared Top best sex toys, who will help the partner reveal his sexuality.


Often the liberation is hindered by fear of being.
For example, a housewife and mother of a large family seems to be wrong passionate fatal woman in bed, because this contradicts her everyday role. It is even more complicatedly brought up in modesty, their proximity can be reduced to traditional intercourse under the blanket and when the light turned off.
The best solution in this situation will be to buy special mask, put on which a woman can without hesitation show her True sexual nature.
Each mask will differently affect a woman, and will be able to reveal her sexuality from different sides, for example:

Baci Lingerie mask, made in an elegant Venetian style, help to overcome complexes. In it, any girl will turn into Real Queen, captivating the hearts of all around. The accessory will help not only transform in appearance, but, importantly, will give inner confidence.

Mask Spandex 3 Hole Hood Black, completely closing the head and face, with the exception of the mouth and eyes, will help to move away from the usual role, It is designed for role -playing games in the style of BDSM. However, this does not have to be something tough, the world of shades of gray is very diverse and sometimes only hints of something exciting imagination is enough to arouse passion.

Toyfa Theater mask Closes the face tightly, and the existing additional insert in front of our eyes blocks light, Leaving a woman in the dark. With its help, you can completely surrender to the partner, and enjoy sex without hesitation, as during masturbation alone. Sometimes for liberation it is enough to see nothing around.
In addition, the use of the mask brings to sexual life Notes of novelty, that cannot but please both.

Exciting gels, sprays and lubricants

Sex toys that will help to liberate a partner | The best sex toys
If there is a place of psychological clamping, then sexual excitement is felt weaker. Constantly twisting herself, worrying and afraid to open, the woman thereby dulls all her feelings. That is why all kinds of lubricants, sprays and Gels with an exciting effect. You can apply such a gel at the time of preludes, or you can ask the lady to use it to intimate caresses.

Spray Hot V-CTIV Woman Stimulation has bright stimulating properties. Under its influence in the intimate zone, blood circulation improves, so that each touch brings ten times More pleasure. . The spray is applied with simple spraying to the genitals, acts instantly.

Durex Play Massage 2in1 will help to tune in to the desired wave before proximity. ONF is well suited for massage of all zones.
It is enough to ask the girl to lie down and try to relax, and then Hand sliding on a greased gel body and Exciting extracts Conduct a complete relaxation.

Role costumes

Costumes will have the same effect as masks, but at the same time they will help not only hide the face, but also completely change their personality. The embarrassment takes place at the moment when sex alter ego replaces the usual personality.

IN The suite of the maid Le Frivole You can become obedient servant, ready to perform Any whims his master.

The costume of a lustful nurse will help become a dream of many men. Every woman knows that Sexy nurse – One of the most common male fantasies, And in the soul she dreams of becoming her.
In addition, a strong excitement of a man will help her feel herself irresistible and desirable.

The costume can be selected based on the wishes of the partner.
Perhaps she wants to be in the role playful schoolgirl, maybe she likes the image of a fatal Women-Police.


The use of the vibrator before sex will help the girl herself get excited and give her partner. At the same time, it is important to take into account her wishes. Maybe she, on the contrary, will ask her to be watched. In any option, it is important not to put pressure on her partner and let her choose the script suitable for her.
The vibrator can be easily chosen based on preferences and abilities in circulation.

Butterfly clitoral vibrator will help the most shy and inexperienced. Using special straps butterfly put on the clitoris and tightly attached to the body. The partner will not need to make some movements or control the vibrator, just adjust the vibration on the control panel at his discretion and lie down, enjoying.

Baile panties with vibration Easy to even be worn Under clothes, remaining completely invisible, and remote control Allow the partner Messengage in masturbation.

It is enough to offer a partner to put on Vibrating panties and let her go about her business.
At this time, the partner will switch the speed of vibration, waiting for the lady herself comes to him in excitement.
As the vibrator is released, it can be used in addition to the usual prelude.

Games for adults

Sex toys that will help to liberate a partner | The best sex toys
Games are not only desktop, but also erotic. In the game people Stop being shy And to perceive what is happening seriously, cheerfulness and playfulness come to replace modesty and distrust.
The win -win option will be the well -known phantes. The essence of the game is quite simple and understandable. Each of the players takes turns throwing chips. As a result of the draw, one card with a task is taken, which must be completed. Tasks differ in degree of openness and Encouraging. Starting with the simplest and most innocent, the partners gradually switch to more risky tasks, and do not even notice, when suddenly they were left without clothes and in strong sexual excitement.

You can choose a Fant series to your taste:
Fands Bed intrigue They will help to better probe the erogenous zones of the partner, they will push the first step to the experiments in bed.

Fands Love marathon inspire to try new unusual poses and their combinations, make diversity In classic sex.

Fands Karamel paradise contain a bias on oriental practices and Tantric sex. With their help, you can interest the partner to try oral affection and anal stimulation.

Fands Oil to the fire They will help to remove compression. They are suitable for partners who have not yet managed to get used to each other.
Erotic massage, stimulation of erogenous zones and bringing poses will help relieve stresses and melt the ice.
Fands help partners to know each other better, contribute to rapprochement.

Using sex toys helps diversify sexual life, and also contributes to rapid emancipation.
The only joint choice of intimate toys is able to push to understand the true desires of the partner, and as soon as the toys are in bed, Nobody will remain indifferent.

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