Pheromax Sex toys: how to create, views why you should choose a Pheromax?

Pheromax Sex toys: how to create, views why you should choose a Pheromax?.

History of Pheromax

The history of Pheromax began in 2003. The founders of the company were inspired by the discussion of the influence of pheromones on human behavior in the world press and on television. Together, a team of scientists developed the concentration of pheromones, neurotransmitters and chemosignals, which corresponded to the upper limit of the possibilities of modern science.

From the very beginning, the chemist team used only scientifically confirmed ingredients. Clients trust Pheromax, as the brand provides complete information about the composition. The efficiency of Feromax has repeatedly been confirmed by millions of grateful buyers, which is why Pheromax is regularly covered by journalists studying the commercial use of pheromones:

  • In 2005, Pheromax was shown in the News program Pro 7 TV.

  • In 2009, Feromax was tested during the scientific research of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

  • In 2010, Pheromax became a registered trademark throughout Europe.

  • In 2015, Pheromax is presented in the book on Psychology.

Why do we need Pheromax pheromones?

Scientific studies have proven that not only animals are susceptible to pheromones. People are also able to read each other’s chemical signals. Pheromones can be used not only for romantic dates: many journalists, psychologists, actors also use this secret weapon to cause people a sense of trust and sympathy.

Even attractive people do not always have a sufficient level of charisma to arrange people to themselves or find a soul mate. Pheromax – This is liquid charisma, which works for absolutely everyone.

It is proved that frequent use of pheromones contributes to emancipation and simplifies further interaction with the opposite sex (even after refusing to use spirits).

What is the composition of the spirits from Pheromax

The following products are presented in the line of pheromone concentrates for women: Pheromax Woman (volume of 14 or 1 ml.) and Pheromax Woman oxytrust (volume of 14 or 1 ml.). Both products include Androstenol, Austeteraenol and Copulin – These are pheromones that reveal female attractiveness and allow the girl to show her sexuality. Copulins – These are protein compounds that are synthesized in vaginal secret when excited, as a result, a unique aroma is obtained, which immediately causes a noticeable reaction.

The unique formula of pheromones for women was redone several times. The final tests showed that 75% of the tested men called the most attractive exactly the girl who took advantage of Pheromax.

Men’s pheromones to attract women – Pheromax Man (volume 14 or 1 ml.) and Pheromax man oxytrust (volume of 14 or 1 ml.). The main components: Androstenon and Androstenol. Androenon – This is a male sex hormone that is responsible for the partner’s response during rapprochement: the more it is, the stronger the desire.

Men’s pheromones to attract women are a popular request among buyers of sex shops, and the Pheromax formula according to the results of the survey turned out to be the most effective. Pheromones in the composition emphasize natural masculinity, making the holder of Pheromax the most preferred option for creating romantic and sexual relations.

The composition of the pheromones of the Oxytrust line also includes hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for trust and affection. This effect will be especially useful for those who are not looking for sex for one night, but dream of building long -term relationships.

Do you need Pheromax?
Even if you do not experience difficulties in your personal life, Pheromax can still surprise you. The use of pheromones has a positive effect on personal relationships, it forces lovers to re -feel the same «Butterflies in the stomach».

At the beginning of the relationship, the body excess develops sex hormones and pheromones that are responsible for falling in love and passion. Over time, the development weakens, some people mistakenly take this for the extinction of love. Pheromones allow you to wake up an extinguished attraction and give the second «Honeymoon».

Pheromones for girls allow them to even more reveal their femininity, learn how to use their natural spells correctly. Men gain confidence and become the most desired partners in the eyes of girls.

No matter how you look or what is your social status, Pheromax – This is a magic available to everyone.

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