Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian

Sex toys for lesbians in top 10.

Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian
Love between two women can be no less passionate than in a heterosexual pair. At the same time, sexual life is also present in this family, which is characterized by great sensuality. Women can enjoy with the help of their body and special sex toys for lesbians. What helps them to brighten up intimacy? We have chosen the 10 most interesting devices for lesbian sex.

1. Strapons

Artificial phallus on belts is a sex toy that allows you to try on the role of an active sexual partner. Today there are dozens of different models that give pleasure to all users.

  • Strapons on straps or panties. The phallus is securely fixed, you can make any active movements. Belts can completely close the crotch, and can cling to the hips. There are panties with slots so as not to close access to the most piquant parts of the body. But the maximum pleasure with such a strapon for women is received by a passive partner. There are still special panties-strengthening with special protrusions. It can be anal or vaginal processes. When applying them, each movement is given in the body of both participants in the process, which is very sensual and exciting.
  • Rasten strapons. This is a bilateral strapon. One part is placed in a woman’s bosom and so holds on weight. A longer process is designed for sexual satisfaction of the second lady. Rasted Strapon gives pleasure to all participants in the process. The well -thought -out anatomical form is very convenient, the device does not fall out, does not move, holding does not require great effort.
  • Strapons with fastening on other parts of the body. Strap -on can be fixed on the face, thigh or other part of the body. Phallus on a mask, on belts – these are also strapons. This form is interesting for experiments, but fully satisfying a friend with such a toy is a little more difficult than a classic strapon.

2. Vibrators

Vibrator – the most universal sex toy for any steam. You can act on different erogenous zones. Conditionally, all vibrators for lesbians can be divided into:

  • External. These include: butterflies, mini-vibrators, vibrating rings, massagers, contactless stimulants, oral sex imitators. With their help, you can touch delicate places, increasing the excitement. Relevant for caresses of clitoris, perineum, chest, butt. Work with different speeds and modes, the pace can be increased gradually. These toys are suitable for masturbation, which is also sometimes part of erotic same -sex games.
  • Immersed in the body. These sex toys are suitable for vaginal sex. There are dumplings curved for a GUT G, for double stimulation or even triple, with a camera, with heated. They can be used for active frictions, moving at different speeds. And also turn on vibration to feel the maximum of experiences. Such a sex toy can be entrusted to a girlfriend or moved independently to achieve a peak of pleasure.

Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian

3. Falloimitators

Artificial phallus is a sex toy for a couple that helps women receive a full sexual discharge. Fallomitators of various shapes and size are suitable for anal and vaginal stimulation. The most popular models for lesbians:

  • Classic phalloimitators. Similar to the penis of an ordinary man. Can be with a scrotum without, different sizes. Made of pleasant materials: from realistic to super-hard. Phalluses created to simulate heterosexual sex.
  • Bilateral phalloimitators, Or two-headed sex toys. These are long penis, which can be planted on two sides. Girls can enjoy together by plunging the toy inside the body. Having found the correct amplitude, you can finish even at the same time. Often bilateral phalluses are quite flexible, with this form they can be placed in two holes of one girl, which can also be part of a same -sex love.

4. Fisting goods

In addition to progressive and massage movements in the area of the vagina and anus, you can use stretching. This is a pleasant sensation on the verge of severe pleasure and light pain. Immersion inside wide objects can cause severe delight. Often hands are used for this, but it is much more convenient to replace them with special sex toys for fisting. Huge phalluses or pouting penis will allow this practice to make the most pleasant and interesting. But during the experiments, do not forget about lubricants, it is they who help to avoid injuries.

5. Women’s vacuum pumps

You can strengthen experiences from each touch during sex with a vacuum pump for women. In the process of application, a large amount of blood rises to the scene, which enhances sensitivity. Each action after applying the pump seems more vivid and memorable. There are different female pumps:

  • For the clitoris. The size of the pump determines: the impact will be on the entire crotch or only on the most sensitive part. A small pump can be used simultaneously with a vibrator or phallus in a vagina, but a large model before penetration will be necessary to remove. Perhaps the use of a pump with vibration, this will make sex more vivid and diverse.
  • For the chest. A rush of blood to the bust is also a pleasant erotic procedure. Vacuum pump can affect the entire gland or only on papillae. The effect of the enlargement and lift of the chest is created, but it does not last long.

Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian

6. Anal stimulants

Anus is a sensitive place for many people. And lesbians in their sexual games often use anal sex toys. With their help, it is possible to significantly diversify the sensations, make the effect more interesting. Most often in the same -sex sex, they are used:

  • Anal traffic jams and bushings. Help expand the anus, prepare for the use of other toys. Give a feeling of fullness. In combination with vaginal or clitoral stimulation, they can give a lot of pleasant sensations. Traffic jams are of different sizes, for beginners anal toys should be chosen with a diameter of no more than 4 cm.
  • Anal stimulants. Analog of the phalloimitator equipped with a special limiter. The device cannot immerse yourself too deep, so it is safe. With it, it is easy to imitate anal sex. The shape of the sex toy is ideal for active frictions. Even or embossed surface gently massages the hole, giving bliss.
  • Anal jewelry. Traffic jams with tails or crystals are necessary for decorative purposes. This is a great gift that can make the body more interesting at the time of proximity. Helps to transform into a new image, gives confidence and enhances the desire for intimacy.

7. Miostimulators

Effect on the body can occur in different ways. Electrical stimulation is gaining more and more popularity. This feeling cannot be compared with vibration, it is felt differently. Depending on the current strength, the effect may be similar to tickling, stroking or small blows. Can be used for any body parts. Electrical stimulation for both prelude and for the active phase of sex is suitable. Today you can buy an anal plug with electrical stimulation, vibrator or gloves that will give divine touches.Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian

8. Massage products

Erotic massage – frequent practice for lesbians. Tender touch help to relax and tune in to sexual actions. And then they can smoothly move to more frank caresses leading to these orgasms. Different products can be used for massage:

  • Gels, massage creams. Liquid or soft sliding products. Applied to the body in small quantities, make movements smooth. Often have special aromas that additionally excite imagination. A pleasant consistency moisturizes, nourishes the skin, rarely leaves traces on sheets or clothes.
  • Massage candles. This is a special massage tool. The candle is set on fire before use, and when the wax melts, it is poured onto the skin. It has low temperature, so he warms, but does not burn. The composition is perfectly distributed on the skin, almost completely absorbed into its surface when applying. A very romantic way to please a friend with something unusual.
  • Nuru massage sets. This is a large amount of special lubrication and a special sheet that does not allow you to stain the surrounding space. The bodies of both massage participants are covered with a sliding substance, it occurs at least 2 liters, and then the participants of the erotic experiment are contacted. Such a massage is made not only by hands, but with the whole body. Very exciting action, because all participants in the process receive pleasure. Nura Massage – an excellent prelude for more liberated caresses.

9. Sex machines

You can enjoy, watching orgasms of a loved one. That is why lesbians use not only the phalluses, but also sex machines. These are analogues of indefatigable lovers who can give pleasure without a break. These are devices that are ready to work at any speed for a very long time. Sex machines are suitable for experiments in pairs and alone. Modern models take up little space, allow you to change the nozzles in order to feel penetration every time in different ways. There are models that can satisfy two women at the same time. Sex machines for lesbians are an opportunity to always receive sexual satisfaction without effort.Sex toys for lesbians | TOP 10 sex toys for lesbian


The topic is not related to the floor, these are actions that like the participants in the process, cause strong excitement, help to get discharge. Dominance and subordination, punishment and binding are suitable for same -sex steam. And all manipulations can be done with special devices. Actual will be:

  • Bondage items. Binding makes sex more interesting. The limitation of mobility can in itself cause strong excitement, and in conjunction with other caresses gives bliss. But so that the process does not leave traces and be safe, it is worth using special kits for the bondage. Crackers, brews, masks on the eyes, special ropes and adhesive tape will make bold fantasies to realize, but they will not harm.
  • Ples. Light patting or strong blows can excite. If the pair is interesting games with pain, then they cannot do without wattlements. Soft fogers, hard stacks or real whips will help to punish the girl in the best way. Thematic sessions with such devices will enjoy not only the proximity of the beloved woman, but also her strength or helplessness.
  • Snaries and masks. And you can also forbid the girl to make sounds. Mask on the eyes will limit the vision. Any sensory deprivation enhances experiences from other influences. Sex with closed eyes is much brighter, even if there is nothing new in it. It is worth playing with such things to understand how to make familiar actions in a new way bright and memorable.

What other sex toys can use lesbians? For example, role -playing costumes, charming linen, delicious lubricants, exciting drugs for women, perfumes with pheromones, vaginal balls, etc. The entire assortment of a sex shop is suitable for same-sex steam. And thanks to these devices, proximity is bright and no less interesting than that of heterosexual steam.

According to statistics, women in the lesbian union experience orgasms more often than with men. This is due to the best understanding of each other’s needs, and with the tendency to experiment. Lesbians often turn to adult goods, try something new and frankly talk about their desires. In our store there is everything to make their sex brighter and more interesting. Products for same -sex pairs are presented in different categories. And we always have low prices for the entire assortment.

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