Sex toy care: how to do it right | The best sex toys

Sex toy care: how to do it right.

Sex toy care: how to do it right | The best sex toys
Sex toys, like any other objects, need care. Buying a vibrator or artificial phallus, anyone wants him to become a true friend to him and help to receive or deliver pleasure as long as possible. But in practice, the toy can very quickly become unusable, damage and deform. The fault of this non -compliance with the rules of care and storage. If you are ready cherish to your favorite devices, it is time to find out how to do it right.


Sexual contacts using sex toys seem safe. Few people come to mind that with masturbation by artificial phallus you can pick up an infection. However, such joys remain safe only if the toys are previously cleaned with special means.

The first disinfection should be carried out immediately after the purchase. In particular, this applies to anal traffic jams, phalluses, vaginal balls and vibrators. Yes, they can be completely sealed, and not always employees of intimate shops touch them before sale, but they were made at a factory in which it is impossible to observe complete sterility.
In addition, it will be more pleasant for you to contact pure materials.

Subsequently, you need to clean the toys before each use and after the end of intimate caresses. Remember that natural lubricant serves as a favorable environment for the development of various kinds of infections.
To mamper and after throwing the vibrator on the shelf – the wrong decision.
So that bacteria does not begin to multiply on it, and it did not begin to smell banal, it must be thoroughly washed, dried and put in a place intended for it.

In some cases, disinfection should be done in addition in breaks between caresses, namely:

  • Masturbation during critical days.
    With menstrual secretions, the cervix is opened, and the whole mucous membrane is In a defenseless position. Use toys on such days or not – everyone is a matter. But if you still decide to try, periodically clean the devices, so you Guaranteed Do not bring infection in the vagina.
  • General use.
    There is an unspoken rule: "One person – one toy".
    This means that everyone should have their own personal set of devices, and they should not share with friends, since it is very non -hygienic.
    But the rules can be violated, for example, With group sex. And then there is a chance of HIV infection, yeast mushrooms, hepatitis C and B, and many other ailments. To avoid this, in the process of exchange, use the cleansing sprays of an instant action and do not forget about condoms.
  • Alternation of anal and vaginal caresses.
    To transfer the microflora from the anus to the vagina is strictly prohibited. They are completely incompatible, and if after anal masturbation The artificial member will be in a pussy, the most harmless thing that can happen is the occurrence of problems with urination, cystitis.
    So either carefully approach the washing of toys, or start separate for each entrance.

Care products

The first funds that Trying to use unbearable people To cleanse toys – Miramistin, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine. Yes, of course, all these solutions do perfectly with purification and kill microbes. However, their use can lead to damage to the product.

To care for sex toys, use the compositions specially designed for these purposes.
They have hypoallergenic properties, do not cause irritation and are safe for the mucous membrane. At the same time, it is important to select appropriate spray, because each toy requires its own, special care.

Among the best care products that have gained many positive reviews and are in high demand, one can distinguish:

  • Fleshwash. The safest remedy. There are no alcohols and substances that can destroy products from especially "capricious" materials. Fully Compatible with latex and silicone. The only tool suitable for cleansing products from realistic cybercolor, which is used in luxury masturbators. The main active substance of the cleansing agent is Triclosan. Its distinctive feature is a powerful effect on any microorganisms (fungal, viral, as well as bacteria), it kills them on any surface. Moreover, for a person, a substance Absolutely safe, does not cause allergies and has no contraindications.
  • Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner. The spray combines three properties at once. This is an antiviral, anti -inflable and antibacterial agent at the same time. It helps to clean the products, remove traces of silicone lubricants (if lubricants were used) and support the body clean. They can also treat small wounds and scratches so that they do not get an infection. The composition includes Various extracts, such as lavender and tea tree, which gives the spray pleasant aroma and allows you to eliminate the smells of silicone, latex and gel. It is enough to spray a little on the toy, then rinse it in warm water and dry it with a napkin. Thanks to the existing sprayer, the spray is consumed as economically as possible.
  • Clear Toy. One of the best budget goods, pleasing to its ratio of price and quality. It has a lightning effect, Suitable for quick processing. Suppresses microbial activity, which allows you to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors on the body or toys. Water -based spray, so it is suitable for absolutely all materials.
  • Hot Bio Cleaner Spray. The Austrian production spray perfectly eliminates pollution, has bactericidal properties and with regular use Helps to extend the life of the toy. It does not have an unpleasant odor, it smells of Marakuya and an orange, so it should be chosen to everyone who wants to ensure that its devices are not only well -groomed, but also exuded Exciting aromas. The spray is available in two formats: bottle 50 and 150 ml.
  • Jo Unscented Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Completely natural remedy that does not contain chemicals and alcohol. It is used enough Simple and economical: a small amount is applied to the fabric, after this fabric a toy is wiped and washed under water at room temperature. This spray is made specifically for those who appreciate natural and ecological purification.


Sex toy care: how to do it right | The best sex toys
But even if the toy is already washed, disinfected and dried, this does not end there.
If you want it to live until use, it is necessary Correctly store.
Always pay attention to the instructions printed on the packaging or in a special liner, they are often attached to the goods. Basically, there is a standard list of storage rules:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight;
  • In a cool and necessarily dry place;
  • In well -dried state;
  • Away from dusty hard -to -reach places.

If you bought an original product, not a fake, you will find Information from the manufacturer With special instructions.
In addition to them, always remember that sex devices should be hidden from prying eyes.
Out of curiosity, children can start playing with them, break down, or even worse, harm themselves. Pets, especially dogs, are always not averse to playing with everything that caught his eye. Therefore, if you do not want to get a phallus stroked four -legged friend – do not keep your devices in a prominent place.
Approach the choice of storage location very carefully, It is best to keep toys next to the bed, For example, in the nightstand. T
AK in a fit of passion will not cause you Find everything you need, And guests are unlikely to climb into such an intimate place.

Storage bags

If we talk about full, proper storage, then it is worth mentioning special bags. They are made of materials capable of carefully Protect sex devices From environmental impact.

  • Fun Factory – universal and most budget storage bag that does not pass moisture and smells. Outwardly resembles the most ordinary cosmetic bag that does not attract excess attention. For convenience, the brand released handbags of different lengths, starting from XS to XL.
  • Revel Body – bags released specifically for products of this brand. Models With ventilation And storage compartment USB cord is convenient and practical.

General recommendations

Sex toy care: how to do it right | The best sex toys
What will be the care of sex toys will determine their safety and durability. For most products, it is installed Unlimited shelf life, However, this is relevant only if they are kept clean and are not damaged. We have prepared for you the top of the operating recommendations so that you know how to handle your toys correctly:

  • Refuse the use of damaged vibrators. Do not forget to inspect them for the appearance of chips, cracks, scratches. Any, even the smallest damage is a good environment for the propagation of bacteria. Moreover, even cleansing with sprays does not always help to get to harmful organisms that have sown in recesses. In order to save health, it is worth refusing to.
  • Take off the batteries. First of all, in cases where you wash the product under water. Otherwise, the liquid will disable the mechanism out of order. Also pull them out if you remove your assistants for storage. So they will not be discharged and will last much longer.
  • Try to store each item separately. Some materials are glued, beat on each other, can cause damage.
  • Do not use water from a crane. If there is a need to rinse the thing, do this with boiled or pre -filtered water.
  • Realistic phallus – special care. A penis that looks as natural as possible will help to get indescribable pleasure. But it requires more careful care. After use, clean it with a spray, then wash, dry and sprinkle with talcum. Means Blowyo Renewer Powder from Lovehoney helps to preserve the appearance of the toy so that it is as long as possible She looked like new.
    Such powder can be used with any devices: traffic jams, dildo, bushings, gadgets. It is especially necessary for cyberc, it wears out the fastest and the most tender of the sex materials.
  • Consider the features of the material. Gel devices can be deformed, keep them as far away from the sun and high temperatures. Latex does not tolerate oily and fat -based lubricants. Silicon does not combine with silicone lubricants. Cyberskin and Ultraskin (in other words – living skin) should be stored in talco and wipe with cotton rags.
  • Do not forget about recharging. Everything that works for the battery, you need to periodically charge. Therefore, think in advance about charging devices. Fun factory vibrators, for example, easily charged from a special magnetic device Magnetic Charger Essentials. It is enough to connect one end to the USB or socket, and put the second to the toy, the magicians will grab and it will begin to charge, and the smart mechanism will turn off at the moment when the process is coming to an end.
  • Bring the toys correctly. Always follow the rules of the first and subsequent charging. They may vary, for example, most devices must be fully charged immediately Before the first use, And in the future, this requires much less time. All information can be found on the packaging or in the insert, instructions for different types of batteries can have their own characteristics. Try to choose stabilized energy sources – better Boil sex toys through the network filter in order to avoid reloading or energy jumps.
  • Change the nozzles. The devices themselves are designed for prolonged use, but nozzles can wear out. Many things, for example, clitoral stimulants, need periodic change of nozzles.

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