My experience in using the Power Pump vacuum pump to increase the penis | Personal experience

My experience in using the Power Pump vacuum pump to increase the member.

My experience in using the Power Pump vacuum pump to increase the penis | Personal experience
The other day I purchased a men’s massager to increase the member. I watched different models, expensive and cheap, but settled on this – Power Pump Purple. It is not expensive, the functionality is standard. I tried in action and I want to share my sensations.

The first impression of Power Pump Purple

I’ll start with the packaging. Packaging cardboard, ordinary with a bright picture. I ordered in The box was wrapped in an opaque package. It has neutral inscriptions, the instructions that the package from the sex shop was not. It came in just 3 days, took it in the postmark. In general, I am satisfied, but packaging here is not the most important thing.

Inside the box Rubber And Pompom airy pear for manual vacuum creation. The principle of action is simple – you put on a flask on an erect member, download a pear and observe the result. Honestly, I didn’t even think that my cock could increase to such sizes. My modest 16 cm increased to 18.5 cm, and the thickness simply went off the way. While the member under pressure in the pump looks very large, but as soon as you drop the pressure, it naturally decreases. And here is the most cool effect – the member is reduced, but it remains much larger and more firmly than before use. On the first day it overdid it slightly, played pomp. Tormented his cock for almost an hour and a half. Of course after these procedures He became just giant, but there were small painful sensations. The wife was in wild delight, had sex three times in one approach.

A little more about the device itself Power Pump Purple. The flask is large, transparent. If you create high pressure, then the member can fill the entire flask. There is a valve for lowering the pressure on the pear. The elastic band is well tightly squeezes a member and does not pass the air. There is a flask ruler, which allows you to immediately see and measure the result.

Disadvantages Power Pump Purple

Of the shortcomings, I can only name the following:

  • 1. Putting a flask on a member without lubrication is quite problematic. Lubrication must be mandatory.
  • 2. The pump does not have a pressure sensor, you can’t visually determine how much you pump. Swear only by inner sensations. If you pump it strongly, they can burst on the head vessels.

Despite the fact that on the first day I went too far, and the member was a little swollen, I felt like a man all day. The wife even admitted in the evening that today I had the largest of those that she had before, although I do not suffer from stone risers and large sizes.My experience in using the Power Pump vacuum pump to increase the penis | Personal experience

We experiment further

Now I am entertaining myself with a massager 3-4 times a week. I have been using it for a month and I want to say that my friend became almost 1 cm. Of course this may be due to the fact that I often use the pump and do it for 30-40 minutes. The member is naturally slightly increased because of this.

But! I read many reviews where it is said that with a regular exercise with vacuum pumps, a member increases. The result is fixed after 6 months of use. This is understandable, I constantly engage in the expansion of the cavernous body, make a large flow of blood. If this is constantly done, then the result will certainly be fixed.

I recently read an article about jelking among Arabs. They are engaged in jelking and extensions of members almost from childhood and by the age of 18 – they are happy owners of 20+ members. I now also took up jelking and use a pump for this. I plan to find myself a more advanced model. I want to try an air pump with a pressure sensor. There are different options – models with an electronic display, with a mechanical meter, but this is only an idea. Now in the tail and in the mane I will experiment with this model.

Tried to use in the shower. I do not recommend. Water gets into the flask, the effect is not so clear, the pressure is not very good, the elastic band begins to pass water and air. In general, the pump is good, all the shortcomings are overlapped, ease of use, a large member, a stone riser and the gratitude of the partner. In short, I recommend 100%.The video is not supported by your browser.

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